Hichilema Calls for Revision of 2020 Budget to Halt Runaway Expenditure

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has said shortfalls in tax revenue collections, intensification of corruption and heightened debt vulnerabilities continue to narrow the fiscal space to grow the country’s conomy.

He said the situation has also made it difficult for government to provide jobs, especially for the youth.

He said the country risked reaching a precarious point at which a disorderly fiscal adjustment becomes inevitable at the current pace.

Mr Hichilema proposed that Zambia must not waste any more time in using the narrow window of opportunity that remains to revive the economy.

He has also implored government to revise the 2020 Budget and undertake necessary reforms to make a real impact on lowering runaway expenditure.

“Of great concern to us is that government expenditure continues to rise in the context of significant revenue shortfalls yet without major changes to the National Budget. The government recently announced that while revenues have fallen by K20.8 billion, expenditures have risen by K20.0 billion, including an increase in debt service by K8.7 billion. Current measures to address this shortfall do not go far enough. We implore the PF Administration to revise the 2020 Budget and undertake necessary reforms to make a real impact on lowering runaway expenditure,” Mr Hichilema said.



    If HH talks like that, i can give him a vote in 2031 , but in 2021 he is losing to ECL.

    • Tikambepo

      Only a president with vision can think that way mwati ni adada kuwayawayafe.
      If our president assumes office next year,things will automatically change for better unlike our drunken masters fashion of leadership.

    • Mike daka

      To achieve what??

  2. MOSES

    Not even 2031 but 2036

    • Mmmmmm

      I don’t think he has any chance. The longer he stays in the opposition, the more he loses relevance.

    • Goma

      in 2042 if he will still be around.


        in 2042 he will probably by 78 years.

  3. Pablo 18 18

    Wala bally will fix next year

  4. Mm

    I pity him because he has alot of work to do Facebook alone is not enough because the minority of Voters are busy in their girlds not social Media

  5. Koswe

    As long as. Kambwili becomes alliance president. Zambians may think something else. Not hakainde a tribalist a failure rejected by his only his extended family let him stand for his prepared coffin

  6. Concern Zambian

    HH can be a good Deputy Bank governor.Let him apply

  7. Wise leader

    ECL for August 2021

  8. Petros

    Balumendo kwena, how can u give your friend 2042, aweee , he is supposed to take over in 2021, look at zesco mess, they want to spend $40billion to procure equipment to switch off our home appliances by remote, why, that is why bally must come in and stop this stupidity. Period.

  9. Dickson

    HH 2021

  10. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Only fake people surports pf and governance. Only real people can see the need for change.

  11. Frank kabula

    Kikikikiki atishani 2046 bally 46 who fix it what?2021 Jack Mwimbu or Garie Nkombo mwati niba Bally hh 46 kuwayawaya fye. Let bally 46 reverse his privatisation of companies and tell the nation the truth. Than we are going to believe him that he will fix the nation.

  12. MIGHT

    People that are okay with the current situation are either related to someone in power or themselves are directly connected there
    Otherwise $1 can’t be k19 yet we have a finance minister when Mwanawasa government managed to bring it to $1=k350
    Fuel is nearly k20 per litre
    Salary taxes how I wish all cadres were really getting good salaries so they see what we mean by tax
    The cost if living is gone to way far
    Building a flyover bridge can not feed any one neither building roads nor commissioning buildings but fighting to bring the cost if living and doing business on our own is the only way of life
    Build a school for me yet I can’t pay school fee and thus no school what’s the point of even building it?
    You build roads are we going to eat roads? We can’t easily drive fuel no bwino bwino toll gates all over that can’t explain where the money goes i mean rural settings farmers are struggling to sell for profit than to just survive like they are waiting for a day when liberation shall come by miracle so they are just holding on

    I don’t care who becomes president but I would rather try someone else even if it be for worse this is worse already trying another wouldn’t be any bad

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