Namulambe Resigns from UPND…Refuses to Apologize for Supporting Bill 10

UPND Chairman for Labour Mr Gabriel Namulambe has resigned from his position and party, citing the opposition party’s demand that he should apologise for supporting the Constitution Amendment Bill No. 10 of 2019.

He announced his resignation at a media briefing in Luanshya this afternoon.

Mr Namulambe said he finds Bill 10 progressive and therefore has no reason to reject it and clearly indicated that he will not apologise to the UPND over his support for the Bill.

He said the Members of Parliament have a constitutional duty to put the interest of the people first than a political party.

“Since they have told me to apologise for the statement I made on Bill 10, I have opted to remain with the Zambian people who are in support of Bill 10. I have read the Bill, it is unfortunate that some MPs walk out without debating the Bill,” Mr Namulambe, the former Mpongwe MP and deputy foreign affairs minister said.

“As former Member of Parliament in Mpongwe, I want to see Bill 10 pass because it will ensure that the rural constituencies on the Copperbelt such as Mpongwe, Lufwanyama and Masaiti are realigned to create more constituencies.”

He said Bill 10 has many good clauses which include the recognition of Chiefs and delimitation of large constituencies.

Mr Namulambe has praised government for being transparent in the way it has handled Bill 10 and urged opposition Members of Parliament to stop walking out of Parliament when the Bill is being discussed because they need to put across their arguments.


  1. Razor

    These are the weak people that PF is counting on thats why they deferred the bill while they look for more people to buy. Others are still being courted. Its time for upnd to weed them out.

  2. Trump

    Please…who doesn’t know this ka chap. He joined UPND more as a lottery believing if they came into power he may also “eat.”. Now that elections are around the corner he is beginning to weigh his chances of being boarded on the “gravy train”. We can do without such gamblers. He is now Hungry and desperate for some crumbs from PF. No sensible person will bother listen to him…

    • But you are listening to him that's why you commenting.

      But u are listening to him that’s why you are commenting on him

  3. Frank kabula

    Thank you Honourable Gabriel Namulambe for putting Zambian interest first than putting a political party. You take a very recommendable decision.

  4. Stallion

    It’s self cleansing. Let all those in support leave the party ASAP. We don’t need poison.

  5. Koswe

    @. Razor tell the. Zambian people why. Mr. Mamulambe is weak? Then if you fail ask. Tongas why. Mr. Mamulambe is weak? Bill 10 is for. Zambians not for. Tongas Mr. Mamulambe is.a. Zambian despite belonging a tribe his desire is to have. Zambians develop and not a tribe trying to backpedal. Zambians development. President. Dr. Edgar. Chagwa. Lungu is for. Zambians not for individual tribes he is a head of state known globally. Hakainde represents. Tongas that’s why he will never be president of. Zambia coz. Zambians don’t know him

    • hikavula chinyama

      It’s wrong to always malign tongas on every issue,it’s just evil

    • kolokombwa

      Well articulated

  6. Nicholas mmwamba814@gmail.com

    Bill 10 is evil

    • Mumbeti

      Bill 10 is as evil as the devil himself and should never be passed in a Christian country like ZAMBIA.

    • Godfrey Chilufya

      The reason why you guys these things is because you are too lazy to read.
      If l may ask which clause or clauses are disputing

      • Godfrey Chilufya

        Meant why you these things

        • Godfrey Chilufya

          Say these things l beg your pardon

  7. Mangani Banda

    We don’t want foolish people in UPND, so just get out from it so that UPND can be a clean part with no such foolish people.

    • Pharaoh

      According to your comment over the resignation on Namulambe from the UPND ,you call him foolish.Are confirming that all the councilors and many people ditching this party are fools.If they are then what type of an opposition political accepts foolish followers ? Do you also imply that even those remaining in the same party are fools for I still predict more are to defect?

      • Godfrey Chilufya

        Nice question and precise prediction

  8. David mpono

    Bu cansansa tabwakapwe Iwe namulambe na ku Chiwala efyo wali walishitisha Ana nobe. Even in PF you won’t make it.

