President Lungu Congratulates Malawi’s Chakwera For Winning Presidential Re-run

President Edgar Lungu has congratulated Malawi’s President-elect Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera.
President Lungu said in a statement issued by his press aide Isaac Chipampe that Dr Chakwera’s victory affirmed the trust and confidence the people of Malawi have in him.
The Head of State also reaffirmed Zambia’s commitment to maintaining strong bilateral relations with Malawi.
“Your election is an affirmation of the trust and confidence that the people of Malawi have in your leadership qualities, which ushers in a wave of democratic change that the people of Malawi have been advocating for,” President Lungu said.
“Zambia and Malawi share strong brotherly bonds of friendship based on mutual respect. l, therefore, wish to take this opportunity to reaffirm my country’s commitment to maintaining strong bilateral relations that our two countries have continued to enjoy, for the mutual benefit of our two peoples.”
The Head of State said he looked forward to working closely with Dr Chakwera and wished him good health and prosperity for the people of Malawi.


  1. chileshe makasa

    Congratulation once again.

  2. msandi sakala

    Congrats Dr chakwera and all the best as you assume the high office.

  3. Mwine masushi

    This is what we call democracy not were by the Constitution court is controlled by the ruling bafunes like what happened in Zambia in 2016 but no problem Malawi has shown us the way to go

  4. Tulandeko

    I Dnt Knw IF Ths Judges Of Ours R Seing This!Ala Mulachusha Abantu Na Corrruption

  5. Koswe

    In democratic countries whether the sitting party and the opposition don’t predict who is going to win elections. Here in. Zambia. Hakainde had already won 2021elections coz he depends on tribes not. Zambians 2021 he is going again to challenge elections in courts of law with his tribes men that he has lost again. Zambians will never allow a tribalist leader to go to state House leaving. Zambians. Zambians let as all to choose our president without tribalism. President. Lungu wants. Zambians to vote for him

    • RHK

      Kkkkkkkkk,I will not say anything, coz munganikonkhe.

  6. Jimmy shaba

    The opposition in Zambia lacks unity of purpose unlike their colleagues in Malawi.

  7. William Suku

    Congratulations and to you Malabi

    ##! -tsm- !

  8. RRH

    This will happen here in Zambia.

  9. phillish emz

    so was that elections free and fair your Excellency?

  10. two 5

    koswe mbeba you cant compare malawi judiciary with ours lungu lost and will loose again manje corruption he has already won through rigging

  11. Razor

    Wind of change is blowing from the east. Next is zambia.

  12. Jessey Lingard

    Congratulate too

  13. State house

    uzamuzhiba Yesu Kaolala. Lets higher Electrol Commission of Malawi to come and monitor ours in the next season.

  14. Hope and Change

    Congratulations Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera

  15. Tikambepo

    Pit latrine koswe is a useless idiot who would like like to capitalize on tribal campaigns and not what your adada has done to the Zambian people things like ……
    1.gassing the people he swore to protect.and many more.


    I congratulate ECL in advance. Because he is winning in 2021.What will kill HH is tribalism. I will give an example the following were chased out of UPND on tribal grouds Patrick chisanga, Canisius banda,Sakwiba sikota and GBM.The PF and UPND pact failed because of HH. My advice is if upnd wants to rule this country, change the leader put some body neutral, at least you have leaders who can lead and not HH,i cant vote for HH.

  17. MOSES

    Well articulated concerned citizen amplified we people out there don’t like HH.If he wins in 2021 at least it will be without my vote.

  18. phinians

    concerned amplified and moses you are very right i personally i cant vote for HH. MY FOOT.


    concerned amplified citizen and moses you are good guys , me too i cant vote for HH.Open the minds these guys who are following upnd blindly.

  20. joyce Mbewe

    I cant vote for Lungu, by the way he doenst qualify for the 3rd term. How is he going to stand> Tatulemufwaya nangula panono. I would rather cast my vote to Bally.

  21. Rose Mwila

    Why didnt Edger, go for inuaguration for Chakwera? He is ashamed.

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