Ministry of Tourism Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19

The Ministry of Tourism has recorded one positive case of COVID-19.
Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Arts Dr Auxilia Ponga has since advised staff at the ministry to adhere to the strict health guidelines give to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

“In view of the case that was confirmed yesterday (Wednesday), the PS has asked members of staff that had been working closely with the victim to stay home for self-quarantine and ensure that they wear facemasks, hand sanitize and observe social distancing. Currently, the Ministry is working with the Ministry of Health to fumigate Kwacha House and ensure that all members of staff are safe from COVID-19 as they return for work. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world from business as usual to what is now being called the ‘New Normal’,” Ministry of Tourism and Arts public relations officer Sakabilo Kalembwe stated.
The cumulative COVID-19 cases for Zambia now are 1,895 while COVID-19 related deaths are 42.


  1. Best Mweemba

    Wishing him a quick recovery

  2. Jericho Sikwiilala

    New Normal

  3. Chilubo

    Sent home for quarantine, please twapapata home quarantine looks like not very safe for the family


    UPND should stop confusing people in their strong holds that there is no covid 19. people are getting sick and you say there is no corona virus. DMMU coordinate was right by saying upnd is making some parts of the country ungovernable. Why did you donate yebo soap if covid 19 does not exist.

  5. Peter C Sampa

    Covid 19 z real pipo r dyin and u r sayin that ther z covid 19 in zambia

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