Miles Sampa To Propose By-Law That Will Stop Foreigners From Running Bars And Restaurants


Miles Sampa To Propose By-Law That Will Stop Foreigners From Running Bars And Restaurants

The Mayor of Lusaka City writes…

As a Zambian, the Council in Cyprus or China cannot give me a license to open a Bar or a Barbershop.

I will propose to the next LCC Full Council meeting that Restaurants, Bars, Barbershops, Saloons, Poultry market supplies and vegetable market supplies should be a preserve of Indigenous Zambians.

Foreigners should invest in Mines and Infrastructure development of over $1M.

Those Foreigners who left their Countries to run Bars in Lusaka we shall recommend them to Hon Kampyongo so that basele and…

“abantu besu ama Zambian nabo babombeko.. bashitishe amakwebo.. bapangeko utupiya” .

“Nabo ma Zambians bapangeko ndalama olo ma kobili”.

“Abalo ma Zambians babeleke.. basambale hyintu.. bapangeko maali”.

I will also propose a by-law that will criminalise Zambians being used as fronts to camouflage dubious Foreign Investors crowding out Zambians in Bars, Restaurants and Barbershop businesses.




  1. Muyunda Ililonga

    This is naked desperation for cheap recognition. Anyway this what your uncle Sata used to say in the opposition but failed to implement while in State House. Our problem is not foreigner competition but unprecedented levels of corruption.

    • David Mthunzi

      If someone is saying I am proposing to ensure Zambian are empowered, there is no need to oppose if it’s for the benefit of the citizens. Citizens must benefit then foreign nationals will enjoy the rest, it’s stupid to talk about he’s uncle who changed the economic stance of the nation in a few months. If you can’t discus development but ukulandafye amafi……. Shut ur mouth with loose bearings.

      • EM

        I agree with you bro. Some people cannot see positives in others. They just want others to be wrong so that they can have a field day. That’s why we are scared of these characters who are coming . Miles Sampa is 130% correct. Don’t dare talk about Sata, you were crawling in pot holes not long time ago!

  2. Chimutali Staniley

    good bye -law don’t waste time go ahead

  3. clement mugala

    Good move your Lordship the moyor of our great city of Lusaka MS .

  4. Jjjj

    Wht abt those who r working on bar,s restaurant,of Foreigner s wer wiil u take them

    • Percy

      True governments should stop being parasites feasting on other governments this is putting strain on citizens especially when it comes to employment and resources schools,hospitals and many more basic needs foreign nationals are not leaving comfortable life in the diaspora most are illegal same move by zambian government

  5. Truth man

    How do you do that ? How about the bars in hotels and lodges which are run by foreigners? Are you going to shut them up too ?.Hungry lion , it is a foreign company are you going to propose for its shut down ? Can Zambians really run quality restaurants? Maybe mostly those selling nshima in markets! Honestly speaking how many Zambians can run good quality restaurants or take aways like Debonairs, Spur etc. You must be joking! Do you know that the equipment in those restaurants is quiete expensive? First go to inter city bus terminus and look at the standards of the few restaurants that are there and then tell us if that is how you want Lusaka restaurants to be run!😃

    • Chendabusiku

      Good point, perhaps he means bar and restaurant owners should partner with Zambians?

    • For The People

      Well, in an ideal world, a local company would lease a license from Hungry Lion to operate a franchise here. There are many Zambian out there who would deliver an equally impressive or even better product than most foreigners. Capital, competition from foreigners who have access to funding and the political environment are the only deterrents to local progress.

    • Nicholas Gondwe

      My brother that is a wrong way to look at ourselves as Zambians. Why do you think we can’t run quality restaurants. If you go to hungry Lion or debonairs, it’s the same zambians who fry to chips and chickens you call quality. Give me the capital to buy the equipment and I will show you. Let’s learn to believe in ourselves. God bless you.

    • Godfrey

      Self incompetency…that’s a shame

  6. Abena kafue

    Let’s just wait and see if it works.

  7. Musyani

    I am all for control of these foreign guys and how they do things,its abit tricky how you will do that especially game lodges,spur,hungry lion we can run them as they follow guidelines as per heard office.

  8. MKC

    I don’t think we need new law for that. As far as I know their is already something in place to exclude foreigners to invest in any business. ZDA can give guidance on this.

