South PF Happy With Chiefs’ Call For President Lungu To Rule Beyond 2021

Patriotic Front Southern Province information and publicity secretary Trymore Mwenda has said the ruling party welcomes the call by traditional leaders in the province that President Edgar Lungu recontests the 2021 elections to rule until 2026.

Mr Mwenda said in a statement that President Lungu must be given a new mandate to complete the development project currently being undertaken.

“The ruling PF in Southern Province is happy to note that what the party in the province has for a long time been calling for that His Excellency President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu must be given a new mandate to run this country beyond 2021 to complete his development drive has finally received the endorsement of our traditional leaders in the region. The Southern Province traditional leaders’ statement which was readout by her royal Highness Chieftainess Sekute of Livingstone when they met President Lungu on Friday that he should be given more time beyond 2021 for him to complete the various developmental projects across the country, sums up the position of most traditional leaders not only in Southern province but across the country who have seen the transformation that the country has undergone under President Lungu’s leadership,” Mr Mwenda said.

He said giving President Lungu a fresh mandate beyond 2021 will be a true demonstration of gratitude for his government’s transformation of the country.

“And like Chieftainess Sekute puts it, Southern Province is one of the areas which has benefited from the infrastructure agenda that President Lungu is implementing across the country. As a party in Southern Province we thank our traditional leaders most sincerely for coming out in the open to acknowledge that truly Southern Province has been transformed, because when we speak as a party of the many things PF has done in just nine years, our critics the opposition who do not appreciate anything even though they are benefiting from the development taking place across the country, accuse us of just politicking,” Mr Mwenda said.

“We therefore wonder whether our traditional leaders are also just politicking by speaking on the unprecedented development or they are being genuine partners in development who want to see an improvement in the lives of their subjects and so we wish to challenge the opposition to cast those aspersions on our traditional leaders. Least the opposition forgets President Lungu was in Southern province to unveil more development which he is taking and has taken to Southern Province.”

He said the party is overwhelmed with the cordial and mutual engagements which took place between President Chagwa Lungu on one hand and traditional leaders and the people of Southern Province in general on the other during his just ended two-day working visit to the Province.

“We can state without any sense of reservation that His Excellency the President has continued to win the hearts of many Zambians because of his down to earth leadership and willingness to receive wise counsel from their royal highnesses and many ordinary citizens.
We cannot wait for next year’s election campaign period when we will be telling our people of the many achievements scored under President Lungu’s leadership across the 14 districts of Southern province and why he needs to be given another five year mandate to finish off his development agenda for the area,” Mr Mwenda stated.


  1. Wiseman

    Mr president 4 get about south chiefs the ar cheating u 2021 is not yoz think like a politician nd b ware f yo advser ok

    • Bernard Musonda

      Wiseman waba ichikala 2021ulemona kwati yabanani musula obe

  2. Razor

    Does one princess speak for the whole province. In that case when Kambwili says PF should go he is speaking for the whole copperbelt.

  3. Mangani Banda.

    Is southern province only for chiefs? We’re going to see.

  4. AkapenyaMushi

    Weushishinjili uyishibile Mulunweno(Bemba)
    Not every body is a cup of !!
    Be wise Sir!
    Akapenya-Mushi noushalimo Akaabamo

  5. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Shatup your big mouth

  6. Rose Mwila

    I know southern province, Mr Lungu, you are just wasting your time.

  7. Mpaka sandryo

    Yes pf go even here at magodi chiefdom chasefu district like nkhanga ward we are also sporting pf

  8. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Under which constitution allows that? Who is Lungu to go that fur? PF leaders and their supporters, they are all mentally blind. They don’t see they they way others see.

  9. ba monze

    how many chiefs are in southern province we shall see the majority

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