Patson Daka Shines Again


Zambian striker Patson Daka added yet another goal in Red Bull Salzburg’s 3-1 win in the Austrian Bundesliga against Lask.
Daka who plays for Red Bull Salzburg took his goal tally to an incredible 23 goals in 25 games.
The former Kafue Celtic, Nchanga Rangers and Power Dynamos striker is in red hot form and has triggered interests from some of the top teams in Europe.
He has scored 23 league goals in 25 matches and bagged six in the last four matches.


  1. Marlon

    our own patson Daka keep on doing what you love most and never give up and you will never walk alone brother man make us proud

  2. chrope

    keep it up young man we gat ur back🇿🇲

  3. Amos

    That’s wonderful Daka continue with the same spirit we pray that you reach far.

  4. Chakupa

    Proud of you buddy… Wish u can play at liverpool

  5. bwalya mulenga

    am happy for you keep it up🖒👏👏

  6. Chilomba Stephen

    I love you daka ,only the sky is the limit continue with the same spirit

  7. Chitimbwapre

    This league is the weakest so far scoring 23goals in 25games where let him not to big headed the league is weak

    • D Brown

      Tipical Zambian comments !!! And attitude ” pull him down “you must do you research better , do you know Sadio Mane , Kaite , Erling Haland ??? These are world class players so what do you mean weakest legue??

    • Itx ANALYSER

      This z jealous you bad Man,,Take away your foolishness !!!!

    • Xriss

      Brother it’s not easy though, let’s congratulate the boy, he is doing it , great players have come from there and he will definitely rise from there. Yes the league is weak but competitive

    • gift

      you should always appreciate those who are doing well its very evil not to appreciate those who are doing well in life

      • Realben

        Congratulations my man u are doing a great job brother man may u keep going

    • Ccc

      Please please kembo iwe

  8. Mwamba MK aka Muzo Meetah

    Keep up with the good spirit of scoring… Proudly Zambian made striker and soon you will be flying high in Europe.👏👏👏

  9. Norris

    Wow continue shining Papa Daka so that you reach far we are behind you make us proud am sure next season you two guys you will be playing in Europe big clubs Eg Arsenal, Man U, Juventus, Buyern, Rb Lipzing, Hotspurs, Athletic Modrid and etc good luck guys show them. One Zambia one Nation

  10. edgar chibuta

    elo abana ba kwa ulya njikwite balemeka! Congrats Patson

  11. phinians

    CHITEMPAPRE you say the league is the weakest and yet Patson daka was the youngest African footballer of the year in 2017 and as at now Big clubs in Europe are after him. That type of pull him down behaviour cannot be encouraged lets give him support as he is excelling for this country and for him self.

    • P.M

      Iam also disappointed with Chitempapre’ comments. Did you expect Patson to go straight to ManU from zambia. You cant compare that league to zambian league. The boy is doing extremely well and all zambian football fans must be proud of him. Well done youngman…the sky is the limit. You are the best thing to have happened to zambia since sliced bread.

  12. TEMBO

    Papa man u are looking for a striker. In for it

  13. Dk

    Keep on burning Papa daka we are behind you man, one Zambia one nationa bola na less you guys with Enock computer mwepu🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  14. P.malo

    Ba CHITIMBWAPRE kwena muli mbwafye, if you think the league is why are you not playing in any of the teams overseas? Wembwawe .

    • Do Rashid

      Twakana Imiti ikula eyo kabili muleochako amalasha, keep it up young man

  15. P.malo

    Ba CHITIMBWAPRE kwena muli mbwafye, if you think the league is weak why are you not playing in any of the teams overseas? Wembwawe .

  16. Peter

    Keep it up bro 👍👍

  17. THOMAS

    You are the pride of Zambia, you can do it more than kalusha bwalya and Charles musonda.

  18. Donald Zimba

    Indeed this player is bringing honour to our country zambia,keep it up patson


    CHITEMBWEPRE must be a upnd cadre because he is condemning a good thing about zambia

  20. William Suku

    We are with you just do what is the best for you
    ##! -tsm- !

  21. Davies

    keep it Papa Daka we are behind u to give support. proudly zambian


    Keep the fire burning. We are very proud of you but remain focused and disciplined.

  23. Fred Kafula

    Parson you are such great sportsman. Continue loading goals in those nets. Sooner you will be next Ronald of not only Zambia but the entire continent of Africa

  24. Chitanika

    Please Zambians let’s be united for once insults on social media awe twakana

  25. Antomwe

    He should by all means avoid joining ManU,Mancity, Liverpool, Chesea and any other top 6 teams but rather join up coming PL teams and any team in Bundasliga except Baryern fc. Look at what Charlie Musonda is going thru and years are not with him and he has not established himself in the team not this year or next year . Look at Keita he is now rotting at Liverpool fc but if he had stayed joined another team he could have been a 1st team starter by now.

  26. Ellis mululu

    The problem with us zambians we don’t want to see fellow country men prosper without throwingy shades at them…leave Daka alone he will make it big there and even come to England and perform there even better…go Daka the sky is not even the limit coz He who is in you is greater than anything else..

  27. Stephen Chishiko

    Hats off, Patson!

  28. Aaron

    Remain humble and God will lift you up

  29. Meg 7

    Ati weakest league when you yourself has never scored a goal in your entire life. Such jealousy is witchcraft. By the way, is it not Daka who scored important goals for Zambia against so called big teams? Where have you ever played on professional level?

  30. JIR

    keep the Zambian flag flying high 🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️

  31. Gustave Kabamba

    Continue with the same spirit,we are proud of you

  32. Howard

    Keep it up Daka….. you are just an incredible striker… you are a world class striker

    • Pharaoh

      The boy is doing fine.He deserves encouragement and not having negative attitude against him Its not good at all.

  33. Wambinji Duncan s

    Well done our beloved Zambian player… Wishing u to play in Barcelona bro


    Keep it up daka and i hope u can consider a move two Spain’s laliga

  35. Mpundu Emmanuel

    Kalebalika mwana wesu, never look behind, do your best to put our country on the world map

  36. Mn

    Kip it up data we all behind u.u deserve a pat on yo back.sadio mane iz from de same club u can also do it

  37. Dt

    Keep it up

  38. Muyenga Muyenga jr.

    Go ahead Daka play as you can. That is your chance finding to the highest level . Man of Zambia do as well u can .God bless you and your business.

  39. Mr oneonone

    One daka………..keep on shining

  40. Giftzo Banda Kafumbwe Katete!

    Well behaved boy continue wth gud perfomance that u have, together with your friend Enock Mwepu. But avoid selfish when u ar coming here in Zambia like ……. sakala awe guys god bless u all the time!

  41. Joseph

    Amazing he will go far with this👍

  42. John

    I like that spirit , Daka my brother God bless you

  43. Ken d

    You can not compair our clubs with a red bull let him be appreciated

  44. dollar man

    keep it up guys daka & mwepu continue with this spirit

  45. Vans, K.

    Continue shining we love you God be with you above all discipline and selfless

  46. Prominent

    Continue yama with the same spirit ukekale bwino

  47. Bright musonda

    U are man of actoin continue with ur same spirit big man

  48. Njavwa

    Splendid performance man. Keep it up

  49. Cephas

    Continue spirit daka don’t going behind

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