Pope appoints new Bishop of Ndola

Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Benjamin Phiri as the Bishop of the Diocese of Ndola, Zambia.

Bishop Phiri has been serving as the Auxiliary Bishop of Chipata, Zambia since 2011, and Rector of St. Dominic’s Major Seminary in Lusaka, Zambia since 2004.


Bishop-elect Phiri was born on 14 June 1959 in Chongololo, (Petuake District) Chipata, and was ordained to the priesthood on 14 September 1986 for the diocese of Chipata. After his studies at the Minor Seminary in Monze, he studied philosophy at St. Augustine Seminary, Kabwe, and theology at St. Dominic’s Major Seminary, Lusaka.

His assignments after ordination include: Parocchial Vicar of Mbwindi, Chipata (1986 – 1988); Director of Vocational Pastoral Ministry of Chipata Diocese (1987–1993), Parish priest in Chadiza, Chipata (1988–1990); Director of the Pastoral and Catechetical Center, Chikungu (1990 – 1997); Personal Secretary to the then Bishop of Chipata, Bishop Medardo Mazombwe (1993–1997).

Between 1997–2002, Bishop Phiri attended the Pontifical Urban University (Urbaniana) in Rome where he obtained a licentiate in Canon Law. He subsequently served as the National Director of the Pastoral Office of the Zambian Bishops’ Conference from 2002–2004.

Bishop Phiri was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Chipata on 18 January 2011 with the titular see of Nachingwea.

Credit: Vatican News


  1. Mwamba Benson

    Congratulations to you his grace

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    Congratulations to you his grace Our Bishop
    and welcome to Ndola diocese

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    Mwaiseni batata mwepyani sha basole.

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    We welcome you in our family Catholic Church lead us according to our. Lord. Jesuss wil remember. Zambia first

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    😮 Wow we thank God

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    Pope Francis may the Good lord bless you with many more blessings. And to bishop Phiri you are most well com, to the family of God. NDOLA DIOCESS.

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