Zambian Assumes Top World Bank Group Position

The appointment of Dr Samuel Munzele Maimbo as a Director in the World Bank Group has elated the Zambian Government.

Dr Maimbo, a Zambian, assumed duties as Director in charge of International Development Assistance (IDA) mobilisation, and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) Corporate Finance, on 1st July, 2020.

A University of Zambia graduate and a former Bank of Zambia employee, Dr Maimbo joined the World Bank Group in 2001 as a young professional and rose through the ranks until his most recent assignment as Senior Advisor to the World Bank Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer.

In the new position, Dr Maimbo will be expected to implement the IDA policy framework with particular attention to supporting countries responses to Covid-19; oversee the continued implementation of IDA’s hybrid financial model and assuring overall integrity of IDA finances; and, maintain IBRD financial sustainability and capacity, with particular attention to policies affecting its capital adequacy, income generating capacity, and balance sheet management.

Finance minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu has said the meritorious appointment of Dr Maimbo demonstrates the confidence that the World Bank Group has in his talents, capacity, and competency to deliver results.

“He is a symbol of inspiration for many young professionals in Zambia, who need to know that with career focus and hard work, internationally competitive professional development is attainable,” Dr Ng’andu said according to a statement issued by Ministry spokesperson Chileshe Kandeta.

Dr Ng’andu wished Dr Maimbo well in his challenging portfolio of planning, mobilizing, and ensuring the financial sustainability of the International Development Assistance and international Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Zambia is currently implementing over twenty-five (25) projects financed by the World Bank Group through grants and loans valued at over USD1.1 billion. The projects are in agriculture, energy, infrastructure, trade development, and water and sanitation sectors. Others are in health, education, and climate resilience.


  1. Lethal Weapon

    So the world bank recognises calibre of an individual and not tribe…our government only recognises tribe nolonger we are in a mess….Dr Maimbo is actually Tonga ,yet the current cabinet has none.

    • kajafax69

      It’s sad that’s the only thing you saw in this appointment – tribe. Why not just recoguise professionalism in this and nit politics. Why not recognise that Zambia as a country has lots of potential especially for the youths to lead on the international level.

      By the way Dr. Maimbo is not the first Zambian to head a directorate at the World Bank and please let us not dent this important milestone for Dr. Maimbo with tribal sentiments.

      He deserves better not to have his career appointment dented in politics and tribalism.

      Congratulations are all worthy is for Dr. Maimbo

      • Remmy

        Fortunately we won’t worry about issues of tribe in this institution. Unlike in our country. Meritocracy has been thrown out of the window in my country. ‘Cry my beloved country ‘

    • Peter Mpande

      Please name the Tonga MP elected on the PF ticket and we can call upon the President to appoint him or her to the Cabinet.

      PF did not have a single Tonga MP, but President Sata appointed two UPND Tonga MPs, Greyford Monde (Itezhi Tezhi, Agriculture) and Richwell Siamunene (Siavonga, Defence) They were both expelled from UPND for accepting to serve their country as ministers.

      Give us your next complaint, we may address it.

  2. Lethal Weapon

    *no wonder we are in a mess

  3. International Professional

    Congrats Dr. Maimbo. I have been following his profile from the time I became an international professional, during which time I have been applying for professional positions with the World Bank too, and now progressing to earn a PhD.
    These are the people who inspire me.

    Zambia as a whole is now proud of him. His achievements should be used to fight Zambia’s tribalism.
    We demand that our fellow Zambians and his tribesmen, in particular, stop obstructing us from achieving our potential. We have sought international sanctions against all those perpetuating and aiding organized criminal and pull down conspiracies on us. Dr. Maimbo’s achievement must teach all the envious malicious Zambians to stay and keep to their own lanes. We all have different paths in our lives..
    This achievement must shame those men back in Zambia, who shamefully mobbed and pillaged a female international professional in abuse of state machinery ???. Look at your friend.

  4. Lethal Weapon

    Kajafax69 you are very dull,that’s why the country is lagging….I opened my contribution by stating that the world bank recognises people for their calibre and not tribe or origin…here under the p.f administration,they are bussy saying a Tonga can’t rule this country and they don’t even have any Tonga in their cabinet…it is factual and everyone knows that…

    • Peter Mpande8ij

      For anyone to be in Cabinet, they first have to be elected to parliament.

      I asked you to name which PF MP is Tonga, elected by Tonga’s, so the the president can put them into the cabinet.

      Of the 18 Tonga PF candidates who stood in Southern province, how many were elected? If people don’t elect Tonga PF MPs, how do you expect them to be in the Cabinet?

      President Lungu nominated Dr. Edify Hamukale as MP and appointed him as minister for Southern province. I believe he is Tonga

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