UPND Planned Crack Squad On Violence For 2016 Polls, Court Hears

Arresting officer in Martha Mushipe’s sedition case Ben Phiri has narrated in his evidence-in-chief led by public prosecutor Noah Mwanza that he seized a document on how the ruling PF would dominate against the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) from 2015 to‎ 2016 and beyond.

He said the document was seized from Ms Mushipe’s law firm at Villa 48, Madagascar, Millenium Village.

Mr Phiri, a detective inspector at Service Headquarters, testified that he was on duty on April 11, 2016 and was assigned to be part of a team that was constituted to look into a complaint that was made by Ephraim Shakafuswa.

He said a six-member team was led by assistant superintendents Arthur Shonga and Albert Chiluwa.

He said Mr Shakafuswa complained that on July 15, 2015, he was asked to report at Mushipe’s law firm at Mushipe’s law firm.

Mr Phiri said Mr Shakafuswa was phoned by Mushipe and was asked to report at the accused’s law firm around 17:00 hours.

He said when he reported at the law firm, nine other people who included Mushipe, Emmanuel Chilekwa, Soko Habinda, Clance Zulu, Sambo Lubasi, Clayson Hamasaka, Omia Hakanga, Hastings Shakanga and Nchimunya Siamunjeye.

Mr Phiri said according to Shakafuswa, Ms Mushipe chaired the meeting whose purpose was to discuss the strategy document which was given to Ms Mushipe by a well wisher.

He said Mr Shakafuswa told him that Ms Mushipe gave out copies of the document which she got from her file to everyone present in the meeting.

Phiri said the meeting proceeded to discuss the document which was alleged to have been authored by Tendai Muduli, Dr Ngosa Simbyakula and Didimus Mutasa.

He said the meeting discussed the document and at the end of the discussion, the meeting resolved to form a crack squad whose members were those that attended the meeting.

Mr Phiri said the objective of the crack squad was to perform acts of violence against the people of Zambia and the State.

He said at the end of the meeting, Ms Mushipe proceeded to prepare the oath of confidentiality in the names of people who attended that meeting to keep whatever was discussed confidential.

He said Ms Mushipe also prepared a document with code names for those who were in attendance.

Phiri said the code names were secret names which people who were in attendance were to be called.

He said Ms Mushipe, as chair, was code named C0, Chilekwa was C1 and C2 was Mr Shakafuswa.

He explained that the chair informed those who attended the meeting that they would use those code names to avoid being detected by the police.

Mr Phiri further said following Mr Shakafuswa’s complaint, Mr Shonga obtained a search warrant from court and the team proceeded to Mushipe’s law firm.

He said a search on April 16, 2016 was conducted at the law firm and a file containing documents was seized.

Mr Phiri said the file contained a document titled ‘strategy of domination PF against opposition UPND 2015/ 2016 and beyond’ authored by Tendai Muduli, Dr Simbyakula and Mutasa, the file also continued names of Mushipe, Shakafuswa, Chilekwa, among others.

Hearing continues on August 11.


  1. Angoni

    Just check the majority of the names then you will the party they belong to tribalism at play.

    • Daniel Banda

      If there is anyone who doesn’t know the party to which Martha Mushipe belongs, they are not politically alert. She was conspicuously bitter on the day the UPND discovered they had lost the 2016 Presidential election to the Patriotic Front. Except that in this case she has walked the talk carelessly.

    • Frank Chombela

      This case will be dismissed.

      • Frank Chombela

        The court has to establish that the document is authentic. Has it done that? If it’s authentic, who authored it? Charles Mafa had a copy and it’s also said to been available on the internet. Who posted it there? Whose website was it? Why was Mafa not arrested? The case is as good as dead. Ms Mushipe is walking to freedom.

  2. Love your neighbor

    Inga mu PF muba amashina ya Shani, kwena I we Angoni walikolwa tribalism ilanunka no kununka tribalism ponsefye usangwa. Mwacibifya icalo mwebatontonkanya fye imitundu. Nomba mukamona ubwafya mukaleta, imwe mulefimwena muku cita decampaign HH, lelo mulebyalika ulubuto ulubi lyonse elyo mulanda pa mitundu, twapapata kwateni vision te HH na Lungu baka twalilila mu ma politics kukesa nabambi. Twitwalilila mu fiko fyakusontana imitundu twamikanya bututu ubo.

  3. Julia

    A document can be planted to implicate a perceived enemy. Pf evil plans worked by clipling the most outspoken lawyer for the opposition and the petition died a natural death.

  4. Koswe

    All the names are from a tribal province we all know. Remember how people were tortured in namwala. Ndundumwezi very sad we are ready next year they will regret

    • Aka

      So,check the names of cabinet and relate to your comment

  5. Love your neighbor

    Koswe you are the darkest tribalist I have ever seen, sure becoz of politics you habour such stinky dangerous hatred of tribalism, why do you always talk about your friends tribe.

  6. Razor

    This is all hearsay of one man the same shakafuswa who want to please his masters. Why would Upnd invite him to such a meeting when everyone knows that he belongs to PF.

  7. Peter Shamasapo

    Bullshit from primitive Bemba tribalists,Bemba thieves and murderers.

  8. jabo jabo

    Zambia unit politicians will come politicians will go Zambia will remain, Zambia is greater than Hh and greater than lungu.

  9. Chinenga m. Maybin

    Only God Almighty knows

  10. Frank kabula

    Don’t comment anything if you don’t know the truth Mwe Bantu. Tribalism, tribalism always. We’re tired of those segments.

  11. Mmmmmm

    Awe, from the list of names, I can smell tribalism ……tribalism is real in this political party, just like convid 19 is in Zambia.

  12. Love your neighbor

    People that talk about others being tribal make me see them to be traitors. Okey so that we can be very much fair let’s list the names of Tongas who are in PF & also list the number of Bembas who are in UPND. Then we ask ourselves questions from both angles

    • Aka

      It was there from start, let us just watch and those who wants to heros fight.

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