Tukuta Re-arrested Shortly after being Released on Bail

Police in Ndola have re-arrested photographer Chellah Tukuta on earlier charges of criminal libel slapped on him in Lusaka.

Earlier when Chellah appeared before Ndola Magistrate Misozi Banda, he pleaded not guilty to the three charges slapped on him in the magistrate court and he was granted K5 ,000 bail in his own recognizance.

However, after meeting all bail conditions around 12:00 hours, police re-arrested him within a few minutes of his release and was taken to Ndola Central Police Station enrote to Lusaka.

Chellah is facing four more criminal libel charges earlier slapped on him after his arrest in Lusaka last week.


  1. Mwine masushi

    We know the big fishes pushing police are not working independently under pure fuckers

    • Niyekuti bwanji?

      Question: Where on earth has a man facing defamation charges been so harassed by his own government? Answer: Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Iran, Eswatini and Zambia. Zambia fits in very well in the group

      • Journalist in exile

        Defamation can’t be a remanded in prison case. It’s not robbery rape or murder. Where is that American diplomat who talked for homosexuals? He is needed now! Since all Zambian political parties and civil rights activists have their mouths well zipped

        • Shikantwa

          A case in point Tayali is walking the streets why is he not in custody?


    Ma politicians naba police bapa Zed the!

  3. Maffdili

    Zambia che nonsense

  4. roggan

    Commenti have seen people

  5. Lee Mchenga


  6. Mcmirr

    Zambian police under the influence of fimofimo political Members,,aweh mweh as youths we’re scarred now

  7. fgvhsjvdkvxv


  8. Musyani

    This is really bad on the government of the day,they have been scouring own goals alot lately.
    I thought we had moved forward with constitutional reforms but this is not on,all they are doing is to break the guy but I think this will backfire as I see a nolle prosequi in the near future.

    • Nolle Prosequi

      Tukuta must sue government when he comes out. He must sue for wrongful detention and the breaching of his rights unconstitutionally. He must not act like HH who silently went home. People must help him sue

  9. bombshell

    he minister with big charges released on bond without spending a night in cells.But poor Tukuta spending nights without bond. What crime did he comitt which non bondable .may b we leave such to legal experts

  10. Pelekelo Kasiyako

    They should know that corruption to its maximum will backfire in no time than the religious beliefs and the civil education taught to this generation begins to enlighten the politicians who defend our Constitution which means well to us Zambian even as I appreciate it myself.

  11. Nzelu

    Good, let him learn a lesson.

  12. Jessey Lingard

    Let the law of Zambia work on him

  13. Kelv one

    The bonds of injustice are too light to be felt not until they are too hard to be broken

  14. FuManchu

    “Defamation” is a grave offence as applies in Zambia and one that denies arraignment before a judge within 48 hours after arrest or bail, Trump would have been enjoying a field day on a daily basis! Some laws that are a spill over from the colonial era need to be purged! there is no reason not to believe that “defamation law” was targeted at black Northern Rhodesians to never label or call any white person with “insult!” Just translate “icipuba, ukufulungana, ukupena and many more used in local languages” how when then put into English by the kapaso on demand by the colonial commissioner as the meaning of the words the natives were using! Successive Zambian governments have upheld this repressive law to harass citizens for its sweet to politicians!

  15. State house

    Ba pungwa lekeni ifyo mulecita ici te calo cenu. Mukafwa tukashala…..is when arresting becomes known in the country zambia. Every zambians have the rights to express his or her point of view. This is democracy not a dictater…..let people be free and enjoy their rights and the nation. Let this habit end now…….are you looking our reaction or what????…..just behave namukula.

  16. AM

    Tukuta is paying all these things because of his name,all he does ma tukutuku hay man change the name or character behind that name.

  17. Ephias Maviya


  18. Lundazi eye

    Youths demand are endless in until JESUS CHRIST Come. Youth leaders in 50 year old but stil a youth wil a 35year one and real youth a busy whatapping,facebooking and with pockets full of beers and drugs no interst in Nation AFFAIRS. If history repeat of 1991 great UNIP Losing and trade union silent and miner lost jobs main dead. We need jobs we hav raw material in all provincal in AGROPRO BUT Only KASAMA Is only producin MEAL MEALIA. YOUTH If vote PF Out as pay demand u remember PRESIDENT LUNGU. In politic excuse is a tactic avoid delivering promised bcoz previous govt misuse money are lies. Politic is a myth

  19. two 5

    iye koma pa zed yalikaba big fish with big corruption casses are left free, small fish with small corruption casses rot in jail yaba ili bad


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