  9. Banja

    Every journey starts with one step! Botswana has implemented wide ranging by-laws that protect the locals from unfair subsidized competition from foreigners. When Mugabe started his Land reform, the tobacco industry under the whites produced about 240 million kgs. When it was now run by blacks production went down to about 30 million kgs. Today under the same blacks production is now at its highest ever with over 250 million kgs.! Yes 250 million kgs by the same black small scale farmers. Yes Zambians may not have the same standards but we need to start somewhere. Go to Twapandula in Lusaka, a Zambian run restaurant and see how many people patronize it. Keg and Fig at Waterfalls, is run by Zambian….and starts late as good as even in RSA. Do not right off your future believing only the foreigners can run things in Zambia. Even the so called great farmers from Zimbabwe have collapsed here where the soils and rain are good! Hungry Lion has trained enough Zambians, we have enough entrepreneurs who are doing great… Have Foods in by a Zambia, Sylca Foods is by a Zambian….Well done ba Mayor! We need to reclaim our economy from the foreigners who are exploiting our people !!!

  10. Bsnja

    .sorry typo error but must read….*Java Foods not Have Foods, Sylva Foods not Sylca foods.

  11. mwanatumpako


    • James Mwanaza

      Nkonda nkanda iwe chimbwi. No vision like your humble master.

  12. Banja

    Of course it will sound like nonsense to a shallow minded person who believes that the future of Zambia and Zambians lies in foreigners! Shame on you!

  13. Asoza

    Banja is very right ! We have people with colonised minds who believe only foreign things are good like Mwanatumpako. My father told me of a clothing factory called Serioes which was in Luanshya. Zambians would not buy their suits when they were displayed at shops called Mwaiseni. Germany used to import the same suits and many of the same Zambians, politicians included would buy the Zambian Serious suits simply because they were bought in Germany… This is how colonised we as a nation have become! It’s time to rediscover our selves no matter the cost

    • Aristocrat

      I was in my mid teens when we had Serios, Mwaiseni Stores & Kingston’s & the vehicle assembly plant to mention a but a few. Zambia was heading in the right trajectory at the time. Our President at the time had love for country first. Unlike what we are witnessing today with this self proclaimed humble leader & his cadre disciples. All Heads of state that preceded KK with the exclusion of the late Levy Mwanawasa were useless, vision less peasants.You can not ignore someones background. It is very important. Today we have a Fox in the hen house.

  14. Ronald simwinga

    Mr mayor you are working please ban all these foreigners the Chinese,Indians,whites, Arabs from trading.they do not identify with bus the blacks.we need to start from somewhere so that our people can have the large pool of capital that these foreigners possess so that we can start from somewhere also.

  15. Mkwasu

    Very interesting! Zimbabwean cricket was once for the whites doing very well. No blacks were considered. Mugabe replaced this mindset and ensured blacks played in the national team. Zimbabwe became a laughing stock because of poor performance. The red necks left for England and formed a team called Red Lions which just fizzled out. Today the Zimbabwean team with black players, led by a black captain still plays Test cricket, competes at the highest level beating even the best teams in the world! Black Lives Matter. Blacks need to believe in themselves, sacrifice today for our kids to run the countryside business. Foreign is only temporary! Today our small scale maize farmers feed, Zimbabwe, Malawi, DRC, Kenya, Botswana yet years ago we were a laughing stock! Proof that on our own with our black brothers and sisters even RSA will soon be importing from us…

  16. Lethal Weapon

    I’m not sure if Zambians can run a restaurant or eating place with high standards like Hungry lion,Spur Steak Ranches,Chicagos,Keg etc..some have tried but failed after a few months….a Zambian attempted to run Times Cafe’ next to Bo’jangles in Ndola but failed…we don’t have the kind of consistency and discipline to run such outlets unfortunately.

    • Banja

      Maybe for now we dont have the required consistency but that does not mean we shall never have nor should we give up! Do not right off the future because of the present or the past. Zambians ran Mr. Roosters, Zamby Snack bars in the 70s and 80s until some funny short man called Frederick Chiluba destroyed everything by selling our country to the foreigners. Thomas Edison failed 9 times to create a light bulb. He never gave up. Today you will switch on lights in your house all because of a man who never gave up. Johnson and Johnson was started by a grandchild of a slave in the US. The traffic lights the world relies on were invented by a black man…just in case you didnt know!

