We Need Youths that will Contribute and Develop this Country

Minister of Youth and Sports Emmanuel Mulenga has said government is looking for youths that will contribute to the development of the country.

Mr Mulenga said the youth need to develop their mindsets and begin to help each other.

He said this when he visited a youth in Ndola who has a block making machine and has employed 35 other youths.

“We need youths that will contribute and develop this country. We need to develop the mindset of helping each other as youths. The President has given me a task for empowerment projects. So we are looking around to see ‘how do we empower youths, create jobs for them?’ Our youths need to be economically independent,” Mr Mulenga said.

He said the desire of government is to see that youths continue to be productive.

“So we will continue to look and engage youths that have projects. Even the youths that don’t have anything, I encourage you to start forming up cooperatives so that you are in groups. We will make sure that no youth is left out,” Mr Mulenga said.



    That’s the way to go .UPND youths approach the relevant authorities and be empowered. Not just insulting and drinking beer on the streets.

  2. Razor

    What about the bus you have grabbed which was meant for youth empowerment.

  3. Jessey Lingard

    Well spoken words by the minister keep it up….

  4. James Mwanza

    Are Zambians really as dull as this article implies? PF is talking off doing something for the youths NOW in the dyeing minutes of the match! If you can not read through this rubbish gesture then you honestly deserve PF.

  5. two 5

    ba condemned kitizen muleyikalafye

  6. judy Lumbwe

    Who is this idiot mulenga, tell, where have you been? you suspended Youth empowerment fund 5 yers ago, why now. Who are you fooling? we are noy going to vote for PF

  7. Musyani

    Yaba asavyakulanda avyakulolavye.

  8. Mark joseph

    Those are just drummers you always empower your relatives sir nd spread the news influencing media stop giving BP to youth cause it can results to civil war. All zambian youth are not happy at all am telling you cause national, provincial and district youth chairmen are getting rich in our names referee be carefull I stop here nizaulula vambiri.

  9. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Nice one. We need people with obligations of develop this country

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