Gold ‘Rush’ Kills Luangwa Man

A man of Luangwa district has died after a suspected grenade exploded when he tried to open it to check for gold.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has identified the deceased as Elias Phiri, aged between 30 and 40 years.

“Police in Luangwa District received a report of Sudden and Unnatural Death in which Elias Phiri aged between 30 to 40 years died instantly after he tempted to check for gold in an object suspected to be a grenade. The deceased is reported to have gone in the bush, North East of Luangwa Bridge approximately 1.2 Kilometers up hills of the Luangwa River to cut some trees and whilst there, came across an object which he suspected to be containing gold,” Ms Katongo stated. “He hit it with an axe and it exploded and the fragment injured him severely cutting his left palm, caused severe wounds on his right palm, intestines were ripped off and had deep wounds on both thighs. The axe used was also damaged. The grenade also damaged some trees at the scene of the fatal incident. The scene has been visited and the body has been picked and relatives intend to bury the remains without postmortem being conducted.”

And a pedestrian of Nyimba has died after being hit by a vehicle.

“Involved was a Toyota Harrier registration number AJC 9726 which was being driven by Kessons Phiri aged 39 years of River Side, Nyimba District who escaped unhurt while the pedestrian identified as Diana Chibanda , unknown age, of Moza compound in Nyimba District sustained fatal head injuries and died on the spot. The body of the deceased is in Nyimba District Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem examination. The accident happened when the driver of the motor vehicle lost control of the due to excessive speed in the process hit the pedestrian who was walking on the pedestrian track on the left side of the road,” Ms Katongo stated.


  1. money lover

    Zoona teti mufiseko mwalandakofye nangu ati alinyantapo pakwenda imwe kulandafye fyonse anywhere mhsrip alefwaya ukunonka so iyo ine grenede imoneka shani pantu naine kuti fyanchitikila

  2. dp042758@gmail.com

    very sad indeed

  3. Zika Koswe

    He was alone at a scene but who said he was trying to check for Gold inside a grenade or those are just assumptions by police? The police giving a report as if phiri left a voice note about what he did… Anyway RIP Mr phiri.

  4. Zika Koswe

    Very sad reading. But his axe and some trees at the scene were also damaged. where was the reporter watching and waiting from? Or this information was gotten from the area witch doctor Or maybe the police have a prophetic forensics department or its witchcraft 101…??


    Very dull Zika koswe we have experts who carried the investigations and found out what really happened.

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