JTI Donates Towards Covid-19 Fight in Eastern Province

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has donated Covid-19 preventive materials worth USD 150 000 to over 60 schools and 35 clinics in Eastern Province.

Operations manager Dr Ezekiel Mtonga said the donated materials will be distributed in Chipata, Kasenengwa and Chipangali districts.

Among the donated materials are water tanks, infra-red thermometers, soaps and sanitizers.

Mtonga said his organization had decided to supplement government efforts in the fight against covid-19.

He said JTI adhered to health guidelines during the tobacco marketing as prescribed by government.

And Eastern Province Director of Health Gideon Zulu who represented provincial minister Makebi Zulu said the Covid-19 threat is still there.

Meanwhile Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale said the gesture by JTI was a good corporate social responsibility.

Mwale appealed to other companies to emulate the gesture by JTI.


This is the biggest donation made by a single organization towards the fight against Covid-19 in Eastern Province.


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