Bids for Fourth Mobile Provide Invited


Government has invited bids from interested parties in the telecommunication sector to set up a fourth mobile service provider since Uzi Mobile Zambia Limited has failed to start operating.

The Zambian government, through Zambia Information and Communication Technology Agency (ZICTA), granted Uzi a licence to operate a fourth mobile phone service.

However, the company failed to start operations and missed all extension deadlines it was given to actualise their investment.

Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya said on Monday that the government remains committed to the promotion of competition in the telecommunication sector.

“ZICTA awarded a license to Uzi Mobile to become a fourth mobile service provider. And I must mention here that on two occasions, Uzi was given extensions but failed to start operating in line with the license it was awarded. Uzi is not coming back because it failed to start operating during the time it was given. It is for this reason that the government is encouraging players in the telecommunication sector with capacity to start operating to take advantage and bid for a license,” Mr Kafwaya said.


  1. Arstones chala

    Uzi is from where when Vodafone had earlier indicated interest in setting up communication in this country i wonder why that stored.

  2. Nyathi

    I don’t understand why Vodafone /vodacom was given such a rough time. In my view was a suitable operator. In Africa we only have three credible operators that is Mtn, Vodafone and shit airtel. Since we already have the two it would only make sense if vodacom come into play. Outside the country am a subscriber of both mtn and vodacom.

  3. Arstones chala

    i meant the word stalled or delayed or may be denied that opportunity to set up the communication which could have provided competition and in turn could have reduced the some expensive services on many facets of communication ranging from bundles or internet use just to mention a few.

  4. Musyani

    The market is already saturated just fix airtel naimwe.

  5. John Njovu

    VodaFone is just the best alternative to fast Internet connection. These others are not going Update themselves any time sooner.

  6. Jms

    They don’t want embarrassment,

  7. Prince Mande

    It is my sincere hope that VODACOM will bid for the 4th mobile phone provider licence and if they do please give them the licence. We a quality mobile phone provider who will give the existing service providers a run for their money. We are tired of poor quality service and always stealing from customers.

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