Chicagos Re-loaded Seeks Permission to Re-open

Chicago’s Reloaded has written to Lusaka City Council (LCC), seeking the reopening of the business entity.

The restaurant was closed on Friday, 26th June, 2020 by Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa for defying health regulations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter to LCC, managing director for Chicago’s Reloaded Savva Christofi said the company has put over 200 employees at a risk of losing jobs following the closure.

Christofi added that the company could not generate revenue to pay rentals.

“We write to appeal for the return of our licenses that is the Liquor, Trading and Health and further seek permission to open MATI INVESTMENTS LIMITED t/a CHICAGO’S RELOADED in line with the issued procedure for obtaining certification to open as a restaurant as per regulation 9 of Statutory Instruments No.22 of 2020 as provided under the Public Health Act Cap 295 of the Laws of Zambia,” Savva stated.

“From the time Mayor Miles Sampa came through to CHICAGO’S RELOADED Friday midnight the 26th of June, 2020 we still remain closed thereby putting our more than 203 workforces at risk of losing jobs, business cannot generate revenue to pay rentals and the utilities and suppliers cannot be paid. Kindly we seek to re-open our business under the new normal with your guidance.”



  1. Kelvin Phiri

    They can open as a restaurant but the Liquor licence should only be issued back to them once the President directs the re-opening of Bars!!

  2. Musyani

    This is very arrogant way of appealing,why havent you been following the rules or guidelines given?do they only apply to locals and you are above reproach,
    Now you are using your employees as an excuse to your selfishness.


    If more than 203 employees contracted covid 19 that means a lot of people in the communities can have the virus. Arrogance doesn’t pay it will only bring problems.


    The next to close is Magodi lodge along great north road

  5. Banja

    The double standards of our leaders is baffling. Capelo at Lewanika Mall has been openly open with many of our politicians patronizing it with any masks or socially distanced. Sampa tried to close it and he was harangued…politicians are openly engaging the multitudes without giving any due respect to Covid 19. ZNBC is wash with the same politicians who want to see other places closed because of Covid19. What hypocrisy!!!

  6. Banja

    Sorry…”patronizing without masks*”

  7. Mr more hitz.

    why dnt u find time to go to these local markets and restuarands in town lets see if they wl allow you..it could be true that you are just using your employees as bait bt stil the fact that other high class bars are open and these useless politicians hide and enjoy themselves.. the man only has 203 workers bt u close him down.. surely 203 workers are manageable in line with the health giudlines.. mr miles please let the man ran his restuarand please..

  8. Rose Mwila

    He says, he has 200 plus people, how about Prime TV, had a lot of workers to pay. Who are you ? Sava, whatever they call you. Rules are rules. They can as well ask everyone to open bars. There is no animal farm here.

  9. Rodah Mbewe

    This is where stupid Kaizer , was boosting to go and have breakfast, lunch and dinner? Mayor, do your job. Let them learn. No preferences here. Zambia for Zambians. equal rights.

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