  9. jahcorn

    Even when am not happy with the Leadership of Our President Mr Edgar Lungu i can’t and will never insult my fellow Zambians The Bembaz or any other tribe…But why is it that some elders alwayz are talking negatively about Tongaz? …. Stop Fucking Around With Tribes But Concertrate On An Individual And His Mindset Not Everytime I Follow Politics I See Some Motherfuckers Eldrz For That Matter Talking Bushit About Other Tribes….. If Ya Don’t Understand Politics Better Follow The Events Between Church And The Devil Or Music And Football Than Forcing Yourself Into Political World Which You Don’t Understand …. Elderz Of Today Sit Down . @koswe It Is God Who Rules and provides a suitable leader at a given period of time to his peoples keep that in mind … kindly renew your political mind motherfucker!!!

    • Jubajuba

      He is going back home to his own, the plan to frustrate the opposition has failed

  10. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Getout we don’t want you anymore you are one of the fools ubupuba

  11. joseph.mwape

    In any political party there rules to follow. Who told you that bill 10 is for zambians. So you are supporting Lungu to stand. Let Bill 10 come after elections. Ask Catholic Bishops if you don’t understand English. Thanks to UPND readership

    • Godfrey

      And which clause supports the President to stand?

  12. Kk11

    Am very disappointed with you Namulambe, that’s the problem with pipo who don’t understand English like u, find someone to read and explain to you the meaning of the bill👺👺

  13. Kapasa Phillimon

    Let people know what is good and evil about bill 10 If you use big insults is it when people will join your party and put you in power.Tell people good or bad things it will bring to them.

  14. Lethal Weapon

    Useless recycled chap…muselela kwakaba…bill 10 has a few good clauses but a lot of very bad ones aswel….it will be like eating very good food laced with some poison.

  15. John Tembo

    Viva PF (Power Factor)!

  16. Mwaba

    The bad in bill 10 outweigh the good in bill 10. My worry is being removed from payroll despite not being paid pensions. Currently pensioners have been on payroll for 3 years. Suppose they were not being paid?

  17. Kaiko Wamuyima

    Mr Gabriel it’s a pity that you have to take that route because of self interest not people, s interest, from your statement it clearly shows that you still have ambitions of contesting for parliamentary election which is your constitution right, but your timing is wrong.

  18. General Sun Tzu

    Bill 10 has been reject by all well meaning Zambians. The Catholic Bishops, Civil Societies Organisations, LAX etc.
    Its not only UPD gallant MPs speaking the voice of the people.
    So Namulambe..chill and part ways without talking shit about MPS who grill represent people’s views.
    Up in devils and done with them.😎

  19. Mr more hitz

    This man was a former deputy foriegn affair minister.. He tested money now almost brok? we dnt need you.. Any other upnd member this is the time to leave NOW!! .. We want a good organised party before the end of da year..

  20. Mannix

    Welcome back in the boat space is still there for GBM, Gabriel, Kambwili, Lungwangwa, Siamunene and even Seer 1.They all Will be back!

  21. Concern Zambian

    They don’t want GBM, Sakwiba Skota, Canecius Banda what is the problem with this political party. It was a political party representing national character when Mazoka was at helm. H H is not a person who hear other people’s views. That is why many vice presidents has failed work with him.That is why we have missed bill of Rights.He wants us miss Bill 10. He is not a good leader,he thinks that he is the only person with wisdom in Zambia.He will be a very bad dictator if allowed to be president.

  22. MKC

    What’s happening in UPND? Is the dream of forming govt still on?

  23. AM

    Namulambe is right why complicating things, fellow Zambians let’s rise up and command our opposition honourable members of parliament to go in parliament house and debate so that we can know whose saying the truth, hey guys don’t behave like coward boxers who always talk too much outside the ring go in there and fight so that we can do our own judgement. Why giving toilet tissue paper while someone is not yet done to answer the call of nature.

  24. Fsk

    I support that bill…

  25. nshilimubemba

    I support the bill 10 as well because it takes the interest of the disabled people on board in leadership decisions , women representation and the youths and the most important of all is the he CHRISTIAN nation in the constitution.

