About 4, 000 Field Sprayed in Kazungula to Curb African Locusts Threat

Over 3,800 hectares of fields in Kazungula district in Southern Province have been sprayed to control the spread of African migratory and red locusts.

The exercise was sponsored by the International Red Locust Control Organisation for Central and Southern Africa to control the pests that have been ravaging the fields.

Southern Province Acting Agricultural Coordinator Paul Nyambe said the spraying was done using ground motorized knapsack spraying and helicopter aerial spraying to the 3,896 hectares of farms.

He said the control of locusts in some affected areas has averted loss of crop production for Kazungula district to the extent of more than 40 thousand hectares of field crops.

Mr Nyambe also explained that more than 20,000 hectares of maize has been saved from destruction by the devastating pests.


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  2. Edgar

    Why doesn’t government simply ferry 100 Chinese families to these locust infested areaswith. They will eat them & everything else that breathes…problem solved.

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