Green Party Trashes Opposition Alliance

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba has said he cannot be part of the opposition alliance formed to oust PF from power because alliances are usually based on selfishness and lack of ideologies.

Mr Sinkamba, whose party has been championing legalisation of Marijuana, has said he can never risk compromising his party’s ideologies by joining an alliance for purposes of elections and believes the best approach for his party is to contest the coming polls singlehandedly.

The UPND and NDC have called for the fielding of one presidential candidate in b next year’s election, with hopes of taking out the PF from power.

However, Mr Sinkamba says that cannot work.

“Alliances are a problem most of the times due to different ideologies by political parties and selfishness which usually result in disagreements in the long run,” Mr Sinkamba said.


  1. Tikambepo

    That’s what dagger does, you always tend to see impossible situations in everything you do.

  2. Sosa

    Abema vyamba uyo

  3. jack

    Comment Ba tikambepo those are Monze Tonga politics which just opposes everything. How many alliances has the Monze UPND leader been involved in these in and has been left alone because of him only want to stand for presidency and no one else. At one time Sinkamba will with his dagga will rule while the Monze Tonga politician will remain for ever in the opposition due to lack of ideologies and political assessment s

  4. Chiyaze Ngombe

    Alliances especially when this Monze politician is involved do not work.The problem is that this under 5 mushebwa wants to lead anywhere and everywhere.
    No wonder he has been losing on so many occasions.
    Sinkamba you are too smart to be lead by this seller of state companies.
    Ulimbe h&h bill 10 is on it’s way

  5. Frank kabula

    Brave man Comrade Sinkamba you’re a wise man and very mature. Let them form alliance we’re watching. God bless you

  6. sunko

    ba idiot ati monze tonga politician bupuba ur hate for tonga’s wil kil u lets just wait n c if adada wil manage to rig again

  7. Razor

    Sinkamba just concentrate on growing your dagga. Leave politics to serious people.

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