Over 3,000 Encroach on Mopani’s Land

Over 3,000 people led by Voice of the Vulnerable organization have invaded land belonging to Mopani Copper Mine in Kitwe.

The group has since started clearing the over 300 hectares of land a few kilometers away from Mopani’s tailing dams.

Voice of the Vulnerable Chairman Peter Malama, who is leading the group and subdivinding the pieces of land, has claimed that the piece of land does not belong to the Council.

He said some people are just claiming that the land belongs to Mopani to stop them from accessing it.

Malama said his group is allocating the land to the vulnerable community at only K200 while the elderly are being given land for free.

But Mopani Copper Mine through its Public Relations Manager Nebert Mulenga has warned the encroachers to abandon the land.

Mulenga said the area being tampered with belongs to Mopani and the mining firm will not hesitate to demolish structures being built there.

He said the mining giant whose investment in new project has grown will need to expand its tailing dams and this will be in the direction the people are encroaching.

Meanwhile, Kitwe Town Clerk Mbulo Seke has maintained that the land being subdivided illegally belongs to Mopani.

Seke has warned those wanting to put up structures on the said piece of land to stop as that would be a waste of their resources.


  1. umuntu

    Land encroachments in Zambia have gone to extremes. Someone please stop this lawlessness!!!

  2. Concern Zambian

    In Dola Hill in Ndola it is not about encroachment it is about grabbing land from more than 700 people who have been having their livelihood there and give it to Chinese and Rich people. Someone say the president should come and hear from people from copper belt. Come to Dola Hill extension in Ndola.This will cost you in 2021.The poor are crying on the copper belt.I remember Dr Kaunda and RB his leaders used to tell him lies

  3. pamo nkandu

    I have been there , and that land it’s not mopanis from my own observing, if that land belongs to mopani then , they should also claim from zafficos compound coz it’s just after the land mcm is claiming to be theres

  4. Lethal Weapon

    Mopani is currently under care and maintenance and is likely to be shut down very soon. Why are they worrying about land that hasn’t been developed for many years instead of focusing on the status of their core business.
    Let the poor locals be given that land and let Nobert focus on his bosses who want to abandon the mine.

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