ZRA Busts Fuel Smuggling Scam, Impounds 3 Trucks

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) says it is closing in on fuel smuggling scams that have already resulted in three trucks being impounded at the ZRA Makeni Enforcement Center.

ZRA Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda said the trucks were declared as transit Cargo to DRC by Fedrol Cargo Logistics, a Zambian Clearing Agent.

“One of the trucks carrying fuel worth over one million kwacha was being monitored to appreciate and understand how exactly the scam was happening. The alert ZRA officials had to wait for the truck to start offloading the consignment in the light industrial area for them to impound and document the evidence. This consignment was declared as transit fuel going to Congo DRC but was offloaded in Zambia without paying any taxes,” Mr Sikalinda said.

“The Authority has further decided to suspend the Tax payer identification number (TPIN) for the clearing company.
The Authority is aware of transit fraud that is currently happening and warns all people involved that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them.”

He said the commission is monitoring the situation and gathering all the evidence.

“We are monitoring the situation and gathering all the evidence to ensure that prosecution in the courts of law is fully successful. The Authority is exploring a partnership with Congo to ensure that information exchange is done on all transits.”

“This will result in all transits declared to be pre-cleared in the Congo before they are allowed to transit in Zambia as part of revenue protection measures for both countries,” Mr Sikalinda said.


  1. Musyani

    Well done keep up the good work.

  2. Artson Chitonena

    Excellent work.

  3. Filungula Namenshi

    The master minders of this smuggling are inside ZRA. They are the people who are responsible of generating and acquitting the transit documents at the entry and exit point respectively. An agent is just a fall guy who is used as a pawn in this triangle.
    The so called “alert officers” should have also followed until the T1 which is a transit document to the acquitting stage to see the officer who will do the actual acquitting from the Asycuda System. What they did is very unprofessional and i for one i smell a rat…. a rotten one for that matter.

    • Informer

      Next should be cooking oil which are coming in tankers from South Africa declared as crude…ZRA catches them…they take to UNZA for testing and the game is played at unza labs together with ZRA officers.

  4. H2k

    A government official is involved, should it be found out and the shit is going nowhere

  5. Kabuswe umu ras

    Well done zra.. their are many people dealing in that.

  6. Chendabusiku

    What ZRA should be doing is not only impoundm/reposes the trucks but heft fines to ensure that the company does not do any business in Zambia. That will send a very strong message to would be smugglers.

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