Namulambe Ponders Return To PF

Former United Party for National Development (UPND) Chairperson for labour and social security Gabriel Namulambe who recently left the opposition political party could be heading back to the Patriotic Front.

Namulambe left MMD in 2012 and joined the Patriotic Front who had just assumed office in 2011.

The former Mpongwe Member of Parliament however did not stay long in the ruling party and went on to join the UPND in 2016.

But some senior Patriotic Front officials have confirmed Namulambe wants to return to the political party he left in 2016.

Namulambe, who has accused the UPND of being selfish over the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10, said he could no longer continue being in the opposition political party.

“Yes, he is talking to the senior leaders in the province (Copperbelt) with a possible comeback in the next days,” a source hinted.

But when contacted, Namulambe said he has left the UPND but yet to announce his next move.

Namulambe said his next movement will soon be known.


  1. kalndeke

    This one of the Lambas who had it easy under Levy. Bwana you should just prepare to go in oblivion like most Lamba Politicians and Executives of that time whose lves depended on Levy. With Levy gone Kuibonesha cannot work bwana!!!!

    • David mk

      That’s a good thing

    • Frank Chombela

      No one will miss Gabriel Namulambe. He holds no respectable views on any issue.

  2. David mude

    That is his choice let’s hope he won’t get back.

  3. Razor

    Knew this was coming immediately he resigned from Upnd. The man is starving as he only has politics as a source of income.

  4. dux

    from mmd to pf again to upnd and back to pf for real he is starving since he depends on politics

    • Pharaoh

      A political prostitute? am told that the boat is not yet full.

  5. ba monze

    just look at the parties he has left he is acting like a dog that would eat today from it home and if next day at its home there is no food it leaves

  6. Lethal Weapon

    Lambas have produced great leaders over the years. In the chiluba days they had people like Jazman Chikwakwa and Dawson Lupunga.
    It’s sad that now they are giving us lowly Namulambe and Lusambo.

  7. josky

    Come on people on PF the boat is not full.Ni pabwato fye epela Nishi wabomba

  8. Concern Zambian

    Hon Mwitwa disrespect elderly BuLozi woman Inonge wina. He has shown that he has no respect for MaLozi community elderly people. What a shame. I feel sorry for UPND

  9. Steve

    If you want to remain a beggar stay in upnd ,this part it is political impotent , they have no vision for this country all what they know is violence epela .monze

  10. Mr more hits

    @steve… Ensure u make intellectual comments.. Its clear u dnt understand what political drive and determination means.. Zambian politicians move from party to party becouse of poverty.. Our late presidnt sata fought for many years before bcmin the commanda in chief.. Hh has commitment and we wish him the best.

  11. Ndefwa ukwishiba

    According to UPND all women in Western province are shallow and back ward. Insults

  12. Lethal Weapon

    The vice president was called shallow because of the useless response she gave wen questioned about the gassing attacks that caused havoc in the country.
    This government has taken a lot of things lightly; the gassing of innocent pipo,looting of mukuba,looting of gold in mwinilunga, corruption in infrastructure projects, corruption in acquiring fire tenders and ambulances,intolerance to divergent views etc
    We are tired please…in combat we say every man is flesh,blood and bones,feels the same pain.
    We need change of government.

  13. Mr intellect

    Politics is service not profit making entity.If it means profit making to Namulambe, let him go back to where he belongs.

  14. Jeff kabale

    he doesn’t know what he’s thinking..pf is finished because too much corruption which is going on and poverty.please namulambe don’t come back in upnd.now upnd has come people’s party no matter what you are saying come 2021..

  15. Dumizani Nzeru

    this time mpongwe, masaiti and lufwanyama should be in the hands of the ruling party. we don’t want to be in opposition anymore.

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