  26. John Darling Nyendwa

    Well done Gabriel Namulambe for a very bold and brave move. It is people like you who will help Zambia move forward. We need people who make decisions based on how they interpret what is at stake. Zambia needs to move forward by aligning the Constitution based on realities on the ground at a given point in history. We should not stagnate our development by being populists within a minority sector. Democracy entails the that laws must continuously made to suit time and space in society – it is time bound and knows no limit. We inherited a faulty Construction from the British who do not have a constitution yet we lived with it from 1964 until piecemeal changes were made according to time. We must move with change and if other political parties are not in agreement with the Constitutional require they are free to come and change those vexing issues they are not in agreement with when the come into Power or achieve a parliamentary majority. That is how parliaments everywhere operate. You do not use walkouts to resolve a case. That is called playing mob politics or yo the gallery. We need all MPs to resolve their differences in the Chambers – then we will respect their position whether it meets their cause or not. Let parliament do its work that is why they get heft salaries and allowances to make laws inside parliament not outside parliament. Politicians who are not parliamentarians should not have a field day in dictating what should have happen in parliament – they should only a parliamentary caucus to reach consensus. Mob psychology will not work. We respect our Law Makers from the political divide and they should remain Honourable even when they differ. Shake hands after a parliamentary win or loss. They should show magnanimity in there encounters we have only One Zambia. They should also remember that we or the present Law Makers are not the last people to live in Mother Zambia. Our children will also change the Constitution to match their needs in the future. It is not possible to have a perfect Constitution — examples abound. Look at what is happening in the USA the second largest democracy in the world – things have gone upside down – that is time bound changes. No single individual will ever benefit from any changes in the Constitution doing so is being naive because society is changing are other constitutional arrangements are in place. I salute you Gabriel Namulambe for being a true son of Zambia. We need such pragmatic individuals to make s difference in Zambia. Welcome to the world of progress. We need more people with a clear conscience. Viva Namulambe.

  27. General

    Well done Mr Namulambe

  28. dimplez

    you fools instead of talkn shit about tonga language creat your own language koswe whats wrong with ur fuckn brains go to hell bastard

  29. Grand 300

    These are the kalyaungas who don’t know what people really need on the ground. He’s already seen an opportunity on food. He’s hungry. Let them go to hell. Too childish like a beheaded person.

  30. State House

    Chimbwi no plan bakamba.
    Mr. Know what you upto….or just be independent like i am than seeking for love from supporting people.

  31. BOB

    No single mp in the opposition has stood up to out line all the bad cluases contained in the famous bill 10 apart from walking out. Zambia happens to be bigger than any one of these politicians. In 2016 the referendum had fail because of the same pipo. We are watching with kin interest. You actions will make things to b very difficult to allow u to enter your dream house, at least not for now!

  32. BOB

    No single mp in the opposition has stood up to out line all the bad cluases contained in the famous bill 10 apart from walking out. Zambia happens to be bigger than any one of these politicians. In 2016 the referendum had fail because of the same pipo. We are watching with kin interest. Your actions will make things to b very difficult to allow u to enter your dream house, at least not for now!

  33. Steven mwanza

    Thanks for join us mr

  34. Emmanuel Burgner

    Let Namulambe don’t be a parasite to the Zambian pipo. I work and don’t want to be left in the cold when I retire.so do paint bill 10 with those few things you have put up. What about the many negative things that are in it. Don’t you have children that will one-day work and be subjected to this stupid bill.you think you have enough or what they Will give you will last toCarter for you children latter in life. It’s a shame pipo like you exist.

  35. Mufaya Israel

    Let Pf explain to the Zambian why rush through laws that will leave gaping holes with potential dire outcomes? This Bill 10 is full of nothing but a scheme meant to advantage them in 2021 elections.

  36. Kalok

    Do Zambian MPs actually poll their constituents on matters before going to parliament to speak on their behalf? What was the vote from constituents on Bill 10 in his constituency? Would be interesting to know from ALL MPs as a matter of fact.

  37. Juass

    A person with decency cannot support a bill that would elected ministers in power after dissolution of the Nation Assembly, would not want a coalition government cause Zambians want 50%+1 and want two terms meaning two swearings period hence you are saying it is a good bill clarify cause all mentioned above is on the opposite in bill 10. It also advocates the removal of retirees from the payroll some people have died without getting the retirement package this is evil.

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