Over 1,000 Defect To Join PF On The Copperbelt

The National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) on the Copperbelt has cracked further with over 500 of its members joining the ruling Patriotic Front.

This is barely a few days after the Party’s Provincial Youth Chairman Bernard Mwila ditched the Chishimba Kambwili led party.

The over 597 members were led by Copperbelt NDC Youth Information and Publicity Secretary Boniface Mubanga. He stated that the opposition political party lacks an agenda that would help them unseat the ruling party.

Mubanga complained that despite sacrifice to help the party membership grow, there is nothing giving hope of them forming government any time soon.

Patriotic Front Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda recieved the defectors in Mufulira District. He said the opposition in Zambia has no direction but only interested in insulting the presidency.

“I want the District Chairman to fully welcome our friends and make use of them, the boat is not yet full. PF is the only party with a national character. We take development to all areas of the country,” Chanda stated.

Meanwhile, Kankoyo Member of Parliament Dr. Brian Mushimba has encouraged the party to remain strong in the District and work closely with those that have joined.

And over 500 other members from Democratic Party, Socialist party and UPND have also joined the ruling party bringing the total number of defectors to over 1,000.

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  1. Jms

    Do what is possible in your eyes but remember, no matter how a baby disappear he never ditch his parents, we send you the way GBM was sent.

    • Fl studio

      Problem Mr u don’t have maturity in your brni talking talking nakalimo ni chilunshi ,ulichipuba namanotawakwete alodye niwebo janki

    • Flstudio

      Problem Mr u don’t have maturity in your brni talking talking nakalimo ni chilunshi ,ulichipuba namanotawakwete alodye niwebo janki

  2. SOS

    2021 is just around the corner we shall see the truth.PF members are defecting pf this what happened during the downfall of MMD.Defective pf members are defecting to the defective poor families.

  3. Love your neighbor

    Twanaka nalyo ili lyashi lya ma defections aya bufi, twali umfwile ko ifi fine na munshita shaba MMD, but baliponene, lekeni abantu abene bakese isalila not ukubabepa nama defections.

  4. Mbale

    Defectors have got nothing in their minds, what they want is to satisfy themselves. They don’t make a strong steps and statement.

    • Prince Kaluso

      Mr Mbale look & see yourself with eyes of vision, Dnt think that Defectors have got nothing in their minds NO, it’s jst bcoz they hve seen that in PF Party their z unity & it’s a gud government with an understanding leader with a gud vision of development to the pipo.(MBALE WCH GOVERNMENT Z GIVING U YO SALARY?) dnt insult the current gud government of PATRIOTIC FRONT~PF.

      • Muntu wamba

        Defectors have seen nothinh except they are hungry. They hope by coming to pf theywill get jobs. Others think of s bag og meal meal, which indeed they may get that day. Its ok to defect if u have 3meals a day. Itd ok if zesco units are at 300 per K 100. Its ok if you have more money in the pocket. Its ok u are buying fuel at zK 8.00 per litre. But if it was just for a tin of chibuku, then they are most to be pitted. Anyway 2021 is around the corner, when vote buying will be next to impossible. When over six million Zambians will go to the polls. This time around our God will not allow evil over the results, unless its to punish us as it feels now. But no. Have mercy on Zambia Lord!

  5. Leon

    The truth is some pf top brass think their leader has failed and one of them is the expelled member in the name of kbf some are also saying pf will loose eg the man who sings praise songs and one particular song is aka donkey now one wonders if those that are eating directly from the pf pot have lost confidence in pf how could the masses wallowing in poverty decide to join a disintegrating party these are kicks of a dying donkey or is it horse

  6. Mulenga

    2021 is for Bally not pf or you chishimba

  7. Mwine masushi

    Ba fikala you don’t report about chitalu chilufya,s corruption cases why busy comphaining for the finished party PF

    • Pharaoh

      MWINE MUSHI.you have reminded about it though its not yet confirmed by the authorities concerned. May be its under investigations mind you. Just hold your fire.Coming to defectors, some how it symbolises the in wanted elements in a particular person presiding as a party president which is being observed by his/her followers From that it becomes or rather does not gain popularity in the interest of electorate .Though there’s still time In Bemba they say”Ulubilo ulwa mwipi kutampila pamo”.Sorry am not Bemba and need to corrected You may think and its a joke by the time you realise,some one has already crossed the winning line.Just observing.

      • Pharaoh

        Sorry,I did not not go through before posting but the messenge is clear.


    th fun thing about of us tht wen defectors ditch of, thy DNT show


      th fun thing about pf is tht, wen their members ditch th party, thy fail to show on th platform!!!!

  9. Light

    As a good,morally upright citizen make sure you balance the two. Report both the negative and positive things the government is doing, have never seen any report from this platform talking about corruption! But why? Stop misleading the mass it’s our right to know both the good and bad the government is doing. Mr reporter please! Don’t just report things which support the party in power,,, it’s not about politics but our land and the generations to come, what are you feeding the minds of junior reporters,do you want them to be doing the same things??

