Lungu Fires Siavonga DC

President Edgar Lungu has fired Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama and has replaced him with Mr Ephraim Mwanjabanthu.

Other new appointments made in Southern Province include Mrs Munachongo for Monze, Mr Timothy Siakaziba for Gwembe, Mrs Brendah Mwenda for Kalomo, Mrs Mutinta Candy Musokotwane for Kazungula replacing Mrs Pascalinah Musokotwane who has been transferred to Livingstone, Mr Reginald Mugoba for Pemba, Mr Protancial Mulenga has been transfered to Choma while Mrs Sheena Muleya replaces him in Sinazongwe.

The PF in Southern Province has since thanked President Lungu for the new appointments.

“As a party in the Province, we pledge to work with the new DCs to ensure they succeed because there success is the people’s success. We can only hope the DCs will also receive the support of the opposition in the execution of their duties as civil servants,” PF Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary Trymore Mwenda stated.


  1. Euro Bond

    …Mr Protancial Mulenga has been transfered to Choma…The PF in Southern Province has since thanked President Lungu for the new appointments. Can he also appoint a lozi, Tonga, luvale, mbunda, lamba for districts in Luapula, northern, Muchinga and Eastern provinces and see whether the same courtesy would be extended to the appointees by the PF in those areas

    • George

      @eurobond, the name mulenga is also found in north western and western provinces.

  2. Jimmy shaba

    There is a big difference between being fired and expiry of contract

    • You are right Mr Shaba

      You are right Mr Shaba


    this z not good at all he should appoint Tongas,Lozis,Lundas,Luvales in other provinces like C/B,LUAPULA,MUCHINGA,NORTHERN,EASTERN.

  4. Razor

    For once he has done well by firing this siavonga dc who was behaving more like an overzealous PF cadre than a civil servant. Let’s see who he is going to bully now.

  5. Jessey Lingard

    Keep it up Ba President

  6. Kaiser Zulu

    The last time Liverpool won the League, the following year, the ruling party in Zambia, lost elections.

  7. Kellings kangwa

    Next Year the change of Govt is a must.

  8. That's news to me

    Maybe prophetic

  9. Aaron Zulu


  10. stanley

    Job well done to his excellence

    • James Mwanza

      I find it rather odd how you praise rhetoric. “Job well done”..what has he done well? This man & his idiot cadres (like yourself) have taken Zambia backwards.

  11. Musyani

    These DC jobs are supposed to be for civil servants as sata said not political appointees.

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