A Tanzanian And 4 Zambians Nabbed In Mwinilunga Over Illegal Gold Trade

Police in Mwinilunga District of North-Western Province apprehended Five people in connection with illegal trade of Alluvial gold.

The five have been identified as Samuel Joseph aged 42, a Tanzanian national, Gift Banda aged 42 of Mayard compound in Katete District, Tracer Chiwaya aged 60, Bertha Chinyama aged 28 and Kalungushi Luya aged 31, all of Low Density Area in Mwinilunga.

According to the police, the five were picked up from Low Density residential area of Mwinilunga District on Thursday, July 2, 2020 around 20:00 hours.

The suspects are in police custody awaiting court appearance.

Meanwhile, North-Western Province Police Commissioner Mr Elias Chushi said gold related thefts have decreased due to the security measures put in place in the area to curb the crime.

He said police in the province is on alert and patrols have been intensified in order to curb the scourge.

Mr Chushi was speaking today during the provincial security brief to the Deputy Inspector General of Police In-Charge of Administration Mr Eugene Sibote who is in the province to assess the security situation.

And Mr. Sibote has urged police officers to always do the correct thing as they are charged with the responsibility of combating crime in whatever form it presents itself.

“When we allow illegality to prevail, we lose our authority as law enforcement officers. These resources benefit the whole country and I am happy that we are effecting arrests as a result of the security measures put in place,” he said.

Mr Sibote is currently in Chavuma to assess the security situation in the district.


  1. treason

    Pf is a wasted government. You never opened any mine in mwinilunga but you are busy stealing our gold. Look at the road going to mwinilunga. You are finished.

    • Malizgani Nyirenda

      If Mwinilunga is in ZAMBIA then the government is not stealing your Gold it is using its own property, that is why you fellow ZAMBIANS from that side, you are good on triblisim that is not your gold it is ZAMBIANS’ gold

  2. Jessey Lingard

    Let the laws of Zambia work on them

  3. Lethal Weapon

    Incase people are pretending to be ignorant about this gold in Mwinilunga,let me give them some insight;
    This gold was discovered last year at a river in Mwinilunga by the local people there.Once word went round that there was gold discovered in the area,p.f cadres from Lusaka and the copperbelt rushed there.They looted the gold for almost a year until the president ordered that the area be protected by police from Katrina.The cadres continued looting under the nose of the police until 2 months ago when the president again reshuffled the police command there.
    This gold has clearly been looted by the p.f and now that their homes are fool of sacks of gold,they want to appear to be serious about finding an investor there.
    We have never seen such shameless looting in the history of this country….let us reclaim our country from these looters.

  4. Rose Mwila

    Ba Lungu bena kuwayawayafye.

  5. H2k

    That’s one broblem we have in zambia very few selfish individuals benefit from such resources and its the people associated with the ruling government.

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