Parliament Isn’t A Ground For Settling Political Battles-Matibini

Government officials, stake holders, journalists and Patriotic Front (PF) supporters awaiting the arrival of President Michael Sata for the first official opening of the eleventh National Assembly at Parliament grounds in Lusaka on October 14, 2011 – Picture by Joseph Mwenda.

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini on Thursday, when passing ruling on a point of order raised by Professor Nkandu Luo against Sesheke MP Romeo Kang’ombe that he accused her of tribalism when he appeared on Prime TV, said:
“I urge all honorable members to refrain from drawing the house into discussing matters that take place outside the house because presiding officers are not privy to such discussions. As a result of these points of order, we are compelled to go out there to ascertain facts of those discussions which at any rate are not relevant to the business of the house. In future, I will simply not entertain any point of order which brings discussions outside the house. I wish to emphasize my guidance to all honorable members to refrain from drawing the house into discussions occurring outside the house. The house is not an avenue for settling political battles occurring outside the house. Such political battles should be concluded outside the house where they occur.”


  1. Sobwe Kulibonesha

    Wise ruling Mr speaker, In the first place the point of order was not even supposed to have been raised by nkandu luo, she uttered tribal remarks in chilubi but being arrogant as she is and by extension the PF she thought the speaker would have found the sesheke mp out of order!

  2. Chimutali Staniley

    When Tongas told their UPND members who included Her Houner Inonge Wina Sakwiba Sopkota Bob Sichinga etc during the funeral of the late Mazoka that only a Tonga will succeed the late Mazoka, what was that? when you start something don’t think that people will forget easily.

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