DMMU Sets Aside 75% Of Contracts For Youths

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit has set aside 75 % of contracts in various categories for youths in the country with the passion to do business.

Speaking after receiving an assorted donation of food and non-food items towards the fight against Coronavirus pandemic fight from the Somali Business Community and ECG church, DMMU national coordinator Mr Chanda Kabwe said the office of the Vice President has a lot of opportunities in which youths can tap into and make a living out.

He said a lot of youths have expressed their interest in participating in supplying various products to government through DMMU, a trend that should be adopted by all well-meaning youths.

Mr Kabwe said the Office of the Vice President is currently running programs to do with climate change and has been calling on youths to come up with projects that will offer solutions to the prevailing climate change situation.

He said such projects will be funded and fully supported by the DMMU.

Mr Kabwe said government has adopted an open door policy and all youths are free to visit any office and express their concerns.

He said President Edgar Lungu has prioritized the participation of youths and women in leadership hence the appointment of so many youths in decision making leadership positions.

Mr Kabwe has, however, challenged youths with viable projects to come forth and present them to the office of the Vice President for guaranteed support.


  1. Dickson Silungwe

    Nice move DMMU


    Tikambepo, jms and musyani take advantage now and get these contracts from DMMU not just making noise.

  3. Musyani

    I will try concerned citizen amplified,this is how it should be not just wait for us to make noise then be reactive.But I have never worked in my country Zambia I will be making my way after lockdown.

  4. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Good move gvt

  5. Razor

    The protest which the youths held this week has really hammered them. Now its youths this and youths that. Campaigns have started.

  6. Bm

    How do we access it?

  7. Musyani

    Bm I think let’s first find out where this office is situated,get a proposal professionally done,go do your presentation and let’s see how it goes,hope not too much bureaucracy I think reg should be enough to start with.

  8. The Voice of Reason

    Have these same youths not failed to deliver face masks. Asking for a friend

  9. Tikambepo

    Concerned citizen this money is just announced and pronounced you can never see it believe me you.Concerned citizen you’re a joker,are you telling me that this large number of youths in the country which most of them cannot even write a business proposal how do you think they are going to access those funds?

  10. two five

    walasa tikambeko infact onry those with connections wil benefit,look at how youth emperworment fund is being done,

  11. Chief Kambombo

    Some of you are stupid, you have been given an open opportunity to explore yet you are busy complaining.
    Did anyone chess you from school or did you find dogs in class for you to be complaining about how to do a business plan?
    Ma rubbish yabantu imwe ma kulukufe nsanya Inu.
    You have been crying for opportunities and you have been given now you are busy crying as to who will do the business plan for you is that normal?
    Takwali imbwa kusukulu bakabalwe imwe.
    Seleni apa ifwe tubombeko bamakaka imwe.
    Government gives you what you wanted the you start silly politics about good opportunities.
    If you do not know how to do a proposal then consult somebody.

  12. Tikambepo

    @chief kambombo you’re such a big mouthed biological mistake,a LEAFLAFFS,useless penguin who can’t read the real situation obtaining on lives of many Zambian youths……Are you telling us that with that tuma English of yours if you’re not cadre you yourself can tap into those funds with that name ati chief solongola you’re an irrelevant foolish fool.I urge you to round in your locality and see the majority of the unemployed youths if for sure they can write the business proposal coz the only document at their hands is just green national registration card that’s so.

  13. Benjamin M Ngush

    Hope its not just a mouth talk….neither should it be on paper,It will be our pleasure as Zambian youths to see such projects in actions not just a talk .

  14. Jms

    Its unfortunately to build a toilet,when you see someone marcing, incompetence.

  15. G4S

    Pliz mwebana bakwalesa,not all of us had priviledge to be in class for various reasons. u who had that opportunt lead

  16. Chalwe Philemon

    Ba PF kusabaila uko.nicipantepante.mwaumfwa pa youth baima elomwatampa uyuma youth projects.its too late..2021 kuya bebele.twanaka u r very selfish guys..meet u in the ballot.no turning back..Zambia 4ward


    JMS you are an ingrate, you wanted youth support and you have been given a lee way to prosperity but still you cant appreciate.

  18. MOSES

    JMS is a fool


    He is like HH

  20. RHK


  21. Lundazi comment

    Youth co-operative in zambia are used by govt 2 deny them jobs and only those with political and party connections wil access as empowerment. I Youths are futur leaders give them financial management and loans. In election time youth wil receive loans and without repaying it back bcoz of lack of proper channel money. How can run a co-operation with accounts office only chairman,secretary and treasure while other members are empty. Malawi is a litmus paper 2 zambia but reminder a clan leadership by a family ,tribalism and netopism. Zambia alliance is dead exercise bcoz mistrust is 2 much and facebook politics ,its hard 2 win. If u fear 2 slept in the bush, u can’t or 4get 2 kil the elephant


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