    • Mkwasu

      Wrong….Keg and Fig at Waterfalls mall in Chelston is run by a Zambian, a black Zambian for that matter!

  17. Kalunga Yoshua

    This is the way to go.
    Let’s start by taking 1 step at a time till we get there.

  18. Lethal Weapon

    Keg outlets are run by Indians…Banja you are correct with your Thomas Edison story but the reason Zambians fail to perform at that level is because of a lack of discipline. We are used to making quick money with very little effort and attention. Discipline in business is not easily acquired but comes with a lot of sacrifice.

  19. Razor

    Its a free market economy and competition is good for you to keep you on your toes. If you want to remove foreigners from one aspect of business and monopolize to zambians only then you will see standards falling as they will be complacent since there won’t be any competition from foreigners.

  20. Alex

    All we have to do is support the meyor push him so that the by law is implemented badness we Zambians with critics no wonder foreigners look down on us because we turn to fight one another while they the foreigners are busy making money in small scale businesses that are supposed to be runned by us if we stand together and help the law to be implemented we won’t see China man selling white chickens in Soweto or India’s having many fast foods in town nomba umu Zambian nxe I fail to understand how people from my country were created.

  21. complainant

    But I think after reading your comments some of guys have made the greatest points it’s all about believing in us Che if we let this foreigners over power us don’t you think?? that our future children’s won’t have place in there country in our near future! Think about this we will all die and all the bars restaurants spurs are being named after foreign countries which is also shrinking our our space in the name of selling of good and services we are loosing our country because it will be foreigners everything by everywhere so I think the mayor is right 👉 it’s time to make our on ground and built it if we won’t finish we education to teach our children’s how to built and finish cause in God we trust has a Christian nation 🏁 🏁 🏁 I rest my case

  22. Mr MORE HITS

    its sad to see that their are people who against such a law.. mr miles is about to make one of the greatest moves of his career since becoming mayor… this is a time to uplift zambians.. hungry lion is owned by foriegner bt 90% zambian employees.. we can do it.. NOW IS THE TIME

  23. Wile

    His worship the mayor..competition brings inovation.in every great nd renowned city of the world there are foreigners who runs even small businesses and that adds value to the low local mentality…go to paris,london u will find foreigners running such businesses..think global ba miles..our city is a shame its a gabbage city or a dump site..there is a lot of work for you than been petty..its a shame to live in such a city…forcus on a big picture…creat businesses nd creat employment for the people

  24. Mrs Lubasi

    No one is stopping Zambians from opening businesses now. If someone has an idea for a business s/he should start it.
    Stopping foreigners from owning/operating a business in Zambia will not make it any easier or harder for a Zambian to own one.
    If the fear is that the foreigners will out compete the Zambians, then Zambian business owners need to step up their game. Competition is healthy in a free market.

  25. Gerald Nkunika

    Ndiye kukamba uku ba mayor I love that let Zambian develop Zambia and not foreigners to develop our country

  26. Jaira

    Leave the the franchise that originated from Africa. Get rid of the Chinese, because that where the problem originated

  27. Jaira

    The easiest way to resolve this is not to support these restaurants. We are the product of our own demise. Don’t support them. If you comment on this platform and you just ate from these restaurants you are guilty. Learn from these franchise, start your own, maintain high hygienic standards, conform to global standards and who knows you might be Zambias new franchisee. Nandos existed when the owner lost his job. He was looking for authentic Portuguese chicken but could find it. Realise the need and the rest is history.

  28. Christopher

    Please its not all about foreign but the intimidation and brutality of Chinese people Zambia lived in peace with Indians labenes and other foreign people the major problem are the Chinese dominance even over powering other investors who came here at first let there be law or lets borrow a law from their country which deals with foreign people like blacks then the same laws To be applied here for them to abide with it

  29. Mba Theo

    This is a serious Pandemic problem for my fellow Zambians: How the country can develop if the is no any education short and long planification guide lines established.
    The country to develop needs first to educate the people and train them for the up coming lives . I’m sure if even today you give a complete Restaurant to one of our fellow zambian to run it will not last longer because of lake of training and education about the new life: how many are prepared to chalenge others online orders ( business) for example, again , this the restaurant which will be a center of all family as we know each others: cousins, brothers will overthrow the business and the restaurant falls down .
    Again it will be a good idea to privilege our continent before giving all advantage to Chinese : all blacks should be first served before Chinese starting by Zambians first.

