Govt Pays K36m To Farmers Displaced By Ndola Airport Project

Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe has disclosed that government has so far paid K36 million out of the K51 million owed to farmers and squatters who were displaced to pave way for the construction of the Ndola International Airport.

Speaking when deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa paid a courtesy call on him, Nundwe said the squatters and farmers have been protesting at his office demanding payment.

He said his office has been assuring the affected farmers that government is making efforts to offset the remaining amount of money.

And Mr Kangwa has assured the affected farmers that government will soon pay them their dues.

He said it is the desire of government to ensure the balance is paid as soon as possible.

Dr. Kangwa, who is leading a team of Permanent Secretaries who are part of the State Functions Committee, is on the Copperbelt to appreciate how far the construction of the airport has gone.


  1. Concern Zambian

    I would like to comment on what I heard at ZNBS news yesterday by copper belt Minister Mwakalombe. You know Mr Minister Dr Kaunda and RB were voted out of power because Ministers, Governors,DC were not telling the truth to the president.It is not about Cadres who are encroaching the land at Dola Hill.It is about 700 peasant farmers whom you have displaced who have lived there for more than 40 years.Their livelihood was this land you have grabbed. There are voiceless the widows, orphans and orphans.You have done this in unmercyless way.The people who had there livelihood at the said land their children will be on the street.Their cry will be heard in 2021 because they are voiceless. Mr President come and hear the truth your self from these people.Do not hear from copper belt leadership. The cry has been there for three years now.

  2. Jessey Lingard

    That’s good to hear that….

  3. retired soldier

    When is government paying retired soldiers whose money is stolen bybSikutwa of Madison Assets Management?

  4. Lethal Weapon

    That airport in the first place was not a priority. It is just a conduit for corrupt people to amass more money through dubious means.
    Pay the affected people quickly instead of bribing artists with K 30m.Most retirees haven’t got their money for many years,lectures are always crying of delays in paying their salaries yet we have a government that keeps wasting money on useless things.
    We need change next year,enough of this mediocrity.

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