BREAKING NEWS: Mnangagwa Fires Health Minister

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa has fired health minister Obadiah Moyo with immediate effect for inappropriate conduct.

Last month, Mr Moyo was on corruption allegations surrounding the procurement of Coronavirus testing kits and equipment.

This followed the awarding of a $20m contract to a Hungary-registered firm, allegedly without following other tender procedures.

(Credit: SABC News)


  1. Rex Chaaba

    Uko 🙌🏻💪🏼 Folks that don’t tolerate corruption 👌✌️

    • BaPompwe

      I am sure corrupt Lungu has been dared by his ministry’s about arresting them, so he has to keep on finding excuses. But how long can he keep on dodging, one day he will account for PF corruption.

  2. AkapenyaMushi

    In 2015/2016 President(former) Mbingù wamtharika of Malawi fired the minister of Agriculture honourable chapoma for corruption issues concerning the purchase of white maize from Zambia through the facilitation of Dora Siliya then Minister of Agriculture fish and livestock, When the Zambian side tried to inquire Over way maize was sold to Malawi ,the president as usual defended and protected the Cartels even wen evidence were over warming not similar action as his comrade Wamtharika,despite the evidence*Dora siliya was protected to the Bone just like chitotelaz and many more whom I can not know,while Chishimba Kambwili was fired the same year’s November 2016 ,for telling Dora Siliya to apologize for all the insults she used to showerThe late Mc Sata rip,
    Ala takalabamwebwa kalaba uwasosele
    Akapenya-Mushi noushalimo ala Akabamõ
    So its all about integrate.
    In Zambia its Nolleprosquel always!!!! & acquittals
    Akapenya-Mushi niushalimo ala Akabamõ,,,,

  3. dimplez

    thats the real way of fighting corruption unlike our chaya diga lungu who always protects the culprits, knowing that even himself is the bigest culprit. we need strong leaders not who are onry here to root our resources at the xpense of the poor. marubishe

  4. State house

    To you Mr. Emerson Mnangagwa i present my appreciation for your hard work in fighting corruption. These are the people we consider as leaders who don’t fear people now some awe mwandini kuwayawayafye.

  5. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Real men, real leaders. Not mashankanana. Corruption fighters, not democracy fighters. Congratulations your Excellency Emerson Munangagwa, the Republican president of Zimbabwe,for job well done. Even investigations can be conducted very well. Not what is happening here, investigating someone on the office, with a national flag on the table and the car!!!! Shame.

  6. Lethal Weapon

    That’s what we call being allergic to corruption, not what some people here were claiming and yet doing nothing about it…we need such gallant leadership to be successful economically….KKenneth Kauda and Levy Mwanawasa were the only presidents that didn’t tolerate stupidity and corruption….we need change before we are completely finished.

  7. Youth movement

    That’s the response we expect from leaders

  8. Conqueror.

    Nothing will be better on this land not until Jesus Christ comes.

  9. SEAR 3

    Some African leaders pretend to know God very much by appearing on TV while in church fooling God that they are christians while inside their hearts is full of love for money and corruption .You shall reap what you have sowed you evil leaders God is watching every evil action you do towards his children.

  10. MAN OF GOD

    Zambians please we need to vote wisely come 2021 otherwise zambia is heading to a laughing stock and leaders who are corrupt and who does not listen to people’s views or needs must be impeached or removed out from power thats why it is called democracy.Democracy is not for lungu and his cabinet alone no not at all.We have got rights to remove them from power through the ballot box nowonder they come to ask for your votes during election time.This time don’t be cheated by being given T-Shirts,chitenge matearial and other things.Take them instead but know where to cast your vote remember how we have suffered in PF Gassing.perpertual loadsheding .high mealie-meal prices etc.etc enough is enough.

  11. Frank Chombela

    Whn I see wht ZANU-PF has reduced Zimbabwe to, I just cannot believe it. Emmerson Munangagwa hasn’t even started the reconstruction work because nothing will work until Zimbabwe normalizes its relations with the movers and shakers of the world.

  12. Musyani

    It really boggles my mind like a minister who is out on bail but continues working like all is normal.
    Then another one prisoners to vote also,when you are incarcerated it means you definitely lose some rights and voting should be one,but if you have served your time then you can vote.

  13. Lethal Weapon

    Prisoners even in highly advanced democracies like America don’t vote,what kind of desperation is this here in Zambia. They know that prisoners can be easily intimidated and therefore hope they’ll be forced to vote for the p.f,ukubazembaika ati tukamipela ama presidential pardon…please Zambians let’s wake up and change this regime.

  14. Harpy Eagle

    These are leaders abashala kuwayawayafye

  15. Useless leaders in Zambia

    That’s what we call leadership, cuddles Mr Emerson not this mbwasasa that we have here in Zambia

  16. Lion heart

    These are the real leaders… not abena ameno mafupa,kuwayawayafye

  17. Paul CP Zulu

    Good move

  18. Mr more hitz

    its like next year we are kickin out mmd again..congrats to emmerson… one step in the right direction.. not here wher someone is under investigation meanwhile usin GRZ office,cars,fuel and resources .. next year they wil all pay..

  19. KCM

    Ours is a lion king without teeth.He only hires and not fired ala balabelesha

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