We Can’t Drop Our Guard, COVID-19 Is Real, Says President Lungu

Zambia has recorded eight more COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, with President Edgar Lungu saying Zambians and the government cannot drop their guard as the pandemic is real and causing negative effects on the entire country.

He said when he addressed the nation this morning that Zambia has seen a sharp increase in confirmed cases of the Coronavirus since the onset of the cold season and advised that Zambians continue to practice recommended health measures to avoid further spread of COVID-19.

“We cannot afford to drop our guard. Covid-19 is real and still here with us! We should continue observing the health guidelines of hand washing and sanitizing, face masking and social distancing even more, what with these extreme weather conditions! In the last 24 hours, eight cases were recorded to be positive out of the 569 tested. Cumulatively, 1,497 persons have been infected with COBID-19 and sadly, 18 have lost their lives since the outbreak of corona virus in Zambia. Of note, we have had 1,223 cummulative recoveries from COVID-19, which translates to 82%, out of 52,195 total tests conducted so far. In addition, all patients under treatment are in stable condition. I wish to applaud our dedicated gallant health professionals and all the frontline personnel for the spirited fight they put up against COVID-19,” the Head of State said.
“It is now one month since I last addressed the nation on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country. In my last address, as we were advancing into the cold season, I cautioned the nation on the likely increase in the number of persons suffering from common colds and coughs. The cold was also expected to increase the probability of citizens catching COVID-19. I, accordingly, advised that we keep warm. Yes, the cold is here and it has indeed been very cold lately with temperatures oscillating between 4 and 11 degrees Celsius. We have seen a continued increase in the number of covid-19 positive cases, though not as experienced by other countries. Make no mistake about it, covid-19 is real and it remains a deadly disease.”

He assured that despite what was currently going on, all the businesses, including bars and nightclubs, schools, colleges and universities, will eventually reopen and resume operations.

On sporting activities, the Head of State said guidelines for all sports disciplines to follow as they consider resuming sports activities have been developed.

“They include the following, but not limited to: (a) guiding principles stipulated by the statutory instruments 21 and 22 of 2020; (b) guidelines for various sports disciplines which have been categorised as non-contact, semi-contact and full contact sport; and, (c) safeguards as outlined in the health guidelines for football at premier and national division one leagues. Hence these leagues will resume action in July, 2020, with strict observance of health guidelines,” President Lugnu said. “The Ministry of Health; the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development; and the Ministry of Local Government would be inspecting sports arenas to ensure they are ready for action.”


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