Chellah Tukuta Appears Before Ndola Court For Mention

Photographer Chellah Tukuta who is facing several counts of criminal libel in Lusaka and Ndola has appeared before Ndola magistrate Misozi Banda for mention.

Chellah, 34, charged with three counts at the magistrate court and one count which needs the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)’s consent for it to proceed to trial.

In count one, Chellah is charged with publishing defamatory matter concerning Khalif Abdullah.

It is alleged that on May 26, 2020, Chellah published defamatory matter concerning Mr Abdullah on Facebook in which he said “Khalif, your time to leave Zambia has come you chi criminal”.

In count two, he is charged with publishing defamatory matter concerning Mr Adbullah where it is alleged that on June 9, 2020, he did publish defamatory matter concerning Mr Abdullah in form of a Facebook post in which he said the latter and Energy Regulation Board director Langiwe Lungu should “stop arm-twisting the Government over fuel, you are the reason fuel is still expensive when it supposed to be cheap. Thieves.”

In count three, he is charged with threatening violence with allegations being that on 12th June, he threatened violence to the property of Khalif Motors Zambia Limited in which he said “Khalif, if you don’t leave Zambia, we shall burn your trucks”.

In count four, Chellah is charged with expressing or showing hatred for persons because of place of origin.

It is alleged that on 26th May, 2020, Chellah published writing on his Facebook page expressing or showing hatred, ridicule and contempt for Mr Abdullah because of his place of origin.

When the matter came up for plea last month, Chellah pleaded not guilty to the three counts and was granted a K5, 000 bail in his own recognizance with two working sureties of Ndola in the like sum.

Magistrate Banda had adjourned the matter to July 10 for mention in the case awaiting the DPP’s consent and July 15 for trial in the three matters for which he pleaded not guilty.



    Cage him he is guilt already

    • Kangwa

      Ameno ukusalangana

    • Dileko

      Does Zambia have laws against xenophobia? I ask because Kambwili was never charged for attacking the Indian mazembe driver.

  2. MOSES

    You are right concerned citizen he should be caged together with his camera


    kikiki I think he is upnd.

  4. Caged

    This pornographer.

  5. Jimmy shaba

    Is this worthy reporting I wonder.
    Talk about serious issues

  6. Fostina

    Just squeeze utu mabola .

  7. Razor

    Chella we wanted to hear about how dora supplies girls to the PF elite. Not this nonsense to do with Khalif Abdulla.

  8. dux

    i see no case here to keep this fellow in jail why was chitalu chirufyanya not caged the evindence is enough to cage him

  9. Freedom of expression?

    These are not defamation charges like we all along have been made to understand. These charges have little to do with freedom of expression.
    These charges are threatening violence, threatening violence on xenophobic grounds. He just used social media to deliver the threats.

  10. Chella


  11. Useless leaders in Zambia

    Chellah is innocent till proven otherwise by the court not by your stupid comments, now I know that we do have two types of younths in Zambia, some are like these idiots commenting rubbish with nothing upstairs and the Chellah type of younths very brave and courageous

  12. Arafat

    All those condemning Chella are headless chickens. The man is a revolutionist!

  13. Mr intellect

    Kalif Abdullah is the one taping into Zambian politics?alot mad youths that insulted and deformed the character of one Hon kambwili on videos which went viral are untouchable.And this cooked story seems to be of great interest to bootlickers.

  14. LUKA chapter 1

    Guilty!!! Mutanikeni!!

  15. Chendabusiku

    When a Camera man begins to think that he is above the law this is what happens.

  16. Chimba Mwila Dr

    Freedom of expression is OUR RIGHT.

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