Dr Chilufya Corruption Case Adjourned to July 16

Health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya appeared before Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale this morning on four counts of possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime involving US$252,000 and K3,270,000 but he could not take plea as the case was adjourned to July 16, 2020 due to some confusion at the court.

According to the indictment, Dr Chilufya is accused of having used the stated money to purchase shares and properties in Zambia and Dubai.

When the case came up, magistrate Mwale allocated the matter to himself after
Anti-Corruption Commission director Clifford Moonga, who is leading the prosecutions team, called Dr Chilufya’s case.

However, the matter could not proceed as commotion ensued outside court when his sympathisers and PF members tried to force their way in against COVID-19 regulations that allow social distancing.

Because of this, magistrate Mwale retired to his chambers with defence lawyers Jonas Zimba, Tutwa Ngulube and the prosecutions team where he adjourned the case to July 16 due to the confusion.

In count one, it is alleged that Dr Chilufya on a date unknown but between December 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017 at Lusaka possessed US$200,000 which was used to purchase 6,000 shares in Samfya Marines and Tourism Service Limited from Den Daas Investment Zambia Limited, property suspected yo be proceeds of crime.

In count two, Dr Chilufya is alleged to have, on a date unknown but between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 at Lusaka, possessed K270,000 cash which was used to purchase 2,000 shares in Samfya Marines and and Tourism Services Limited from Leo Jonas Ngosa Investment Limited, property suspected of being proceeds of crime.

In count three, Dr Chilufya is alleged to have, on an unknown date but between January 1, 2018 and December 30, 2019, possessed K3,000,000 which was used to purchase Lot No. 365/366 also known as Spark Guest House situate in the Mansa district of Luapula Property, property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

In count four, it is alleged that Dr Chilufya on a date unknown but between January 1, 2017 and December 32, 2017 at Lusaka possessed US$52,000 which was used to purchase a passenger boat also known as Transport 32 from Smart Own FZE of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.


  1. dimplez

    koma zoona fi pf full of corruption guys next year lets use the ballot to end corruption instead of creating employment for their busy enriching themselves rubish


    Dr NEVERS MUMBA prophesied that Zambia shall be saved,Dr FTJ declared Zambia as a Christian nation, late president sata said he would rule zambia based on 10 commandments of God and there came ECL who is building national house of prayer. so as you can see there is no chance of evil orchestrated by the red party like they wanted to do in monze.

    • Tikambepo

      People are talking about the theft which is being perpetrated by your adada”ecl”but you’re busy yapping about something else to interrupt the important things obtaining on the ground,you dull chap.

    • Useless leaders in Zambia

      People are talking about corruption not monze issue you chap

  3. dimplez

    koma fi pf full of corruption guys next year lets use the ballot box to end corruption instead of creating employment for the youths their are busy enriching themselves rubish

  4. Tikambepo

    Uubomba mwibala alya mwibala where else do you think he can get that money from?Ecl has allowed all Zambians to eat whatever you want from the field as long as you don’t eat mbeu”seeds”…….If you want to confirm you can call #concerned citizen on 8888#00 for free.

  5. Frank Chombela

    They don’t see behaviour of this kind as an embarrassment. Wht a country Zambia has become! Where were the police? Why no arrests? Now wht says Dora Siliya?

    • James Shimwitwa

      They can only do so if it’s the opposition. Politicians are not even ashamed to take people for granted.

  6. Tikambepo

    Amplified concerned citizen justifies his adada’s crime scenes for he is also a beneficiary of the clumps that fall from the dirty table.

    • Useless leaders in Zambia

      You are right Mr Tikambepo, this idiot called concerned citizen amplified is a beneficiary of the adada’s pot of honey


    Ba tikambepo grow up my man. Chitalu chilufya is innocent until proven guilt by courts of law. You seem to be so confused like your leader who cant apologise for his behaviour in monze. He should be very careful because ECL is a national trophy

  8. MOSES

    If all opposition parties in Africa can be like UPND then we can be a finished continent.


    No wonder they come from under world

  10. Muko1

    BaLungu, U Hv Made Our Justice System Rote!Judges Failn 2 Conduct A Session Coz Of Unruly Stupit Caders?Wht If Also Nxt Siting Th Caders W B There Causing Comotion?Also It Wont Take Place!,,mr Presdent We Advised U 2 Put Ths Suspect On Leave Til Courts End Th Trial..Mnangagwa Cnt B Far Better Than U,dnt Jst Rush 2 Quash Inocent Political Opponents Wthn Yo Party..Shame

  11. Pf

    Y did the court magistrate retired if the pf pipo are so perfect,u know u ar the same who wll Deny yo sins from God. Ati pf people!

  12. dux

    koma condemned citizen disamplified uli shilu bushe niwebo gateman kuchainama, we are talkin about this culprit chitalu

  13. Fmusonda

    And yet Mr ecl is supposed to know better being a lawyer!

  14. Kambwili

    Why not suspend Honourable who is no longer,honourable Chilufya so that investigation are free? Bena Zambia, natusanguka imbushi ishishakwata ama laws? Stupid idiots!! KK would call us.

  15. Lethal Weapon

    The only presidents that fought corruption seriously in Zambia are Kenneth Kaunda and Levy Mwanawasa,great leaders indeed….the rest are just pretenders.

  16. Obbie

    Mmmm let me just go to Kenya and look for a citizenship thr course here in Zambia kaya mwandi…


    2021 is near,we wl remember all of these culpritz and put an able minded leader to correct our poor nation.. Sad indeed.. Even they rigg wil dispose them off in multitudes.. Chapwa

  18. WAIT

    You pipo who arw talking about corruption do you know were corruption starwd from g and read 1 Samuel 8:1 going down

  19. Sosa

    Moses the tamed raven you’re just a chola boy to your dull foolish fool concerned citizen who can’t see the red death trap he’s in,,,,,,for you Ba Moses I feel pit coz you’re just a blind supporter unlike concerned citizen,koswe who are staunch PF cadres sponsored to be on social media to interrupt important issues by twisting stories coz they are paid for doing that…….

  20. Mr intellect

    As my title implies, I don’t comments on court issues.But on this one, I condemn the group which was hired to cause commotion.Why not be patient and let the courts do their job professionally as they are deemed to be

  21. Jolijo

    Its on purpose to disrupt proceedings while a nolle prosequi is expected.

  22. Shi Mumba

    I am very angry! I have just learnt that my sister’s unemployed daughter and many other villagers were ferried by bus from Mansa to Lusaka for the purpose of causing “Chaos” at the High Court yestrday. This was so that the case against a corrupt Minister who was supposed to appear for trial could be scuppered!I am sure he just bought food for these poor villagers, ave them Ten Kwacha each, and what else?

  23. y kay

    Justice should be observed,no favoring he should be punished many are suffering because of him.😩😔😭

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