President Lungu Wants Mulungushi Textiles Reopened Before Jan 2020

President Edgar Lungu has assured that his desire is to see Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe back to life before January, 2021.

Speaking in Livingstone today before he commissioned the construction of the Mosi-Oa-Tunya Livingstone Resort Hotel which has been funded by NAPSA, the Head of State ordered that all issues delaying the full operationalisation of Mulungushi Textile should be resolved immediately.

President Lungu said Kabwe residents and those of the entire Central province are looking forward to the complete reopening of Mulungushi Textiles which has been non-operational for many years.


  1. Msandi Sakala

    That sounds to be Good news,now is it January 2020 or January 2021? If its 2020 then its overdue.

  2. air reporter


  3. Frank Chombela

    They promised to open it in 2014. Did they? Then they moved to 2016, did they?

  4. Mwalule

    Ba PHIRI put more effort to your job. 2021 you write 2020

  5. Nadabwa

    Didn’t we hear this before the 2016 elections?

  6. Danielle Jensen

    As a designer myself, this is the best news that has come from the state house. I look forward to more good news like this.

  7. Musyani

    The president is in election campaign mode I dont believe this,when I was growing up it was a well run factory I dont know why it had to close in the first place.

  8. James Mwanza

    Fool us once shame on you. Fool us twice you must think we’re stupid. What the urgency now!?.. Election year. Even if it opens in 2021 it will not influence the voting pattern. We have had enough of you Lungu & All your idiots. You have failed us.

  9. Lethal Weapon

    Too little too late…don’t re-open it,wait for elections so that the new government can re-open it.
    Apart from the $ 20 billion debt,most of which has ended up in the pockets of your corrupt officials, you have nothing to convince the electorate next year.

  10. Concerned

    Desperation mange.Were hav you been all this while.

  11. Razor

    So the routine has started. Mulungushi textiles always opens six months before a general election and closes again two months after the elections. We saw this in the last two general elections and we are now used to this routine.

  12. king

    Kuti wapenenamo….. Open close open close kwati molu ye hule zoona……

  13. MUTMO

    Elections are around the corner.

  14. Chimba Mwila Dr

    Kicks of a dying horse

  15. Rose Mwila

    He has to wait for Seer1, to comeit from him? Seer1, can you charge him for your ideas? he needs you as consultant

  16. Mixer

    this is 2020 its due and if not then this is poor editing

  17. Muko1

    The Agreements U Sign N Exchange 4 Aid W Haunt U 4 Generations 2 Come&make Yo Pipo Suffer,,the Stupit Agrement Chiluba Signd Wth Th Chynese W Bleed Th Ppo Of Kabwe 4 Years 2 Come,,u Przdents Thnk B4 U syn Thz Punitive Agrement

  18. Woman power

    Kicks of a dying horse… it the first time to the government noticed it was closed…shame 2020 has passed…2021 is coming …

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