Lundazi MP Does Not Have G12 Certificate, ECZ Tells Court

The Constitutional Court has been told that the skills certificates and other qualifications Lundazi Central independent member of Parliament Lawrence Nyirenda posses are not equivalent to a grade 12 certificate.

The institutions which awarded Mr Nyirenda the said certificates are not recognized by the Zambia Qualifications Authority (ZAQA), chief executive officer Miriam Chiyabi explained to the court presided over by judge president Hildah Chibomba.

She said a General Certificate of Education (GCE) can only qualify to be a grade 12 certificate if it meets some level descriptors.

Losing Lundazi Central independent candidate in the 2016 general elections Colonel Bizwayo Nkunika has in this case petitioned the Constitutional Court to declare the Lundazi Central parliamentary seat vacant on the ground that the incumbent does not hold a full grade 12 certificate.

Col Nkunika cited Mr Nyirenda and the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

He argues that the ECZ contravened Article 70 and 72 of the Constitution when it allowed Mr Nyirenda to contest the Lundazi Central seat without meeting the minimum qualifications and wants the court to declare the seat vacant and that ECZ should be ordered to hold elections within 90 days.

The court summoned the Zambia Qualifications Authority and the Examination Council of Zambia to appear before it and explain what constitutes a grade 12 certificate or its equivalent.

This was after Nyirenda told the court that he did not know that a grade 12 certificate was constituted by five subjects.

And testifying before court, Chiyabi explained that the descriptors include: obtaining a pass in at least six subjects including English language with at least one of the six subjects being credit or better and also obtaining a pass in atleast five subjects including English language with atleast two of the five being credit or better.

“For a GCE to be equivalent to a Grade 12 certificate, a person needs to have six subjects or five passes,” Chiyabi said.

Asked in cross examination by Col Nkunika’s lawyer Chifumu Banda if Nyirenda’s military certificate is equivalent to an academic qualification, Chiyabi said: “On face value, no! It is not.”

Also asked if Nyirenda’s certificate of achievement awarded by Lundazi Provincial Teacher’s Resource Center was equivalent to a Grade 12 certificate, she said it was not because it was a short course and it was not given by an awarding body recognised by the authority.

And Examination Council of Zambia chief executive officer Dr Michael Chilala testified that the General Certificate of Education (GCE) in which Nyirenda passed English is not equivalent to a full grade 12 certificate.

Dr Chilala explained that the GCE examination runs on the same standards as the grade 12 examination.

He said the two were different when it comes to the way a certificate was awarded.

“The difference is that the GCE examination allows an individual to enter for one, two or three subjects. The GCE certificate can be awarded to a person who passes even one subject,” Dr Chilala said.

“A school certificate (on the other hand) is an academic qualification that is awarded to a person who satisfies one of the following two conditions in one and the same examination; (I) the person has obtained a pass in atleast six subjects including English language with atleast one of the six subjects being credit or better. (ii) if a person has obtained a pass in atleast five subjects including English language with atleast two of the five being credit or better.”

He also told court that four passes were registered on Nyirenda’s Grade 12 statement of results.

Dr Chilala however, said the four passes indicated were not equivalent to a school certificate because it requires a minimum of five subjects including English language, of which two should be credits.

Asked if Nyirenda’s copy of the GCE was authentic, Dr Chitala responded in the affirmative.

The court reserved its judgment to a date to be advised.



    this is when we realise that school is very important..when da worsed has happened. surely having won that seat now u lose bcoz yo papers are not in order?? its never too late.. go and re-organise yourself and come back..

  2. Love your neighbor

    Another by-election looming, why can’t they just wait for 2021.

  3. Mr intellect

    Of course this tallies with the performance of our current economic, leadership, social and intellectual status of my beloved country zambia.Shame on our systems indeed

  4. King cool

    Money matters, this guy bribed the ECZ officer of the election, Any way nothing to say, but only to advise the ECZ officials that the elections are very much expensive, let them wait for 2021 , it’s not too far.

