Lungu Hails Historic Ties with Malawi

President Edgar Lungu has said Zambia and Malawi have shared cordial relations for many years.

Speaking through defence minister Davies Chama at the inauguration of Malawi’s President Dr Lazarus Chakwera who was elected last month through a presidential rerun, President Lungu said the good relations that have existed between the two countries must be sustained.

And Dr. Chakwera, who has promised to fight corruption and laziness in Malawi, thanked President Lungu for sending a representative to witness his inauguration.

He said he spoke to President Lungu on Sunday whom he assured of continued bilateral ties for the benefit of the two countries.

Dr Chakwera said this when he held a meeting with Chama, who represented President Lungu at the inauguration.


  1. Mannix

    That’s good to his excellence sending a minister which is bit cheaper than the allowance allocated to the presidency in such foreign commitments.

  2. Humble man

    At least fighting corruption and laziness, abanesu. What of us pa z……

  3. Frank Chombela

    With President Chakwera, that corrupt maize deal could be resurrected. I hope it will.

  4. kebby

    atlist our friend have a new president , let us see the way he will govern the country .

  5. Tkay

    Developing news from lilongwe …

  6. Yamustraight

    How I wish Zambia can have someone to Ride the country like President John pombe Magufuri

  7. Lucas

    We need go back to the federation of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe and President Chakwera to be President for all the countries so that he can clear the ruble of corruption in all the three countries and bring sanity. With him as head of the federation, we will all have three meals daily. He speaks volumes of sense and a great orator and a real man of God.

  8. Mwenya


  9. Kcm

    After congratulations Wamtharika at first only to discover that he missed himself.

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