ZCID Condemns UPND And PF’s Political Intolerance, Warning That “An Eye For An Eye Will Make The Whole Country Blind”

The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) has strongly condemned the political intolerance exhibited by UPND cadres in Monze during President Edgar Lungu’s tour in Southern Province and the ruling party’s reaction threatening to reciprocate the treatment the Head of State received.

The ZCID has further appealed to the UPND and the ruling PF to curb political intolerance, saying such begets more intolerance, as violence begets more violence and an eye for an eye will make the whole country blind.

The UPND cadres made attempts to throw stones at the presidential motorcade as President Lungu visited Monze as part of his tour of duty.

Condemning the incident, ZCID chairperson Jackson Silavwe has stated no part of Zambia should be sacred to a particular political party.

“ZCID strongly condemns the political intolerance exhibited by the UPND members and supporters in Monze during the tour of President Edgar Lungu. No part of this blessed country should be sacred to only one political party. Zambia is not for political parties, Zambia is for all Zambians. The Zambian people have time and again frowned upon such kind of politics. Zambia is bigger than any political party both ruling and opposition.
In the same vein, we equally condemn the reactions from some PF leaders, members and supporters that have threatened to reciprocate the Monze intolerance to Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND members in their perceived strongholds. Such acts of retaliation are a danger to the peace of our beloved nation and urge the PF rank and and file to exercise maximum restraint,” Mr Silavwe has stated.

He stated that PF must be a custodian of Zambia’s peace, especially being a ruling party and yielding state power.

:PF should take the high road. Instead of anger, PF should show love, instead of intolerance, PF should show democracy, instead of politics of regionalism, PF should show National unity. We urge both the PF and UPND to deescalate this political intolerance with immediate effect and find progressive ways of resolving their long held differences through honest engagement,” Mr Silavwe stated.


  1. Brian Sehela

    The problem is pf z in the fofrount, why did they down billboards such actions are not good to be done by the ruling party.

    • Meema

      UPND and other peace loving citizens must take legal action against the Police Force in Monze District in Southern Province for pulling down posters, chitenge materials and billboard portraying opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. This is institutionled vandalism which can bring war.

      • Amos

        U are right my brother a leader should lead by example. Not to bring dectatership in our beloved Zambia we need democracy😭

  2. AkapenyaMushi

    Akapenya-Mushi,Noushalimo Akabamõ!!!Mumembe eminine aletelela ishilele!!!!
    Let love lead

  3. Curtis

    I conquer with Brian, the problem is with the of.How many times has HH been blocked to voice up? What could you expect from his supporters? Let’s be realistic, once up on a time, Dora warned of cadres to refrain from all forms of violence against the big Bally HH.

    • walking razor

      HH is not the head of state. That’s the difference

  4. Jahcorn

    Please ba ZCID work extra hard renewing the mindset of politician in this beloved nation … As we claiming it to be a Christian Nation , Citizens should bear the true marks of Christianity . The Ruling Party Should Campaign By Actions i mean working hard by delivering developmental projects to the whole country be it the stronghold for the opposition or not …. Opposition Partiez are victims of competition because they want to be in power but the ruling party shouldn’t compete but concertrate on developing its country so that even during elections we citizens can’t even waite to be told who to vote for …. The Ruling party should never mind about the opposition parties but learn from their critics and change where possible to suit and persuade the weak in mind to continue following them…..The rulin party shouldn’t fear the opposition because the opposition only talk got little ability in doin what they sayin for they are not in powr but the ruling party got high chances of doin what they say(my opinion)

  5. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I don’t even want to see this usless part called pf anymore im tired of this chi part.

  6. Porno star

    Ka Bruno come 2021 Freemson will be defeated and will send u back to mars where u belong 😎 tan your call 😎

  7. heck

    Let the pf make the upnd paths in their strongholds unpassable. This upnd idiots thinks southern province is for hh because of their tribal tendencies. The republican president is at liberty to move anywhere in zambia.he is the only president at the moment. This is not election time ..he cant share billboards with campaign from opposition …so not let the opposition think their president is equals to the republican president status …so let all well meaning zambians condemn this

  8. dp042758@gmail.com


  9. Concern Zambian

    It is not about Southern Province,it is not about Zambians. It is about this dull, misleading, no vision called H H. He has failed to convince all Zambian because he is visionless. That is why I said to youths that H H can not fix it.We have seen great leaders like Chiluba, Sata and Mazoka doing right things when they were in opposition.They managed to convince all Zambians because they had vision. But this Bally wasala wamalockdown. Youths, women, disabled and chiefs make sure bill 10 is signed you are going to fix it your self. Forget about Bally wama Lockdown

    • Pharaoh

      I like your observation

    • 0979316821

      how should we discussed the issue of HH and Bill number 10 the real issue is the monze central consituency and our President Edgar lungu let not include the whole south province

  10. Danny Chilufya

    Any region that promotes violence should be disqualified from participating in forthcoming general elections.This country is one Zambia one Nation.We are dependent on one another. Let us promote love and co-existence. Abash regionalism

  11. Peeks

    Lusambo is a fool who needs to be expelled because if such utterances of revenge is allowed, very soon, civil Will erupt! May l pose one question to the audience! Did HH teach people in Monde to boo ECL? Lusambo is a disgruntled minister who is power hungry! Everybody is not happy with the current leadership apart from the likes of the Lusambo as others and if not many within the government are against this leadership due to the escalating cost of living, poverty and unemployment among others!