  30. Martin Rangarirayi

    I support the notion of the mayor. However, I want to hear the argument of those against the proposal regarding their seclusion in China, Cyprus, Botswana and other like minded to run such business enterprise. How do you accept that?

  31. Viper

    Shouldn’t you rather be proposing that Zambians take over mines and leave those simple jobs to foreigners??

    Ninshi mwabika pesa Avanti benu?

  32. Tony

    You are right my brother, bring it on

  33. Washington Lesa

    There are a lot of empty buildings everywhere where Zambians can run bars and restaurants. Create an enabling environment for the Zambian. Leave the foreign businesses because they are NOT stopping Zambians from opening up their own businesses. Go round the malls there are a lot of vacant spaces. If hungry lion is foreign which foreigner would stop me from opening “hungry monkey” if I wanted. By the way ba mayor your kind of talk against foreigners is promoting xenophobia.

  34. John Lumbe

    Impulsive responses do not give lasting solutions. These are decisions made after thorough thought processing not political driven. TAKE TIME TO THINK.

  35. Alistaire

    Can’t wait for that authentic Zambian sushi experience.

  36. Nico katebe

    Good move, but let me educate some of you who says zambian can run restaurants like hungry lion look these restaurants are a franchise are not difficult to run coz the owners gives training and inspection all the time to avoid compromising standards so yes zambian are capable n competent we can do it but especially for pipo with passion for food. Let’s support miles and calling him names plz my pipo let us learn to be Patriots and support the good. But my question will miles be supported by pf??? Honestly pf government is not patriotic and have no good intentions for this nation they put foreigners first zambians second and that’s the problem miles will have to face.

  37. Nk

    Black people are stupid, why r u chasing away foreign business?who is Stopping Zambians from opening business? Let foreigners open business and also open your own business, is that difficult?instead of chasing investors. I see some of u talking about Zimbabwe that, Mugabe was the most stupid educated president, because Zimbabwe is the most poorest country because of him. He took land from white farmers, gave to black people, they failed to use it. People are suffering are called foreigners( by the same blacks who are saying black empowerment) in other countries.in South Africa black people are attacked called foreigners, in Botswana black people a discriminated called foreigners. Lest your mayor take his stupid decision, will suffer more that u r now. No one is stopping u from opening business, open your business and let foreign nationals open business also, why shut them down?

  38. Gilbert

    I fully support the move it’s starts here
    I’n some countries thy are implementing this already

  39. Orchid Anton

    Miles Sampa is a Racist, pure & simple & must be dealt with in the harshest manner !

  40. Orchid Anton

    Zambia will go down like Zimbabwe very fast, it seems to me black politicians are the most stupid, arrogant dumbshits on planet earth if they given power, the rest of the world must boycott them to travel to other countries, USA must give them sanctions because of Racism against other nations !

  41. Setbacks

    Ba sampa that’s cheap kind of thinking don’t you know that some family will suffer who works in those foreign bar and restaurant ,now i know you want put of in shame ,try to consult before you act

  42. Mwiche

    One would say Zambians can not run a good restaurant its because they luck empowerment, cause all the opportunities are given to foreigners. Foreigners need to know there boundaries in another man’s land once Zambians are empowered they will learn. The problem with us Zambians even if its something that has to benefit us we always oppose or speak bad mipashi ibi bane Sata had a vision for the country he managed to resasitate the countries economy in months which can take years even today we have a lot of malls because of his vision, in South Africa they priotise there people first and certain businesses are for their people of which we also as Zambians need to do the same we have been walloping in poverty for too Long such leaders should be appreciated others just focus on putting more money in their pocket’s. Utuntwmba Nina Burundi na Rwanda COMESA Nina Tanzania mines and infrastructure ma Chinese that’s why even an Indian coming from a Village in India has a right to pay a Zambian domestic worker K500 per month whereas in other countries that’s a two days pay let’s just support the bill chapwa

