Every Person is Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty-Sunday Chanda

PF media director Sunday Chanda has said the Zambian Constitution provides that every person who is charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until proved or pleads guilty before the courts of law.

He stated that the ruling party has noted the notion being advanced by some named Opposition political leaders, Civil Society groupings and sections of the media that an accused person in Government cannot remain in office as that is a mockery to the fight against corruption.

“This notion goes against the spirit of the supreme law of the land. The constitution of Zambia, international human rights conventions including the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights have captured this principle as a right to which all accused persons fall heir. Article 18(2) of the Zambian constitution provides that everyone person who is charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until he or she is proved or pleads guilty. We are calling on the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and other noble human rights advocates to come out clear on this important subject which guarantees that no guilt can be presumed until the charge has been proved beyond reasonable doubt,” Mr Chanda said.

He said the fight against corruption cannot be fought and adjudicated upon by the Court of public opinion.

Mr Chanda said Zambia was a country of laws as provided for under Article 1 of the supreme law of the land.



  1. Tikambepo

    Monday chanda can’t say anything sensible when he opens his opening coz he is a thief like the very Chilufya and Ecl together.

  2. Sobwe Kulibonesha

    Always fighting to appear relevant. The president said this a long time ago and we don’t need a party functionary to parrot the same.

  3. Musyani

    The pf guys are showing us double standards,how about the press aid guy from state house,the same rules did not apply, Kaiser Zulu,chishimba kambwili,they were not on police bond but where shown the door.be serious.

  4. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Chanda you’re just a cadre. You know nothing. You and you collegies in pf,you doing things to praise lungu. If this is your level best of thinking,then,your are nothing in the country. Where on earth has it ever happened to investigate someone who still occupies the office? Why do you expose your dullness to the public? Leaving chitalu chilufya in,proves all of you to be thieves like him. Because you all know that tomorrow it’s you. You’re too unfortunately, it will not be like this fake and corrupt government you have today. You are obstructing the judicial proceedings. ACC can operate professional if the thief is in the office. Drop him,and let the acc to out their duties.

  5. Jaguar Lungu

    Iwe Chanda just shut up cos only you sees what you are seeing. we can all see that in Zambia it’s not like that. Tukuta was locked up for weeks on a defamation charge yet the law states noone should be held for more than 48 hours without charge and you are busy preaching that every one is innocent

  6. Idiocy Detector

    When I heard that stupidity and idiocy are common and cheap commodities readily found at every fool’s market, I did not believe until I read this article. Can the same corrupt stinking mouths declaring Chilufya innocent explain how Emmerine Kabanshi is different from everyone who is innocent until proven guilty? It is better to use the brain before speaking than using the belly.

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