Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has distributed a hand washing facility and liquid soap, among other goods to the Lusaka City Council Football Club (LCC FC).

The distribution consisted of 120 x 25 g bars of soap, 1 x 2.5 litre liquid detergent, 2 x 500 ml hand washing soap and 4 x 500 ml hand disinfectant in total.

Mr. Sampa also made a personal pledge of K5,000 to the team as an act of encouragement following the financial challenges posed by the Covid 19 pandemic.

This occurred at Civic Center today, where the Mayor met with the team (technical bench and all players) for a word of encouragement.

According to public relations manager Lisa Ng’oma, the Marie took time to listen to the challenges being faced by team members, thereby motivating them to rise to the occasion and deliver as they have the full moral and financial support of the Council.

“The pandemic has negatively impacted us all in various ways but it is important to adjust in whatever situations life throws at us,” Mr Sampa said.

He said the players should listen to the coaches and be disciplined as this will help them produce results.

Mr. Sampa, who is also the team Patron, encouraged the team members to be disciplined during the pandemic if they are to make it to the Premiere League.

“No indisciplined player makes it, so please remember that this is for your own goodz” he stressed.

He explained that his office is readily available to render help when needed and that the team should make use of his remaining months as Mayor.

Mr. Sampa further urged them to continue adhering to Covid 19 measures as corona virus is still active.


  1. Razor

    Learning from bowman lusambo to start campaigns from now.

  2. king

    Are those footballers or councellers for lusaka… They look very old…


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