NAQEZ Doubts Reopening Of Schools In 2020 For Non-Exam Classes

National Action for Quality Education in Zambia ( NAQEZ) Executive Director
Aaron Chansa has said he doubts the possibility of school reopening for non-examination classes due to inadequate equipment that can allow more learners while observing COVID-19 health guidelines.

In a statement issued today, Mr Chansa stated that many schools lacked adequate desks that could also allow them to practice social distancing.

“With a crisis of desks in most schools in the Country, National Action for Quality Education in Zambia ( NAQEZ) strongly doubts the possibility of reopening schools for non-examination classes this year. Our current assessment is that very few schools in Zambia would be in a position to accommodate more learners apart from examination classes.This is simply because most schools, especially those in rural areas, have a critical shortage of desks. In some cases , pupils are even sitting on the floor whilst learning,” Mr Chansa stated.

“Available statistics indicate that the Ministry of General Education will need more than 1.3 million desks to remedy this crisis. And until this number of desks is afforded, we fear that learners in non examination classes may not open in 2020.”

In view of this, he demanded that the Ministry of Finance releases money for the Ministry of General Education to buy desks.

“This is an urgent matter needing very serious National attention. Current pictures of Zambian learners sitting on the floor are giving our education system a very ugly image,and must be dealt with immediately,” Mr Chansa stated.


  1. Zambia forward

    How can the govt fail to buy the desks whilst the donors are busy donating money and other assorted items in view of combating the spread of corona virus? Secondly the covid 19 was started here in Zambia when a Zambian couple who went in France for Holiday when they came back , they were tested positive and then today you have opened the airports so that you allow the people from other country to come in.

  2. Zebron

    Good observation

  3. J

    U are not serious, Zambia z full of drama,politics and so on.that z not a reason, pupils HV been sitting on the floor since Kaya than today at desk.education z loosing its value

  4. Jk

    Classes for non examination should open a number of children will forget a lot of things in school and is not everyone who has a internet connection for this desk’s should not let children from attending a class it’s not the first time in Zambia that children learn on the floor the only thing the National Action for Quality Education in Zambia ( NAQEZ) Executive Director should say is let government help, other people and companies to come on board and support the school’s in need country ward none examination classes should open to help children and adults education teachers will find it difficult to teach it will be taking lessons backwards

    • Bad

      Let life be protected first. Life is more important than education, because there can’t be education without life but there can be life without education

  5. Emmanuel mununga

    let us be together and help each other we a citizen we a government.. school is the key to success!! why

    • mwiinga

      You’re right let’s work on this matter

  6. Razor

    At least all universities and colleges should open.

  7. Duncan

    You government be serious with people’s lives it’s because you have money you are enjoying and you are not caring of other people’s lives how do you think we going to write our exams next year cause people are still using public transport and I can’t see any social distance and airports are operating we also want to be going why do you want to stack our lives it’s really hurting you know.

  8. Thomas

    Please try by all means to get the Job done, People,companies n other institutions have been donating money nd healthy stuff towards Covid 19 pandemic try to use all those things to help in Education … without education we wont go anywhere in Zambia Government please Help ..!!

  9. State house

    Good observation but useless suggetion. Dont you think Zambians are poor in both finacially and academically? Do you think pupils will catch up as soon as possible if schools open next year? Are you not considering the education situation of Grade 1,6,8 & 11’s? what will they come and right next year in the examination they will sit for next year if they keep on closing schools? Be serious with what you are highliting to the public…..you, you have alredy being educated so let the children of zambia also get good education.

  10. shong un

    Please please please government consider reopening schools please we don’t want our friends to do a single grade for two years when they don’t even deserve to…besides if schools are not to be reopening we will have the worst dull generation in this country cox they will forget many things and also government it’s like you want to punish the bar/night clubs owners and us the school going pupils coz everything has resumed in this country what’s wrong with bars and schools?????

    • Kasamaboy666

      Fuck you nigga the way I’m treated at school I’m happier at home

  11. king

    KKK you people this country so called Zambia is ruled by china so do you really think that if china is not operating fully Zambia can stand a chance of reopening of school it’s Chinese aids

  12. Skuchy

    This matter of reopening schools is a very good idea… Coz many people are loosing education … please please please just reopen schools.

  13. WAIT

    What’s your problem,even buying desks be an issue

  14. Truth

    Think about the future

  15. M wa bo M

    I think it’s not just about desks,but as well as infrastructures like classrooms since each class can reproduce 1 other class meaning that 1 class makes 2;and therefore,arithmetically this means that 1 school makes 2.

  16. Gee boy Zambia

    please that’s not an excuse for u to disturb our future be serious🤔

  17. S d k

    Think critically the issues of the desk z not a reason for the schools to remains closed.

  18. Mike

    Please open the schools its for our own benefits, coz we have nothing to do, coz Education is the key to success, so how can it be a key to success if it remains closed.

  19. MUTALE

    Please reopen the schools pupil will forget everthing they have leart. Please just open the school we want be like u.

  20. jascent Ngandu

    please government we are forgetting school things at home please we want to reopen 🏫 schools as soon as possible and ooh yes we don’t want to open next year as u suggested we want to reopen this year and this month not that fucking next year….!we are not happy for the closing of schools especially me.

  21. steven kasaila

    For this as a government you need to work hard on the issue of desks, don’t involve politics on this.

  22. jay hunter

    cant the government reopen schools for grades 6,8 and 11?

  23. Sherley Heiley

    If schools open, Will we start all over or just continue? Coz I don’t think if we continue, things will look good in terms of marks at this point. We’ve already wasted half the year on elearning.

  24. miyanda

    The social distance you talk about i cant see in soweto market lusaka, tell us when we will open, if it is next year tell us, becouse you ere leaving us blind, if we know when to open will prepair well and do other things as we wait. not just teling us that we dont know . if you tell us we will find other things to do than wasting our time being silent like this. eny way will vote wisely.

  25. Phillip musonda

    Its very important to open the school next year because the grade 11s they won’t finish the syllabus and be in quarantine for 2 weeks its not simple thing

  26. Ck

    What of the colleges and universities do they desks too??what are we going to write next you especially us who will be doing our final year next year..his idea of reopening next year,i don’t support it cause our future depends in it and our family’s too.you people should just think twice about what you want to do cause no one will take it waiting for next year aaaa aweh

  27. Lulu

    Opening school For non examition next year won’t work for us so plz can’t u find other measure like wat u did for examition class think about us also jxt put thing back to normal the way it was pliz…

  28. Busybee

    PSE let schools open under new normal conditions

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