YALI Backs Bill 10 Deferment

Young African Leaders Initiative governance advisor Isaac Mwanza has welcomed the government’s decision to defer Bill number 10 of 2019 in Parliament to a later date to accommodate the views of other stakeholders, particularly the opposition.

Mr Mwanza said the decision had shown that President Edgar Lungu was a listening President as a lot of Parliamentarians were not comfortable debating Bill 10 in Parliament because most of them, especially the opposition, had not adapted to the “new normal” at Parliament.

He said the deferment of the Bill does not mean it has been abandoned as it will be debated at a later stage of Parliament in the current sitting.

Mr Mwanza said the PF only had the current session in which to pass the Bill in Parliament, failure to which, it will never return to Parliament as the rules might not allow.

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda on Thursday deferred the tabling of Bill 10 of 2019 in parliament for second reading to a later date to accommodate the views of the opposition.

The Bill will however be considered on a later date during this meeting of the House.


  1. Mr intellect

    YAli ask Hon Mundubile about the standing orders of Parliament partaining to the new Bill’s life span on the floor of the house.Forget about the opposition in this your bill 10.

  2. SOS

    It’s time to debate other important issues other than the kung-flu bill number 10 which is planned to resuscitate the expiring contract of adada who I scared of going back to Chawama compound.

  3. Tikambepo

    Concerned citizen be ready to receive your adada since you’re also a resident of chawama compound you will be chola boy muduze.

  4. Tikambepo

    WHY is adada scared of signing off?
    1.it could be because of the corrupt activities he has been engaged in.
    2.Or it could be what the late Chiluba said ati “akakapuna kalizoba” coz of absolute power at his disposal.
    3.going back ku GETO it will not make sense.
    4.mukula,gold,48 unexplained housing units,the 1million each fire tenders,the gassing of the people he swore to protect,the abrogation,manipulation and modification of the constitution,Chinarisation of our country and many more other nasty things he even has done could be the reason why he is scared of signing off.

  5. Daniel Banda

    I have failed to understand why this Bill 10 has created so much animosity in the opposition as if it will be etched in stone or that their lives will only materialize in the abandonment of it. I can stop thinking that whoever their advisor is making them believe their future is doomed if the Bill succeeds.

  6. Jms

    Daniel Banda thats why if we allow criminals make laws,what they hav

  7. Jms

    Daniel Banda thats why if we allow criminals make laws,what they have in mind are criminal activities not normal ones,bill10 is criminal activities who even need to involve inmates to have normal rights,bill 10 supporters check your mental capacity. This once irrupted in America but they refused because its nonsense.

  8. two 5

    ba yalikosa mwanza ninshi mwalilyamo ummmm twebeniko

  9. Chitimbwapre

    Hakainde will never have Parliament to make laws. Those against bill10 are tribalist in southern province

  10. Black

    The only reason that the Minister of justice gave was, “that he wants his fellow mps to get acquainted with the new environment for debates to proceed.” and never to engage more with the opposition. Don’t mislead us but give us rigid info.

  11. Stanyoko

    Mm mm zed yenayalikosako

  12. Seer 1 B


    • LEAVE me ALONE

      Seer 1 B, please you mean you are still in blankets, wake up laws or constition is made or formulated by people through their legistlation not a president as you think, no wonder you are are duplicate of seer 1

  13. WAIT

    The only problem I see on this animal called bill 10 pipo know nothing about it try to explain to the pipo of Zambia and let them understand that document

  14. kubweka

    You mister are a bootlicker

  15. Concern Zambian

    The problem with upnd mps is that their leader HHhas no vision.In 2016 they discouraged us Zambian citizen to have a bill of rights. Today we are regretting.When Covid-19 came he called for total lockdown.This how dull he is , he has failed to sell his vision so has total lockdown mwitwa,Kombo and mwimbi. He has total lockdown southern province. He wants to lockdown bill 10. This will mean locking down the potential of youths, women, disabled and chiefs all these people when bill is law will be able to participate in the affairs of our nation.HH is full of lies. He is a president of Total Lockdown Political Party (TLPP)

    • Concern Zambian 1

      Concern Zambian you like it 0 not this so could BILL number 10 is going nowhere you can say what ever you like on this BUT it will never succeed make my words

  16. John

    In Bill 10 the following are the few bad clauses.
    1. It allows the president to divide the province into many.
    Meaning it is possible to divide or make more provinces in their territory as a result they will have more MPS in parliament meaning and bill which comes is on their favor because they will have more representation. E.g some constituencies are smaller than others but the small one is divided 4 times and a big one is divided 1 time so tell me what are you seeing since in that apart form someone getting favours from his power ?
    2. Why should borrowing of the money be only one man’s show? Any time someone will have power to sign for a loan to build his house which will not benefit the majority Zambians. The country can not be used as surety when getting personal loans. Let the parliament continue having power in regards to borrowing.
    3. Printing of money. Why should we start printing money when we just wake from sleeping with hang over ? Let the BOZ continue having power to this function as it is now. Someone will print money because he has become down financially
    These are some of the few of many bad clauses in that your Bill 10 which you want.

  17. Concern Zambian

    Let the bad ones be removed. Don’t lockdown Bill 10 as you have lockdown Mwitwa, Kombo, Mwimbi and Southern Province

  18. The reborn

    gvt y are u so intrested in bill 10 namuikoselapo when u even knw tht its late stop fooling us and explaing wel abt this stupied and duty name (BILL 10)and u guys stop suporting which u dnt knw uwafitala akaimwena COZ 2021 I DNT CARE WHO WILL PASS BUT AS LONG AS PF GONE DOWN COZ MWACILAMO AMA SWEET TALKS TULEKANA NOKULANDA NISHI MWAIKATA KANOFYE 2021 ngatayakese!!

  19. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    PF and your government, tell the nation what is so important about the bill number ten 10. It is called the “bill” because, it is optional. It may pass or fail. This one has failed.. Why are you forcing matters? Are you not seeing that, you’re potraing a wrong picture to the public? This shows that,there is a hidden a gender behind this bill number ten 10. Don’t force people to dance your tune in your best interest. Check the bill,see what is wrong with it.


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