Dr Chitalu Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty By Courts, Says President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has said he cannot fire health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya on corruption allegations until he’s proven guilty by the courts of law.

In a statement issued by his press aide Isaac Chipampe, the Head of State said the Constitution in Article 18(2) provides for presumption of innocence whenever a person is charged with a criminal offence until such an individual is proved or pleads guilty.

President Lungu said he respects the independence of the judiciary and other organs such as the police, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Drug Enforcement Commission, among others, and will do nothing to interfere in the operations of these entities as long as he remains President.


  1. U

    Pa zed drama


    My words have come true. The minister is innocent until proven guilt by courts of Law.Tikambepo, what can you say now.

    • Tikambepo

      Mwana nothing much but you shouldn’t forget that birds of same further flocks together.ECL is thief,do you think he can call his friend a thief,NO,NO,NO,,,,,,but he can call him “Uubomba mwiba”.

    • Daniel Banda

      Dr Chitalu Chilufya is now a subject (phenomenon) of investigation. It is only right to suspend him or send him on leave until that assumption of innocent until proven guilty is tested. After all the ACC on behalf of the people of Zambia has found him with evidence of corruption. The research is half way done and the president on behalf of the Zambian people should help the researchers to produce the results that are unbiased by putting the subject being investigated on a neutral Foundation.

  3. MOSES

    Very considerate president, that’s the way to go.

  4. Bugar

    let the court do their job

  5. State house

    Mr.presdent that’s not the way you should handle such cases……???

  6. Unlettered

    Cilolo (overseer should be free from accusation) alingile ukuba uushitungwa akabi-1temothy 3:1,2.If he/she is accused of a wrongdoing, must leave his/her gift before the altar until he/she is cleared of his/her accusation-mathew 5:23

  7. Tom honestlyu

    Just passing by

  8. Truth

    Nothing is hidden under the sun.

  9. WAIT

    Tikambepo you are very dull

    • Tikambepo

      #wait, are you sure I’m dull?
      You shouldn’t be thinking like koswe,concerned citizen and the other senior cadre ec.My IQ is very different from your dirty brain.

  10. cm

    Mutekanye saana, mind you 2021 is around the corner. Apapena tulebobana.

  11. Sakwenda

    ummm how can you just step to conclusion of saying his innocent?

    mr sir elaborate you conclusion am not comfortable with itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    No no nooo

  12. sakwenda mwisanga

    ummm how can you just step to conclusion of saying his innocent?

    mr sir elaborate your conclusion am not comfortable with itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    No no nooo

  13. Patriotic zambian

    Anyway i expected that from the head of state.its business has usual Sata send us a signal pliz and one day all these so called alligations will become facts were will these people hide zambians lets wakeup!!!!

  14. Koswe

    #. Tikambepo you have a fixed thinking your brain does not analysis which is good always at bad to satisfy your primitivity. When you impregnate a girl she points at you then you say. No her parents will take you to court to prove if you are guilty. The. A. C. C haven’t found. Dr chilufya guilty they have taken him to court to prove if the offences labeled again him will prove him guilty as things stand now he is innocent. The president is right for his decision not to fire him until proved guilty. Waumfwa iwe. Tikambepo

  15. Disgruntled 101

    I agree with the of the law that assumes someone innocent until proven guilty by the court. But this is a man whose being accused of being incompetent in his doing and mismanagement of public funds we all know that “there is no smoke without fire” and we have just seen that the British govt has also allocated sums of money to his ministry and definitely the one handling it..I honestly feel there is reason to suspend his duties as investigation is on going. Because even is the people he is representing won’t trust him with our lives in the health sector.

  16. The reborn

    Ba muntu kawalala ni kawalala nothing here of being inocent thnk b4 u talk even thought ba coult balende ati inocent o gulty We o knw tht is a thief


    Tikambepo , i may not be a lawyer, but by you calling the Head of state a thief , that’s rather extreme. Just to advice you stop insulting ECL because you may end up in problems. Lets just contribute with civility on this platform.

  18. Musyani

    I don’t agree with the assertion from the president,the mere fact that he is charged and on bail is enough for him to step aside,there is a difference between morals and ethics,the president needs to show leadership by showing as an example of how his administration is not corrupt,what this shows is that he doesn’t have the will to fight this corruption whole heartedly and it shows he is actually weak.

  19. Mr MORE HITS

    most of you behave as though these politicians are your relatives..or they gv you a percentage from their salaries.. and yet u are just languishing in extreme poverty… we all know that the acc has enough evidenc to get him locked up but in this country the judicial system is pathetic

  20. MOSES

    Mr more hits who told you that we are languishing in poverty, just bring up your point don’t be dull like tikambepo.

  21. two 5

    mmm pa zed pf naonaula ifintu pf country,pf police, pf court, pf everything ilibad booyi nafipena

  22. Rose Mwila

    Mr Edger, MadamKabanshi, Kambwili, were all fired, before the their cases, were heard, what is so special with this corrupt jagaban minister. Everything is on the wall to be seen and read. who doesnt know how crooked chilufya is? father of corruption. Edger knows alot about him. Same feathers flock together. We are watching. The donors and international communities are watching. Any way, they are on their way out. Infula pakuya epoyonaula ifisabo.

  23. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    There is no truth in the statement made by the President. The remaining of chitalu in the ministiral office is enterferering the the investigations. The President is sure the way he takes presidential duties. Firering chilufya does not mean he is guilty. Its giving a room for better investigation. This is interferering the judicial proceedings. The ACC are not working the way they are surppose to. They work under instructions. This is bad. Some people are misleading and abusing the powers.

  24. Mr MORE HITZ

    @moses. My friend am not dull… High profile officials lik chitalu dnt get fired becouse they know too much.. If uncle cant fire him in order for investigation to be as clean as posible its becous he want 2 save him.. Remember wako ni wako

  25. Mr chakumutuma

    Kkkkkkkkk lol 😭 that’s every days news … Zambia is a Christian national

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