Lunda Royal Establishment Pledges Support for Lungu

President Edgar Lungu and the PF government have the support of the Lunda Royal Establishment beyond 2021, representative of the establishment Jones Kantumoya said.

Mr Kantumoya further said the Lunda Royal establishment under senior Chief Ishindi in Zambezi district in North-Western Province will ensure peace is promoted to develop the district.

He was speaking at a consultative meeting held at Mukanda-nkunda royal palace.

Meanwhile, Deputy Inspector General of Police In- charge of administration Mr Eugene Sibote said the service has deployed enough manpower to handle people planning to break the law and cause confusion in the district.

He warned would be offenders to desist from breaking the law.


  1. WAIT

    Lunda pipo are not to be trusted

  2. Paya Ziko

    Dununa reverse…wapya Lungu! The country has finally woken up and are fully aware of what needs to be done. Do as I say …yayayaya

  3. tuju

    ummm after kulyamo ati we shall support them beyond 2021 even in opposition kkkkkhahaha

  4. Musyani

    I think traditional leaders mustn’t openly support a candidate but be diplomatic and work with anyone,
    Then as for the lunda royal supporting whoever it wants it is also fine but it doesn’t mean the whole people will vote with them,let everyone campaign freely in the whole corners of Zambia.voters pliz dont kill each other just because your leader didn’t make it.
    One Zambia one nation.

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