HH’s Lust for Power at all Costs is Now a Disgrace to Ba Tonga

Patriotic Front national mobilization committee member Bizwell Mutaale has said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s lust for power at all costs is now a disgrace to the Tongas.

Mr Mutaale, in a statement issued following the UPND cadres’ attempts to stone the presidential motorcade in Monze on Saturday, said the violence exhibited by the cadres was sanctioned by Mr Hichilema and Monze member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu.

“HH’s lust for power at all costs is now a disgrace to Ba Tonga. He does not represent the nationalism of our forefathers such as Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Mainza Chona and Elijah Haatuakali Mudenda to name a few. The UPND leader and his party’s morally deficient character does not represent the spirit of Nationalism. HH and Mwiimbu want to make it look as if all Southerners are UPND when in fact not. The truth is that UPND in Southern Province victimise and brutalise any southerner that is not UPND. It is even much worse how they mistreat non-Southerners affiliated to other political parties in the Province. It is shameful,” Mr Mutaale said.

He said Mr Hichilema is not the messiah of Southern Province or anyone else as he claims.

“He is in fact a liability to Southern Province. Under his instructions, UPND Members of Parliament and councillors are shunning progressive engagements with key government officials including the Head of State, and frustrating government development efforts in Southern Province,” Mr Mutaale said.

He said the UPND has started inciting ethnic chaos by provoking the Presidential convoy.

“The reckless talk and provocative behaviour by Hon Jack Mwiimbu resulting in UPND cadres attempting to stone and embarrass the Head of State Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu on his recent visit to Monze District was very irresponsible, shameful and extremely disgusting. As a proud Tonga from Monze, I am with many other tribemates from Southern Province who are extremely disappointed by Hakainde Hichilema, Mwiimbu and UPND thuggery as it goes against the traditional values of Ba Tonga people who practise a culture of respect for elders and authority,” Mr Mutaale said.

“We shudder to think what would have happened had one from the hired mobs thrown a stone at the Presidential motorcade (like they did at BP filling Station in Monze last year).”

He said the UPND has a dangerous pattern of attempting to disrupt Presidential convoys.

“Zambians must be reminded that this is not happening for the first time. It is clear that the UPND leadership under HH have a very deliberate strategy calculated at inciting anarchy and igniting confusion by provoking the Presidential convoy and State Security whenever the Head of State goes on developmental tours in perceived UPND strongholds,” Mr Mutaale said. “It is the same thing that HH did in Mongu where he attempted to compete with the Presidential convoy and it is also the same thing he repeated in Kaoma and then Sesheke when he turned a blind eye to his cadres who put big rocks and boulders to block the road the Presidential convoy was using, thereby endangering the life of the Head of State and putting the entire nation at great risk in the process. The malicious irresponsibility of Hichilema, Mwiimbu and UPND is capable of plunging the whole nation into chaos. It must be condemned in the strongest terms.”


  1. Razor

    Nothing can be a bigger disgrace to the whole country than the theft and corruption of the PF government.

    • Chalo Nchinonono

      I am not a Tonga but live in the Tonga land.
      What is interesting is that it is tongas with little brains who accept to be used by PF like you Mutaale is behaving.
      Mutaale and your Lusaka brother Moonga PF officials who are endangering our lives always whem elections aproach. Mutaale even shed crocdile tears, tears last time when youvehemently denied having given tribal remarks reported by Prime TV. You are just being used, what is shameful is that you have been set againsts your own brothers and sisters. I am not at all impressed shame on you. If you live in a glass house, dont throw stones, PF as a party will go but your relatives will still be there. Even the ones using you want to continue in office why are they fighting to get Bill 10 through. This is just politics brother man but dont sink so low.

      • Matumbo

        @Chalo you writing shows you are Tonga or you are too tribal. No one asked whether you were Tonga or not but your writing gives you up.

    • Mm

      Sourthen province is disgrace to the Nation

      • Bornfess Namoonde

        It’s very unfortunate that it has now become a “New Normal” to always condemn the entire province for the wrong of one or few South individuals. Why do you always judge your fellow human beings from this region different from the rest of the country?
        This tribal hate is becoming too much now and God doesn’t want this demonic behavior.