    • samson chintu

      yes leaders like bene jak mimbu do give orders to their cadres

  12. HH

    I am wondering if this is politics or foolishness??? Why was the police when those dull people went to do that. That motorcade wasn’t Edgar or PF for Goodness sake. That was the presidency of our/your country. Ask your “party” President he will explain to you that you don’t mess up with presidency. Icimpwena!

  13. HH

    I am wondering if that was politics or foolishness??? Where was the police when those dull people went to do that. That motorcade wasn’t Edgar or PF for Goodness sake. That was the presidency of our/your country. Ask your “party” President he will explain to you that you don’t mess up with presidency. Icimpwena! And you police officers you so incompetent that you have failed to control junks and cadres, you are the causers of this problems.

  14. Lethal Weapon

    The attacks on the presidential motorcade were uncalled for but it was because UPND billboards were pulled down by P.F cadres…this violence is actually perpetuated by the ruling party as can be seen from the many people that have been attacked at various discussion forums and radio stations…people need to realise that even in the defence forces these Tongas are many,so be careful with tribal remarks.

  15. Concern Zambian

    ZCiD should declare UPND as epidemic center because this is not the first time. ZCID should know that this is an office not Lungu.Do not be senseless ZCID.

    • The BFG

      Concern Zambian, don’t condemn ZCID, It is an independent advisory board. Read and understand its statement they hav not sided with any political party

  16. samson chintu

    yes leaders like bene jak mimbu do give orders to their cadres

  17. Zero

    Even Lusambo give orders against the UPND cadres! So why the fuss? The law of nature is being put into practice now! Nafuti! Nafuti!

  18. kaya

    the problem is with top party leaders when hh is blocked by pf cadres lungu says nothing and hh and his cadres does the same hh and lungu mwitupayisha two of you, you are just cheap politicians you preffer to see zambia on fire what the hell!

  19. BOB

    Presidential office is given due respect world wide, why this scenario in Zambia. Hh tame yo cadets. One day it will b u in dat high office. They Will resprocate!

  20. Satanist, lustful Envios Tonga Conspiracy victim

    Don’t only condemn them. Arrest them for Treason. This should nit be tolerated or defended. They have gone to far and out of hand. Why and how should they attack the presidential motorcade??? What type of politics is this. This country has anormalies who have no respect t for the rule of law, just because of their orientation. I felt inhuman to be targeted by such satanist minded people who attacked me and looted my outdoors and other belongings like imbeciles for no probable cause at all, but their own satanism, and even asking me to leave my house nd go and live in a small house in Monze??? Yet I don’t even come from Monze?? And I have never even lived there…. That’s how we call for both HH and the President of Zambia himself to sep their political aspirations from people with criminal agendas. It will be better for HH to resign that to lead people who disgrace him. .. Why attack the Presidential motorcade honestly??? Tribalism is the worst form foolishness and it must be strongly condemned, just as much as racism.

  21. child of God

    Yes let PF get what they give birth to. All the violence they cause to other people should rightly go back to them. They have taken away other people’s rights and they think them have more rights than others. Thank God 2021 is around the corner. They are going back to seer 1 who ushered them in. No wonder nothing of them works. It is a government that came from the devil.

  22. Frank kabula

    You people who claim to read the republican constitutional and understand the all clauses of each chapter tell me who have been cassetted by the republican constitutional and who have a presidential immunity between the Republican President and a opposition leader.

  23. OJ

    In zambia it is what it is, our learders are still digging the pits of ignorance to citizens.
    How can they be urguing about politics meanwhile we are fighting Covid-19.

  24. Jack

    let me ask you this question​ when was HH arrested for treason was all Tonga arrested too the answer is no let us stop includes others groups when we start discussing the matter at hand the article above talk about republic president and monze how could you r

  25. Scale Ndapima

    The whole thing was unfortunate. Political parties have to learn to respect flier/ posters for other parties- that’s what flared that confusion you saw- poster removals .

  26. PF no chance

    It’s time for chaya diga lungu to go.we are fed-up with such a useless and corrupt leader

  27. Muthabela

    Ask USA, WHEN JF Kennedy was assassinated, the country have put President protection a priority!!! What about Zambia?????

  28. Amos

    A leader should read by example.the reaction of monze pipo shows that there is hatred..and not happy with the leadership of pf edger lungu at all …. A question is that are u happy with this stupid?? This lungu and hh should just stop politics because tulechulilamo

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