Kitwe DC Cautions against Dropping Covid-19 Guard

Kitwe District Commissioner Chileshe Bweupe has cautioned residents in the District who have relaxed on COVID-19 precautions that they risk catching the virus.

A check in Kitwe town centre has revealed that most people are not observing precautionary measures which include social distancing, masking up and use of hand sanitizers.

Meanwhile, some shops have stopped being strick in observing the stated precautionary measures that were put in place by the Ministry of Health.

Bweupe said it is saddening to see how most people in the District have stopped masking, sanitizing and practicing social distancing.

He stated that the recent increase in the number of deaths recorded in the country should send fear among residents.

Bweupe said what is being observed in the District does not give hope in the efforts being put in place by government to stop the further spread of the virus.

“What saddens my office is how everyone has just relaxed and stopped observing preventive measures. This is very sad and as government, we will be getting back on the ground to ensure there is adherence,” he said.

Bweupe said people going into crowded places needed to ensure they observe the basic precautions to avoid putting their lives at risk.

“We were told that during the cold season, the numbers will start going up and this is what we are seeing, so people should just be careful and not to be too relaxed,” he said.

Bweupe added that his office, working together with the business community, will re-energize and ensure more sensitization, provision of necessities such as sanitizers, handwashers and masks are provided for the people.

In the last update, Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya announced that Zambia has recorded 42 deaths and over 500 active cases, with cumulative cases standing at 1,895.


  1. Gumbker

    What do you expect? People to be serious when people

  2. BM

    People should take personal responsibility to observe the guidelines to prevent the spread of covid-19. And all business houses should enforce the guidelines. Covid-19 is very real.

  3. Bright Mwaba

    This disease is very dangerous and people must learn to obey the instructions coming from ministry of health. If we keep fighting the health workers, We will loose a lot of people as a nation. Therefore, ministry of health must just work with Zambia Police in order to champion this course.

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