ERB Institutes Probe Into Complaints Of Fast Depleting Zesco Units

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has instituted investigations into the alleged unexplained depletion of ZESCO prepaid electricity units following numerous complaints from members of the public.

ERB Public Relations Manager Kwali Mfuni stated that the probe will determine the validity of the allegation.

“The ERB has instituted investigations into complaints of the alleged unsual and unexplained depletion of ZESCO prepaid electricity units in different parts of the country that has also been the subject of recent media attention. The investigations are pursuant to the ERB Act No. 12 of 2019 and are intended to ascertain the validity of the allegation and also rule out the possibility of meters having been tampered with or malfunctioning on account of age or other factors,” Ms. Mfuni said.

She stated that ERB envisages that the investigations into the matter would see it engage with other stakeholders, including relevant government agencies, suppliers of meters and professional bodies.

“A number of complaints have been received by the ERB, while various media outlets have also reported receiving similar reports, prompting responses from ZESCO on the matter. The consumers allege that there is a noticeable difference in their consumption patterns for the same number of units and the electricity bills have gone up,” Ms Mfuni stated.


  1. Sanchez

    Zambians are just feeling the effect of the recent zesco tarrif hike, not malfunctional meters,buufi! Just lower the cost of electricity to manageable levels. Businesses have suffered due to covid19 and people have no money in their pockets to pay for the electricity that has been increased. Money being wasted on bill10 debate should have been channeled to cushion such an impact of fast depliting units- Zesco is aware of the cause and just buying time by investigating.

  2. clement mugala

    Those complaints are very genuine even me I have noticed that units are depleting very fast ERB do something please.

    • Pharaoh

      CLEMENT MUGALA ,I equally support your submission.

  3. Alex Mwanza

    And the cost of doing business is very high amidst the Covid 19 & ZESCO’s tarrif hike, please help the us twapapata.

    • Patriotic zambian citizen

      I stand to be corrected.
      There was a time when the charges were increased because the power was being imported at a great cost and that tarriffs were being hiked localy only for a certain number of months after which the tarrifs would be readjusted to as before.
      Was this re-adjustment done ?

  4. Mario puzo

    Also ERB has felled us we all know that fuel prices on the international market were adjusted due to covid 19 but what did the do nothing there are exploiting us, when prices are hiked upwards on the international market the don’t hesitate to raise the price s, now there telling us that the will intervene in zesco matters I believe nothing is going to come out of this has a Zambian am fedup of people who parade themselves has if there are helping others in actual sense the are there for there on interest.

  5. James

    I’ve just bought K50 = 49 units, they will last me approximately two and a half days, this wasn’t the case in the past. We are been robbed out of our value for money, it has become a norm that everything is somehow being hijacked so that someone can amass wealth from our hard earned earnings, we are being squeezed in every possible way, its a struggle to live in this country. My perspective is that the top leaders are aware of this and are directing the bosses of most of these public organizations to squeeze as much juice from the citizens so that they can continue their lavish lives.

  6. Mn

    Plus just normalise the situation of electricity tariffs is too much units worth k100 cannot clock one month excluding appliances with elements

  7. Mn

    Ulupuya nalwafya.meters are just okey.mwibesha ama metres .if at all meters are not functioning properly replace them with reliable ones

  8. Blue tooth Mbewe

    Let something be done other wise its really a challenge. Ba Zesco twapapata

  9. King cool

    Whom should we listen to? So many different complaints, How much does one unit cost? If you are using a two plates stove and fridge and a cattle, how much can you spend a month?

  10. Sam

    It’s too much mwandi, pliz work on it

  11. SOS

    ERB is PF and vice versa so for them to start constituting those aimless probes its just a waste of time coz whatever happens at ZESCO it is them who does it.Nkhuwa is raising money for campaigns so keep quiet don’t pretend.

  12. Subby Chisuma

    For real. The rate at which the Zesco units deplete nowadays is worrying to say the least. Zesco twafweni.

  13. Stop

    For sure,we are not happy with the units allocated by ZESCO, please do something

  14. Juass

    It is time for us as customers try to look for other electrical sources they don’t mind our cries ERB is not serving the purpose The consumer protecting commission is mute and dormant.

  15. Jack nzala

    Telling the truth on the matter of zesco,These guys knows EXACTLY what is happening now, let them not pretend.Coming to you Banda ERB,I think you are a not only failure to the zambian people ,but a very big disappointment, as say you regulate,but when fuel Goss up on the global ,it’s just within a second your Mic is loud,but when it goes down,it finds all of you are on holiday.Why ERB?

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