It’s A Lie, Bill 10 Won’t Make Me Stay In Forever, Says President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has told Southern Province chiefs that it is a lie that the Constitution Amendment Bill No.10 of 2019 will perpetuate his stay in power.

Speaking when he met traditional leaders from Southern Province in Livingstone on Friday, President Lungu said some people in the country are taking advantage of citizens’ ignorance by spreading lies about what is contained in Bill 10, saying it is a lie that he wants to stay in power forever.

The Head of State also assured the Chiefs that his government will not relent in developing all parts of Zambia, including areas where he got little or no votes at all in the last election.

Speaking on behalf of other chiefs, Chieftainess Sekute of Livingstone the traditional leadership in Southern Province is happy with President Lungu and the infrastructure development agenda being implemented across the country, which the region is a beneficiary.

The traditional leader further said Southern Province chiefs were in support of Bill 10 and those opposed to it have not read the contents of the Bill.


  1. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    If that is what it is,why has it given you a great pressure? If it is not your intention, then,forget about it. Concentrate on other things. Bill 10 is a reject. Three quarters of its contents, are not for the public interest. That is the reason why it failed.

    • Frank Chombela

      The Mugabe dictatorship was built slowly, brick by brick. Watch it!

  2. zaxs

    if same people are taking advantage of people’s ignorance,who’s job is it to make people understand?why rushing it to parliament before explaining it to the citizens so they understand


    We had a lot a of problems after the 2016 elections because of the toxic constitution we have. Somebody wants to refine it and the upnd are refusing. So the most important thing the president can do is to make sure we have the right constitution in place by making sure that bill 10 is actualised.

  4. Unstoppable

    It’s true then can you disclose it to the public to a debate on it and see the out,

    • Fsk

      The bill is already in the public… Read the times of Zambia newspaper…

  5. Concern Zambian

    Yes it is a lie. In 2016 we were suppose to have the bill of Rights. But some body who is dull, misleading,no vision some body who has the fear of unknown. I am talking about some one who told us to total lockdown the nation, some body who informed us Lumumba Rd costed $1bn instead of $70m, some body who saw wheelbarrows for co-operatives and informed us that foreigners have bought Gold mines. Total Lockdown Political Party.Some body’s head must be flushed out. 5 loses in elections is not a joke the is confused. This Bill 10 youths, women, disabled and Chiefs will make you fix up our nation. Bally wama Lockdown will make you be lockdown he will not fix

    • Mart

      Concern Zambia and friends read claise 32,36 and 59 and tell me what is progressive about cabinent trying reinstate deputy ministers and cabinet approving international treaties and loans without parluament ratification. Its trying to removevthe clause of independent MPx needing 2 months prior to resigning from a party to be declared independent so some parties can have some “independent” canidates after telling them to resign so they can be fielded independently. No matter hos much you try to sell us this bill 10 it is for a few greedy individuals who are not even so clever or thoughtful. Lets us see where you get 2/3 from.

  6. Go Away Lungu

    Lungu why walimbikila Bill 10 kansi? We the people DO NOT WANT IT. Move on…unless it has some hidden agenda that will benefit you and your parasite ministers. You are the Chief parasite. A tick..tsetse fly.

  7. Anthony

    We cannot continue parading ourselves as a country like the ruling party or government is an imposition by foreign interests.We must learn to be patriotic.We always opposing everything the government does.We spent hours no end with spite.We are aware that not everything our leaders look appealing to all of us and we belong to different groupings.Just the level ignorance is what is disturbing on national issues.People who have gone to school,cannot read and articulate issues properly and in the process mislead other folks who believe in these uneducated academicians.Let bill 10 face parliament and all those wonderful views expressed.This is just a bill!Our MPs should always avoid walking out of parliament and worst their brilliant ideas on social media. These MPs should be held accountable by their view constituents.They are not helping the nation or proving their ability to debate matter constructively in parliament.

    • Thompson

      Those MPs walking away from Paliament debating this ugly Bill Ten are in order exercising their constitution rights, they are the law makers of the majority populace of us people out there, they are OK

  8. Zwangendaba

    No comment

  9. Statehouse

    Never should repeat your fake and lie statement

  10. enalo

    give bill 10 handouts to people for them to understand it.

  11. Jojo

    The motive behind bill10 is well known, pay the the retirees the money you promised them. bill10 issues expired already

  12. Hep

    Mr President forget about bill 10. We don’t want it we no wat is behind bill 10. 2021 maaa KKK baba watch out

  13. Abena kafue

    Mmmm ba Edgar. who is lying, why not get a copy and read for the same chiefs they hear for themselves.

  14. Koswe

    2016 bill of rights failed coz of same people if bill10 fails and hakainde wins 2021 elections he make sure all the name despite where.come from are changed to those in southern province through new registration cards those who will hesitate will be blacklisted and later sent to refuge camps

  15. Kapsmaya

    Bill no 10 is rejected and those people from southern province why are you not reading the contents before you support the lies wake up and see.

  16. Gershom Kasosa

    Mr president you saying that they are lying against you. If you are really a humble man has your followers proclaim tell Zambians Bill 10 doesn’t support your eligibility to stand in 2021 by stopping until general election is over ,so that we continue been a peaceful nation .

  17. chilolo

    More than half of zambia oppose bill 10 why then is mr president not respecting people’s voice if he is a true democratic leader? What’s so special in bill 10 than voices of people who put him in office?

  18. Tyger

    Those who seems to be with you in bill ten (10)the are not truly with you they will not vote for you in 2021, just prepare the way out the state House

  19. Edgar go away

    Just get lost with your bill 10 Edgar cha lungula

  20. Ngoza

    Bill 10 yizativutisa maningi

  21. Hd

    2021 hh.

  22. Blessmore

    No Bill 10 May Be After Election.

  23. Noo🚗

    Please Mr President stop talking about bill 10, it’s only rimitive people will support you with your bill, we no the meaning of the bill 10 so wala 2021 mmm I feel sorry for you

  24. Not happy

    2021 is coming,watch out

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