  5. Jack

    Even the president failed mathematics and you wonder he fails to think. Shame on Zambian politics

  6. Jack

    Even the president failed mathematics and you wonder why he fails to think. Shame on Zambian politics

  7. Concern Zambian

    We have almost 1 year to go before 2021 elections.

  8. Joze

    The seat should be nullified, he pays back all salaries, allowance and all that he benefited as a ‘fake’ MP and then sent to prison like ex Minister Stephen Masumba. THIS IS TYPICAL PF BEHAVIOUR . IT THE DNA (CROOKS AND CONMEN).

  9. H2k

    No no no ! Mr joze don’t send this guy to prison let me send him to afghanista to fight war since he has a military certificate

  10. Davies Sichamba

    Go back to school Mr kkkkkkkk

  11. Mutolilo

    He is a natural leader don’t laugh at him ,find a solution

  12. K

    Pa zed awe sure, since 2016 today thus when u are saying the papers are not right ba ecz explain well here


    If the seat is declared vacant , we will thump upnd which will be a litmus test for 2021 to show how powerful we are on the ground in fact I can even contest on Pf ticket since am over qualified for that political position. Do you understand tikambepo

  14. Lundazi eye

    Lundazi central seat was full of games bcoz Hon john phiri was fought by pipo within pf who had a dream stand in 2021. The devil with pf and pipo who let down the party want 2 bcome mp. Kikiki…. Lundazi has no mp since we elected him as excuse bcoz had pf green blood. In 2021,we need develop such lundazi and chama must b done bcoz come election it wil b time bomb

  15. MOSES

    concerned amplified can contest because he is a chartered Accountant. So I will campaign for you.

  16. Mb

    The honourable can’t expresses himself in English so fluently. We were all wondering why. Now the reason is known.

  17. dux

    ba concerned kitizen muleyikalafye nokulilapo nyama soya ur pf failed to an independent candidate what ar u talking about mwaiche


    DUX dullness has made you forget that pf never contested in 2016 because John phiri was late to file in nominations. That’s why the independent candidate pushed through. Check details with ECZ.

  19. MOSES

    Concerned citizen forget about dux he is dull violent upnd cadre I think he is one of the cadres who were sent to boo the president in monze.

  20. Ackiswilabupe

    This is when Mr nyirenda I’ll see the importance of having five O,levels

  21. dux

    moses or horses is covid 19 making u fail to think properly behaviour ububi kwati insala dont be like this chainama gateman called concerned kitizen disamplified

    • vailes sakala Muderanji

      If you have 5 credits in 5 subjects can you stand as a councilor ? this is a personal question.

  22. 1 Munyelo munyelo

    Now i know so u guys forge papers for you to be MPs thats why they are failing to advise our president properly nowoder they behave like kaponyas while attending parliament session cage him because what he did is corruption for him to obtain a fake grade 12 certificate if it was somebody you would have already arrested him or her what a corrupt government we have even kaponyas are becoming MPs .

    • Kajo

      How can he know when he has not been there?
      Ifikopo fintu fyalecita certify.Scrutinize the qualifications of those officers at ECZ,they probably don’t have full grade 12 certificates.
      How can you judge u less you don’t know?
      Shame I’m not proud to be African cos of the same idiots in authority!

  23. Razor

    This is a straight forward matter. This guy isn’t qualified to stand as MP but the biased ECZ under Essau Chulu just accepted him because he was standing under PF. This seat will be nullified but even ECZ should be cited for accepting his nomination in the first place.

  24. Xam-leak country

    Why are lawyers Nowadays so dumb? Explain that the equivalent of a Grade 12 school certification is having passed 5 subjects at GCE. Obviously Passing one isn’t equivalent

  25. Kevin

    Its a shame to hear that and more embarrassing for you because people chose him over you despite him not having the credentials you have.Wait for your time sir…..

  26. Mpaka sandryo

    Knowledge is power kwithu tabencho tilekani

  27. Lundazi

    Iwe anchebe this guy is doing well in our constituency compared to those mps with g12 certificate.

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