  2. James Mwanza

    This retard Bizwell Mutale has no self pride. At times I feel like joining PF because stupid people seem to be always happy… no matter what.

  3. AkapenyaMushi

    I cipuba Ba cimwena kunshila ukocileisa….
    Such behaviour and acts are uncalled for let the Ballots speak for you and all of us!whether HH or ELC,The behavior portrayed was bad and miscalcuted.
    Akapenya-Mushi noshalimo Akabamõ

  4. Dorica

    Bizwell, you are the real disgrace by your bootlicking tactics/ antics. You are such a shallow minded self centred individual. HH has been hounded out radio stations in Northern and eastern Zambia, but you never said a word. You are indeed an parasite. PF’s lust to remain in power is what is a disgrace and people like you.

    • Frank kabula

      Dorica, tell me who have cassetted by republican constitutional and who have a Presidential immunity between a Republican President and a opposition leader. If you answer these questions than you know your position on this matter.

  5. Abena kafue

    ..and PFs lust for power for continuity through bill 10 is shameful. Bizwell lifontini.

  6. Justin

    Indeed politics is a dirt game

  7. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    You fool leave hh alone. Getout with idiocy try to form your own part also big fool

  8. Chitimbwapre

    These people are truly stupid. Why?

  9. Love your neighbor

    These are politics, I don’t know where the issue of tribes come in. In Mpika HH was thrown out of a radio station no one said Bembas or Bisas, instead people condemned those who did it. But it is UPND now & people are busy talking about tribes, don’t think you are decampaigning HH but you are putting our country on fire. Let’s be balanced when violence happens in the northern part of the country let’s mention the tribe too if that’s the right way of doing it, not only talking about one tribe always.

  10. walking razor

    Hmmmn I forsee a bloody 2021 election. I know many people are walloping with anger at lack of jobs, covid-19 effects, media despondency and so on. The best is to speak through the ballot next year. There shouldn’t be no go areas for anyone be opposition or ruling parties. mind you others don’t even vote, I think fairness, patience is the way to go.

  11. Lethal Weapon

    A biggest disgrace is p.f’s lack of vision to improve the lives of the majority Zambians,the corruption that has sky rocketed, the senseless accumulation of debt most of which has ended up in people’s pockets,the looting of gold in mwinilunga by the p.f,the continued encouraging of tribalism in the country….we actually need H.H to reclaim Zambia from this destructive path we are on.

  12. heck

    Let pf make the paths for hh impassable in their strongholds
    ..they think he is also equal to the rebuplican president in status..

  13. Tc

    H H will never rule Zambia with this behaviour come 2021 mukanjeba

  14. Concern Zambian

    Let me show you that HH is dull, misleading and visionless.He failed to convince all Zambians that he has a vision hence 5 loses in elections. Let us look at MMD it convince all Zambians as a result he had all tribes represented in his inner circle. Sata had Given Lubinda, Winter Kabimba,Inonge wina and others from other parts of Zambia in his inner circle. Now let us look at HH’s inner circle Mwitwa,Nkombo,Jack mwimbu all masked up. All tribes mates. What can they advise you? Throw stones at the presidential motor Cade. All these guys are locked up. Ask Sakwiba Sikota, Canecius Banda and GBM. When they joined UPND( Total lockdown Political Party) They were all quarantined for so many years. H H when voted into power he will be a bad dictator.That is why he is afraid of Bill of Rights and Bill 10.

  15. Roda

    Leave HH alone! You have been disrupting his meetings at any cost and now you are barking like dogs! Is HH a UPND cadre? You have reaped what you have been sowing? The copperbelt you are talking about is a UPND stronghold! Don’t mess with HH or we will protest all over the copperbelt until you shoot us all for standing up for the truth! Living in this country country now feels like you have reached hell and being ushered by Lusambo to Lucifer!

