Avic To Reconstruct Poorly Done Lusaka Roads At No Cost To Govt

Avic International, a Chinese construction firm, has offered to re-do some poorly done roads in Lusaka at no cost to the government.

This was revealed by Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Vincent Mwale during a briefing in Lusaka.

Mr Mwale has further called on the Road Development Agency to be on high alert and ensure that no contractor gets away with shoddy works.

Among the Roads to be redone are Lumumba, Great North, Mungwi and Ngwerere roads.

And the minister disclosed that government has reduced the cost of funding of 31 road projects across the country from K16 billion to K6.4 billion, to make a saving of about K9.5 billion.

He said the move was aimed at accelerating economic development and improving standards of living.

Mr Mwale said the 31 projects have undergone down scaling through contract re-negotiation and variation.

The minister said the projects’ restructuring involves re-scoping from upgrading to bituminous standards to construction of all-weather gravel standard roads.

He said government expected works on almost all stalled projects across the country to resume soon.

“This will still enable government’s initial objective of linking all parts of the country and enhancing mobility and accessibility. Lastly, the public is being assured of government’s sustained commitment to deliver infrastructure to all,” Mr Mwale said.


  1. Mkwasu

    What boggles my mind is who certifies such roads as being done as per requirement? This is a road that many with access to social media see and raise alarm. What about the roads in the deep rural areas? How many times has the Chirundu road been done, re done and re re done? Someone some where is selling his country. It is the tax payer who ultimately pays for all the loans to do these roads. There is a weak link somewhere. A company forced to redone a road does NOT deserve any further contract in the country.

    • PM

      Mkwasu…I totally agree with your observations. Avic should pack and leave zambia. Redoing the roads is not good enough. There should heavy penalties. There are going to incovineance a lot of people. All the roads done by Chinese contractors should be examined by independent road construction companies. Why dont we dont hire south african companies who do excellent work?

      • Chawaka musa

        South African road construction companies are very expensive to engage and they refuse to pay bribes and if you demand a bribe they will report you to the police,who wants to be reported to the police?

    • Shizo

      Our suggestions and thoughts will never be appreciated by current leadership….. 2021 let’s make a change.

  2. Banja.

    Indeed. In South Africa a road done last a minimum 25 years before any mending is required. In Zambia a road will have potholes before it is even completed. UNIP trained a lot of Civil engineers yet none seem competent to protect the country from shoddy road rehabilitation works. How many times will we see newly constructed bridges washed aware? All this constructed through debt…This is nothing but theft from us and generations to come as it is not the government that repays these loans but the poor ordinary Zambian. Offshoots of corruption !

  3. Razor

    Why do a bad job in the first place which means you were not qualified. What if you do a bad job again. Look at all the inconvenience motorists will have to go through all over again.

  4. Macadamiser

    Mkwasu that Lumumba road has been worked on since 1988 when I was at Evelyn Hone. They keep working on it. Just how much has been spent on that road? If we had good journalists they could dig up the amounts we have been spending on the road. After this they will tender it again and another contractor will charge our treasury and our minister of finance will approve payment Yaba!

  5. Tulandeko

    Dnt Zns Hz Qualified Engeneers 2do This Jobs?Cheap Z Always Expensive,2 Government Kills Us&our Children Coz Of Poor Agreements Wth China,shame…We Dnt Need Avic Anymore,they Bring Presoners Here

  6. Joe

    This not good. Where are the engineers who proved the road was okay. And are they zambian.

  7. Musyani

    The engineers who passed the roads must be held accountable,this can’t be normal mwebantu.

  8. Bosses

    Why is it that it’s Avic with roads and houses for the government something is not right somewhere…..its not nice to redo a road give qualified construction companies or even soldiers engineers are there…

  9. chillz

    No matter how bad they do their job tomorrow they win a contract to build police houses….kaaya ways happening pa Zed

  10. Musyani

    Boses I think you have a point so we have borrowed alot from china then we contract one of there company from there,maybe those where the terms for the loans that one of there companies should be getting the contracts.

  11. Mr intellect

    Continue re doing as we helplessly watch

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