  43. Mwiche

    July 5, 2020
    One would say Zambians can not run a good restaurant its because they luck empowerment, cause all the opportunities are given to foreigners. Foreigners need to know there boundaries in another man’s land once Zambians are empowered they will learn. The problem with us Zambians even if its something that has to benefit us we always oppose or speak bad mipashi ibi bane Sata had a vision for the country he managed to resasitate the countries economy in months which can take years even today we have a lot of malls because of his vision, in South Africa they priotise their people first and certain businesses are for their people of which we Zambians need to do the same we have been walloping in poverty for too Long such leaders should be appreciated others just focus on putting more money in their pocket’s. Utuntemba Niba Burundi na Rwanda COMESA Niba Tanzania mines and infrastructure ma Chinese that’s why even an Indian coming from a Village in India has a right to pay a Zambian domestic worker K500 per month elo ninshi they are just coming from a poor village in India they come to Zambia they make it and pay our people peanuts whereas in other countries that’s a two days pay let’s just support the bill chapwa

  44. Teddy Mwamba

    Continue doing the right thing Miles. We all want a better Zambia but others are busy to criticize even something that must be supported by any rational human being
    God bless you Mr Mayor

  45. E. BANKS

    So if you say bars and restaurants should be oparated by the citizens of this country tell us the reason why you said foreigners shouldn’t come all the way from their countries to run bars and restaurants in lusaka, it seems like the issue is in lusaka n’ not in the all country ‘ we all know that you had a quarry with the owner of Chicago’s and you ended up revoking their license so we all know were this is coming from, you simply sound like their are certain places which are bothering you very much but its better to be specific on what you are trying to say.

  46. Monty Phillip Huma

    May this be self undermining as Africans because every time we talk about foreigners, we refere to black people yet there are Chinese, Europeans and Asians. We need to stop victimization to our African brothers and come up with an amicable solution to the issue of economic empowerment.

  47. Nkala

    Believe everyone has a great point but less put in this way guys you can have everything as citizens of Zambia but we are going to sell our products to because remember also we need foreign currency (believe we need each other)

    • Kapula

      Manje na Hungry Lion sure.
      There should be few exceptions lol

  48. M L Justin

    Mr sampa what you are saying it is true am originally a Zambian but some business have to be run by the people of Zambia

  49. Carol

    Even in kitwe that law should be implemented takwata were all foreigners are running Salons Barber shops thr government is not helping us locals.
    Please we appreciate very much ad Zambians.
    These foreigners they’re selling sweets, tomatoes, eggs, all soft drinks in their shops they are hiding in opening shopping Malls and yet they are doing other businesses.
    Its true investors are supposed to bring $1million to open companies like mining, open factories they’re so many industries companies closing government is putting a blind eye to this .
    In China you cannot be allowed to open a grocery Let alone opening a clothing store or selling eggs at their markets or vegetables even opening a restaurant Mr president Edgar Chagwa Lungu please put your down support your people who elected you or not elected all of they are your people.
    Let foreigners invest in Industries, opening companies so that our youths can get employments not Casinos, Restaurants, doing dubious businesses please Mr President nangu twalibakongola Zambia is ours they’ve to have limits.

  50. Stupid lungu

    Good move . How are you going to deal with corrupt officers like your self. Bonse you are the same people stealing from us. Changing goal post’s all the time. We need to clean up everyone in the system. 2021 is just a few months.

  51. Tonga Dave

    Mr Mayor, in my humble opinion I think Dept of Immigration are 80% to blame! If they did there jobs properly, me myself don’t think you would find all these non Zambian rif raf would not be allowed to run hair dressers, sell shins at the market etc . First all permit holders should have an understanding of the language they are working in?

  52. Francistensen

    Good move MR mayor, but consider the Zambian workers in those restaurants and bars also.

  53. Jaysen

    Being a mayor is a thankless job but we see that you are getting a lot of support from most people who have commented. It is a wonder if you’re towing the same line with your benefactors- these are people who celebrate mediocrity and live vicariously through the anarchy of cardres. We’re behind you Miles, for a change!

  54. Barnabas phiri

    I agree with Miles… We are tired mwe…

  55. Steven m

    But when will schools open we start now smoking weed because of covid 19 open schools not bars

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