Tukuta Applies for Order to Halt his Continued Detention

Lusaka Cameraman Cornelius Mulenga Tukuta has applied for Habeas Corpus in the Lusaka High Court following his continued detention since June 17, 2020 on charges of criminal libel.

He was picked up in Lusaka on June 17, 2020 and formally arrested and charged with four counts of criminal libel on June 19, 2020 at Lusaka Central Prison.

And on June 22, 2020, Tukuta transferred to Ndola where he was slapped with two more criminal libel charges and two others involving threatening violence and issuing racial remark and has been in detention in Ndola since then.

His lawyer Linda Kasonde of LCK Chambers has filed an affidavit filed in the Lusaka High Court principal registry and wants the court to issue a writ of Habeas Corpus in order to examine and determine whether his continued detention is legal, citing the Attorney General in this case.


  1. Musyani

    That’s the way to go my brother,fellow zambians are you aware that the law of insults was actually inherited from the colonial masters who made those laws in order to incarcerate the freedom fighters who used to insult them during those times?hence insele shouldn’t be used by state or police shouldn’t be used to arrested people,if a person has been insulted he is supposed to go and sue the individual then the judge must hear there case and impose an appropriate sentence like a fine,it can’t be that state machinery police get involved in a private matter,this is an abuse and waste of state resources,insults are not good at all but it’s not supposed to be a police matter to arrest individuals,how many times do you hear insults in the streets?imagine if police have to involve in all those matters the prisons can be full maybe that’s why they are full,it can’t be that only poor people get arrested for such then the rich don’t, example former president kaunda used to insult us ati stupid idiot’s but he was never arrested for that,so police stay away in cases of insele,insults by private citizens,let the people sue each other.

  2. Koswe

    #. Musyani how little thinking capacity yoh are? Instead of advising your friends to do right things you are putting more shame on him dont think just coz belong to upnd can insult your mother or fuck your mother in public and let u go unpunished. Laws are there to protect you and you and your mother

    • Why does n't my post appear?

      Musyani is speaking sense. Go to school you Koswe and learn how democracies apply the law of libel. You can’t remand in prison someone who is only accused of insulting. It’s a civil offense that should be dealt without the involvement of police. On the other hand corruption is a crime so if Dr Chilufya is the accused he should be remanded in custody. Tukuta has only been arrested because a minister Dora ordered police to arrest him. Police are not supposed to be tools of ministers unless you live in a kingdom. Zambia is a republic not an autocracy

  3. Mkwasu

    Koswe…please understand musyani. He is NOT condoning insulting people but simply stating that when one insults you sue that person rather than make it police issue. It is just too trivial to lock people up because they called some idiot. If indeed every one who insults should be locked up then Miles Sampa, the mayor who openly called people Mother F…ker ought to be arrested.

  4. E J

    Comment. it’s not good to insult anyone regardless of their status.A wise person will always learn from someone let’s not be victims youth if you think you are not helped 2021 is near use your vote

  5. Mr intellect

    My memories are still fresh when Hon kambwili was insulted in full view of every one in the streets of luanshya.Landcruiser vehicles were paraded and not even a single 👮 kapola was registered to arrest those sponsored idiots.Let me halt my 🔥.We are watching!!!

  6. Musyani

    Mkwasu thanks for reading and understanding my message.
    KOSWE stop being a cadre read to understand,I don’t support any political party and even if I did it shouldn’t be a problem as it would be my choice just as you have chosen pf from the way you sound.
    I was explaining the law of Zambia on insults as it stands,I dont insult and dont like them either but,the law is applied selectively and it can be deemed unconstitutional if challenged as it is inconsistent with the constitution,the penal code or bill of rights allows for freedom of speech, even during some traditional ceremonies like in bemba culture,they use some insults to praise chitimukulu and call then ati malumbo,like ukufundo mwana kufikapo.
    There is insults in those words but you can’t use police to arrest people for that,the onus is on the people who feels insulted to go sue the other person and let the courts decide on the matter,the police shouldn’t be used only if at least you are insulting the office of the president then its different.
    So people in high political office shouldn’t be using police to settle there dispute as it is wrong and abuse of resources.smell the coffee Koswe its abuse of police and up to now this guy not in court yet,this is not normal.

  7. two 5

    neshina ati #koswe what good can u say tell ur officers to go muma streets they wil be shockd


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