  10. Danson Chipampe

    Do not blame ur president jst blame the one who brought u here on earth coz is bzy appreciating what thy ar doing.

  11. Peeee

    Wait until 2021. People are desperate and can even kill for food! The same so called defectors will vote for the opposition as you won’t be monitoring their votes! Keep it to yourself! Who will give PF votes amidst hunger, high cost of living and high levels of unemployment? Imwe mwilaangala!

  12. umukhonto we sizwe

    Stop that nonsense finger pointing. Look at what the Chinese are doing to Zambians. Let’s learn to unite as blacks esp Zambians and fight recolonisation from these imperialists calling us foreigners in our motherland

  13. Fenwick

    Zambia Reports was good before August 2011..

  14. Muko 1

    Ba Pf Mukakula Mumano Imwe?We Heard Ths N MMD Error,they Usd All Sorts Of Tricks,,where R They?Mmd &unip W B Better

  15. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Tiyeni basepuka malinga musunga charu na banthu

  16. Pedro

    PF is so desperate as they are using this media to gain some relevant mileage, but wait for 2021 or ask Rupiah Bwezani Banda, then you will know the truth…..

  17. Davies Sichamba

    Na Rupih banda alelanda ati 2011 nalawina but pf wait 2021 u well see

  18. Davies Sichamba

    Bally ni bally

    • Chola mumba

      No government will bring food in your homes, for how long unip or mmd stayed in power and they did nothing, don’t listen from failure politicians let them show us what they have done in their communities so that we prove their fact.

  19. SOS

    What relevance does the Pf want to gain on this media which only wake-up when their foolish bosses yap some lies? Even chilusambo who is threatening the youth you will see after elections.

  20. Abena kafue

    Booooza yeka yeka. Defectors or lured? PF is cracking there is no unity as one claims.come January and check on proper defectors.

  21. Jms

    Thanks many haven’t and will stick by speaking the truth, if these moneys were handled by a proper mindful preson,we shouldn’t speaking of defector in pf,but de loshasha fye. A normal person goes in prison comes back but this is a big chance. Let them keep on yelling about defectors while those defecting commence consuming them before we dundumwezi correctly.

  22. Musyani

    Ok people have a choice of there on,this of is busy scoring own goals but some people still believe in it,God save us.

  23. MTC

    Now there’s membership in PF? I thought ba Sata Said only those in positions, the rest we supported n voted PF, again will do the opposite since they have done the opposite of tax, economy, contracts to Zambians, cost of leaving ???? They manage to multiply by more 5 times on everything in their rule of mother Zambia. Disappointed with the party I voted for.

  24. MTC

    Now there’s membership in PF? I thought ba Sata Said only those in positions, the rest we supported n voted PF, again will do the opposite since they have done the opposite on tax, economy, contracts to Zambians, cost of leaving ???? They manage to multiply prices by more than 5 times on everything in their rule of mother Zambia. Disappointed with the party I voted for.

  25. Jessey Lingard

    2021 is nearby the corner we shall see which party will win in addition, publicing the defectors is jst waisting of time bcz voting is in heart

  26. Toxic

    So what? Even if they defect in thousands the truth remains the same. The economy is not stable,we are having debts which are unsustainable, our electricity bills are wack, meal mill prices are hiking
    We now have an open eye on where to put that X on the ballot paper.
    Here we are doing massive sensitization of citizens, those thousand people don’t mean anything , infact who knows where they will cross during that time of voting. Don’t be fooled brethren.

  27. Chilomba

    Usabi linkonka amenshi , there is no way people can continue staying in a party which have no future agenda but always accuses the ruling party , people get bored and ditch your party.
    Do something to make people see government in you ,critize positively

  28. Koswe

    Upnd ndc mmd in short all opposition parties combined can’t beat. Pf you must know this always Idiots

  29. Kopala

    Pf should just start packing. You stole upnd votes in 2016, no wonder the dove couldnot fly, it foresaw a bad economy to come.

  30. LUSAMBO 2021

    These people who defect?? Do they have things to do in life…anyway with high unemployment rates….you never know…kikikikiki

  31. Derby

    Its up to as especially youth s


    2021 is only answer if PF remain popular people in votes!

  33. Banja.

    The passengers on ” pawato” need to take swimming lessons because when it capsizes in 2021 many will drown!

  34. Ba zed

    Who is bally?may b kuti bapangako sence Ba bally

  35. Chrispin Chansa

    They will start geting back very Soon.

  36. Same same fye

    When you finish let me know so that l close this chapter.fenkyu

  37. Confucious

    What is the problem with u,mutupa mutima bwanji nimantha aya. Yo hateful opinion toward pf does nt reprent the majority zambians. Ok pela bangena upnd, nt all pipo hate pf & nt all like upnd. This simply shows u’re an intruder & this is nt yo news. Kupusa bati mukalunza ati bati bela mavoti. Ninshi tonse tivota ndise bana uuso na nyoko? Nechifukushi kwati ni generator ya zesco.

  38. forward bally

    people wakeup what u c. ds is election tym

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