Lundazi MP ‘Wants’ COVID-19 Allowance

Lundazi Central independent member of parliament Lawrence Nyirenda on Friday asked Vice-President Inonge Wina if government will consider giving members of parliament COVID-19 allowances.

The member of parliament, whose eligibility for membership in the House has been petitioned in the courts of law by losing candidate Colonel Bizwayo Nkunika who contends that the former does not have a Grade 12 school certificate, asked his question in parliament on Friday during the Vice-President’s question for oral answer session.

However, Mrs Wina, in response, said the opposite should prevail.

“It is the MPs who should share their small allowances with the people in their constituencies who are most affected by the Coronavirus. And I don’t believe that Parliament has plans to introduce a stimulus package to support the members of parliament,” Mrs Wina said.


  1. Nzilu

    Kikiki…. Covid package 4 zambian pipo and mp’s should ask 4 allowances 2 b reduced.

  2. Mb

    Money, money, money! Money is sweet. An allowance for PMs why? Bwana MP sure? Thanks to the vice President’s answer.

  3. Peter C Sampa

    But Zoon

  4. Chris hanemba


  5. Mmj

    We done Veep that is what it should be
    Wise mum

  6. Cletus

    What has he done to deserve a convid 19 allowance, cheers to the VP for that answer

  7. Inspector

    He is a joker in parliament never mind him


    Covid-19 allowance????, , , , , kkkkkkk, , naupya ,money, money, money,

  9. Musyani

    Yaba adada you want allowances,so you are just in there for money not to serve your constituency,nowander you are being taken to court for grade 12 certificate.

  10. dux

    is he a health worker? money making machine mmmm pa zed mr you are just thinkin about urself instead of the people you are serving

  11. Tikambepo

    You will know them by their behavior.Look at this dirty looking kaponya calling himself an “honorable mp”,people like this leaflaff if left with money,he can rob you.Concerned citizen listen to your kumaba brother,like Chang Lungu they are fast to touching taxpayers cash and national treasury coffers.

  12. EZRON


  13. Tdk

    are you going there in paraiment to serve your self or the people of your constituency Mr lawrence nyirenda are you OK kikikikikikiki

  14. Jessey Lingard

    Yayayaya he is like an ignorant person….

  15. Razor

    This man who is not even supposed to be an MP in the first place now crying for more money for his pocket. Very soon you won’t even be in parliament. Enjoy your last few days of free allowances.

    • John Njovu

      How did he get voted in the first place? He can’t even afford a shave let alone a razor blade ba MP 💿.

  16. dux

    my friend first get sick with covid 19 then you wil be given risk allowance if at all you dont die

  17. Miami

    Look at him

  18. Dt


  19. Njoka

    Amudala muganizenge mukuluta ku parliament chifukwa chandalama instead mukazikamba Pali lundazi bridge chizeleza iwe.

  20. mwanza


  21. LN

    Shameful! What have you done you chi Nyirenda for you to deserve Covid allowance? What about medical personnel, teachers, officers in Correction facilities? How did your people manage to vote for you without even a grade 12 certificate?

  22. MANNIX

    When the government said grade 12 is needed for MPse qualifications,they knew that certain morals are taught and planted in highschool stages which the MP might have skipped!, how can a leader ask for more money ( taxpayers) when jobs and business have been lost due to Corona virus.The greedy MP should instead share his huge salary with the affected people in his constuencey just as the VEEP answered him.He should go even further by contributing his one month salary to the course maybe the government through the Concourt would halt his case of not having a certificate.

  23. Cosmas mtonga

    Adada pavinthu vose ndalama zamala mwatisenya adada lolo nyirenda .sono nanga tabana mungatipa sima panyumba pinu

  24. William kaira

    Useless mp of all things asking for Covid allowance

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