  16. Master P

    I see a lot fools condemning UPND but check on what PFs are doing around in all corners of the country.
    We don’t blame His Excellence rather HH but all those busy at stake triking to rise the dust even when they are seeing things going on in a wrong Chunnel. Cadres are the biggest a stakeholders of fools promoting tribal remarks and political haterage. Some of big fish like Ludambo, Dora, David Mwila, David Chama, the Luos nakakene ati ka kampamba Mulenga. Are the waste of all PF members who have spoiled the party in the name of tribal remarks even that chap for youths and something mobilizer for PF are all a dung of a donkey.

  17. Febs

    Don’t put our tribe in your politics we are fend up of hear tongas this , tongas that you should be ashamed of yourselves

  18. Mulwanda


  19. Noble mutenekwa


  20. nshilimubemba

    But you have not taken any of the corrupt elements to court and prove them guilty , the same is true that HH plundered privatization money and asserts now are his , because no one took him to court he is not guilty , and the evidence is there for all to see.

  21. Koswe

    Why not swap. Kaondes their traditional cousins who are peaceful gentle politically mature come to southern province then. Tongas go north western province. Things will be okay. But again. Kaondes don’t lack rainfall they have abundance natural resources they can’t agree. Sorry

  22. Love your neighbor

    Ba koswe bakopo sana, ninani wakweba ati ba kaonde niba mbuya ba ba Tonga? Nibamunyina. I call you dull because you like talking about tribes, I have always asked you to talk about politics & leave tribes out of that. Let’s be realistic my fellow Zambians, just these simple talks can ignite cevil unrest. Let’s try by all means to separate the two though they look inseparable, the only simple reason is because there Tongas who do not affiliate themselves to any party & even Bembas, but when we talk about tribes they get involved, please, please twapapata let’s preach togetherness in our country.

  23. Ecl

    Leave tongas along you sons of Satan you dogsmakamaka you chi bizwell chikala mutaale you are an excellent idiot

  24. Youth

    You are tribalist sir This issue isnt about tribe its about two political parties.
    Why would you think HH is hungry for power……YOU late us know why bill 10 has come at the end of President Edgar lungu’s time in office when it had four years to be amended through that situation i hope you know who is now hungry for power,sir we are not blind nor are we dumb to not know and see PF strategies we can’t talk because you step on our rights and freedoms of expression/speech the PF government it too corrupt a government for of criminals
    PF we know the way you are playing the game full of mindless rule only for you to image victorious in the experience of those that don’t know anything,indeed politics is a dirty game.

  25. Travis Nkonde

    Busy abusing your energy to insult, action speaks louder than words,

  26. WAIT

    Let me know when you finish insulting one another

  27. Njonginjo

    PF is a weak party full of cowards muli ba mwenso equality mulayitina game yenu tayaba fair and when you win the elections i will consider them unclean

  28. Stanyork

    Even if people we don’t want his excellence let just respect him until the last day.

  29. prophecy

    Any man of God should not talk about politics nor support any political party’s player.just be a voter I m begging you Catholic priest, pasters and bishop. And you active politician you should have the respect for your own BLOOD otherwise you even lose life.

  30. Juass

    Do not particularize a certain tribal groupings in whatever incident that happened in the grouping were Bemba’s, chewas, lozis,tumbukas and all sorts of tribes I tend not to comprehend is Monze consisting of Tonga’s only is upnd consisting of Tonga’s only if the answer is no then we have a misplaced statement here that is why before commenting make a perfect analysis or else it will seem as if you are trying to appease the one who is feeding you.

  31. a

    icipuba tacikalipila umwana nangu alufyanya.uwamano kuti amukalipila

  32. Eze

    If it hadn’t been for Tonga’s zambia would have been a rich country by now

  33. Love your neighbor

    Ba Eze tompwe ilamishupa sana. Noko mwafuma tamwalaya mwafyukile fye.

  34. Mr more hitz

    @eze. i am more than sure that your mind is completely and utterly useless.. how can a sane educated person say zambia would hav been rich if tongaz wer out?? ba zambia reports plz find a way of blocking some of these children frm commenting..

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