5 Lufwanyama UPND Councillors Quit

Five UPND Councillors in Lufwanyama District have ditched the Opposition political party citing poor leadership in the province.

The five Councillors have since tendered in their resignation letters to the Council Chairperson Moses Chiyuka as well as Council Secretary Rebbeca Banda.

Rodgers Simwemba of Lufwanyama Ward has stated in an interview that he has decided to leave his post on personal reasons relating to internal party matters.

Others who have quit include Luswishi Ward Councillor Fredrick Mubanga, Mpidi Ward Councillor Chola Kanda, Kansanta Ward Councillor Phanuel Musumali and Kangwa Mwila of Chibanga Ward.

And Mwila,who tendered in his resignation after the first four, said his resignation is with immediate effect.

“My reasons of resigning is due to bad working relationship with the UPND District executive and provincial team,” Mwila said.

Meanwhile, sources have revealed that the Opposition UPND is expected to suffer more defections in Lufwanyama as other Councillors are said to be planning resignations.

Among those said to be on the line include Council Chairperson Moses Chiyuka and other councillors.

Lufwanyama Town Council is dominated by UPND Councillors with an exception of two who are Kabundia Ward’s Claudius Dube on the PF ticket and Robert Katongo of Chantente Ward who is an independent Councillor.

Efforts to get a comment from the UPND proved futile as their mobile phones went unanswered.


  1. Father D

    Let them gooo days are numbered

  2. two 5

    bene are you serving the party or people who voted for you? pf wil be punished for the way way they want to use staying in power ukulashita ama members ba upnd

    • MKC

      Is this the wind of change people are talking about?

      • Danielle Jensen

        Am not suprised that this is actually happening, as i have mentioned so many times that UPND lacks leadrship skills, their main interest is just to come into power, but they are not good leaders. Before one can become a leader, you need to have an objective, and the only objective this party has, is to obtain power.

    • Sims

      Boss nisala our mp there in Lusaka balelyafye twaikala shani with those mps

  3. Koswe

    Wind of change is with those who are upnd paid to post massages on social media. Who will change when there is no credible opposition in the country upnd is for sick people without direction. The party depends on tribes and not. Zambians

    • Danielle Jensen

      Its nice to see someone who agrees, Infact, i think the use of Politics on social media should be banned all together, because there are a lot of lies there

  4. Tikambepo

    Let’s hope those councillors are not resigning without consulting the electorates who voted for them coz some of them will cry.
    WHY is it that only councillors from the Bush are the ones being bought by power hungry PF government?

  5. Davies Sichamba

    Bally ni bally 2021 of fifififi game is over

  6. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Let them go. They are just after money no obligation of develop their part viyende bwino

  7. Masauso Banda

    its ok freedom of choice

  8. Anthony chitefu

    Twabacingilefye ama post pa district elo bafulwa , tabakwe incito kabaleya ifwe ni BALLY FYE

  9. Joseph smith

    These are just councillors with no direction bally will win with or without this ignorant councillors

    • Sam k

      Your Job was to save the people who elected you and not the party (UPND )….go well 2021 is around the corner ba Councillor

  10. Laston

    Let them go whom do they want to trouble it’s them to suffer not upnd

  11. Ferguson

    Does it mean anyone resignation is been bought or is the administration issue which must be worked on…….1 number counts and it makes a million…

  12. Concern Zambian

    Congratulations you five guys from comming out of Total Lockdown Political Party. H H have no vision. You remember when Covid-19 came he said let us have a total lockdown. He is dull. He locked us down on Bill of Rights. Now you guys can breathe.You out of lockdown.
    To the youths I say you can fix it your self. Do not wait for Bally wa lockdown You are about 6 million in Zambia. Bally’s head is on lockdown because of 5 loses in elections. His head needs to be flushed out and programed properly.
    To copper belt Minister, mayor and town clerk of Ndola tell the truth about Dola Hill extension area. You have grabbed land from poor people who have been getting livelihood from that land 700 of them and left without livelihood ( pro- poor government) Do not talk about Cadres but poor people are resisting coming out from this land which they have been staying for 40years. The president should come and address this issue the land has been given to Chinese and Rich people (pro-poor government)

    • Welthy

      Now who is poor here the government or bally coz you’re talking about people whose land was given to the chines who did that

    • Danielle Jensen

      Nicely said Bane. Mwalanda chachina. Total lock down sichikamba navanzelu.

  13. Leslie

    When you fail to run your house don’t blam the neighbour. Sit down and and find the best way of settling differences internally. Don’t think that by shouting the loudest people will sympathize with you. You lose because you always complain but you don’t hold conventions to iron out internal differences

  14. Love your neighbor

    I see some games being played on people’s minds here, why is it that these councilors that are defecting are only recorded in UPND strong holds? Here where I’m we have one RAINBOW PARTY councilor why is he not defecting coz even the president for RAINBOW cannot be heard. Go & parade defecting councilors all over the country even where there is only one UPND councilor.

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