Zambia Faces FIFA Sanctions

FIFA has warned Zambia that it will be sanctioned in the next 10 days if they do not resolve their disputes outside ordinary courts.

In a letter dated June 30, 2020, FIFA Head of Member Associations Veron-Musengo Omba said that FIFA would forward the Zambian case to the relevant body for sanctions should the matter not be resolved in 10 days.

Omba said that the Zambia case had dragged on for too long and needed to be resolved.

“We note with concern that, to date, proceedings against FAZ still remain active, before Zambian courts of law. This situation thus being in total breach of the FAZ and FIFA Statutes article 59, paragraph 21. It is worth mentioning at this stage that any decisions, of any court in Zambia shall be deemed third party interference and would result in FAZ being sanctioned accordingly. In this context should the situation not be normalized within the next 10 days, we would be compelled to submit the present affair to the competent FIFA body for further action” reads the letter in part.

FAZ was due to hold elections but some members among them Damiano Academy proprietor Damiano Mutale who is under a FAZ ban and Patson Lusaka have dragged the local football mother body to court.

Mutale and Lusaka are protesting the FAZ electoral rules that have seen some of their preferred candidates like two-time FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya being knocked out of the race.

Kalusha had taken his case to the International Court of Sports Arbitration but lost his bid to have his candidacy restored.



  1. Salon

    Hon Mulenga muleumfwa?Mukamba

    mbwanji boss

  2. Lethal Weapon

    Emmanuel and your bosses please stop messing with our already limping football.We know you are trying to push for your preferred man to head FAZ but he doesn’t qualify, he had his chance and squandered it.
    If Fifa sanctions us we won’t spare you because you guys have really messed up our livelihood and now you want to touch football aswel…mukakandwa bane

    • Niwe ukakandwa

      You won’t spare who? Who does n’t qualify? You come I will meet you anywhere. Ati lethal weapon I will deal with all importent weapons like you

  3. Lethal Weapon

    Careful what you wish for….

  4. Slim

    What are the contents of this minister’s letter to FIFA? Strange for him to contact them and soil his reputation further. Everyone knows that he is Kalus campaign manager and they won’t take him seriously.

  5. Steve

    Solve them quickly , don’t be selfish Faz If you fall pack your katundu and let those who can improve ifi polopolo to occupy,the office

  6. Gessik

    The divide and rule Kamanga has employed has contributed to this .Let both parties go.we can still do without ‘the two of them’

  7. Razor

    This Damiano is just a stooge for that thief Kalusha who is happy to have zambia banned from football because he is not at the helm.

  8. rasta issachar

    Comment i don’t know what this man kalusha and emmanuel come football is been disturbed in zambia by those muntus.disgraced chaps

  9. Dutchman

    Yes Emmanuel, ukakandwa just get the hell out. Leave football matters to those who care. Otherwise you will find out that people can’t be taken for a ride by idiots

  10. Inno

    Its a pity that as after all these years,,,u r failng to resolve small isues,,,n its embarracing n people lyk u ar the main reason why zambian football is goin down,,,,if were the president definately u get the entire faz body fired,,,coz its filled wth corrupt minds wth no intension of havng a good team..

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